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  1. BLUEDIGNITY - I agree with your sentiments! So much so I basically done my own thread making the same point. My Apologies! Mon the Rangers!
  2. Let's put boardroom stuff to one side for a day and concentrate on willing the team towards a positive result. After the game last Sunday I looked ahead to this game and genuinely thought we were going to get horsed. As the week has gone on, I think we can cause an upset. It just looks so unlikely just now, it might actually happen. No Surrender. Post yer favourite party tunes!
  3. Here is a rough breakdown of the account and what contributed to the loss as of last October. "And unusually, Rangers spends more on non-playing staff than on the squad. The total pay bill is £18m, with first team wage bill below £8m. One of those not playing but earning rather a lot has been Ally McCoist. The manager is valued not only for his management skills, but for keeping those fans loyal. He trousered £826,000 in the 13 months to June. Charles Green also walked off with a handsome salary and pay-off, when he ceased to be chief executive. The accounts say he got £933,000. That includes £360,000 in bonus and £218,000 in severance pay. That was most of the £1.6m paid to directors." http://www.bbc.co.uk...siness-24359693 The underlined part is obviously where I got the 60% figure. So I was clearly mistaken but it is still a startling statistic. I'm not accusing of theft, but rather incompetency at least. The main point of my posts are that the club is being run carelessly. Any effort for change and improvement should be embraced. I'm not going to trust a board that has done very little to earn that trust.
  4. The man has earned a fortune from us. The worry for me is who thought it was okay to give him such a high wage? In terms of loyalty to Rangers, are you questioning his? Apologies for not having the stats, but I am sure I read it being reported somewhere. If you have a source to tell me otherwise then I'd like to see it .
  5. You telling me the Easedales have given us a big loan from the goodness of their heart? C'mon man, you aren't that naive. They'll have it in the form of security against the clubs assets. There is no way they will not be benefitting from it somehow. In the context of the past 18 months, there has been no reason for me to trust the men in control of our club. They come in saying the club will be run sustainably, yet threaten to run it into the ground. It's not just about the Easedales, it about the whole board. Siam69 - I would hope I wouldn't be verbally abused. After all, what team do we all support here? It is healthy to challenge opinions. If not we all become sheep.
  6. Merited because where we were 18 months ago. The Club has been given a clean slate. The fans bought into it with season tickets. A successful stock exchange meant we had a fortune in the bank. It has been squandered, the majority of which has gone to the directors. I don't have stats to hand, but I'm sure I read around 60% of the wage budget was going to non-playing staff. We have had people put into positions of power, with generous contracts with very generous pay-off clauses, who leave after a few months hundreds of pounds richer. Just before christmas we were told by Easedales and Wallace and co that we did not need any loans.. Yet the club took out a loan. I'm not saying I trust the various fans groups and their plans. I certainly don't trust the men in power of us at the moment.
  7. I believe a mistrust of the Rangers board is completely merited. I can't claim to know much about this Sons of Struth, but any scheme whereby the Rangers support is given assurances or more say in the running of the club can only be a good thing. The last thing I want is our season ticket money to go towards lining their pockets again. How can they set up such a loan that is so blatantly in their own interests? I read both the main forums RM and FF but I really can't understand why I should trust these Easedale characters, or anyone on the board for that matter.
  8. The unwavering support of the board, and the deep distrust of our fans groups on this forum is worrying.
  9. Rangers are more than a club. The OP is much better with words than I am, but he expresses it extremely well. I support Rangers not purely because of the football team, I support Rangers because they represent more than a football club. It's a culture, tradition, even way of life that has been ingrained in me. A club with morals. Ask any true Ranger and they'll know what the club means to them.
  10. Would love to see it at ibrox. Like other posters have said, slim Jim would want it at ibrox.
  11. I reccommend a reasonable price of £5 a ticket.
  12. Bought my ticket earlier for BF4, Mon Rangers!
  13. £6 for students to watch the Hearts (SFL3 feeder club) game tonight. Do Rangers ever have student prices for games?
  14. I'm hoping to make it. Will be a tough game and the lads need our support.
  15. Filled out one earlier. Would love to see how she twists the final conclusions to suit her Celtic supporting agenda.. 'Rangers fans voted overwhelmingly against supporting Ireland in the Euros which suggests they are Infact bigots.. ' :L