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  1. I'm finding it funny how they are bigging up the atmosphere and questioning how Gladbach will cope. Do they not realise they play in the Bundesliga where it's that atmosphere in every game just not one off European games?
  2. Standing in the living room. I remember making a squealing noise when Vieri missed as i know what that meant. Then went Novo scored i was silent. Mum thought we had lost because i wasn't going mental I was shaking with excitement with a big cheeser on my face for the rest of the night.
  3. He changed the game when he come on against Dortmund a few weeks back. Leipzig went onto win, first time i've seen him play. Seems like a bit of a tank of a player.
  4. Men against boys indeed, broon.
  5. Joe Hart to Torino bizarrely enough.
  6. Last in, first out
  7. William Hill i got mines.
  8. I've got £5 on at 150/1 for the treble then £5 on a league and league cup double at 25/1.
  9. Dortmund have signed Schurrle. Aubameyang Reus Gotze Schurrle
  10. Gotzes moved to Bayern seriously stunted his potential. Still only 24 though, so plenty of time to get it back.
  11. Du Du Du Du Joesph DoDoo Du Du
  12. £105 gone like that
  13. Is Rudden with the u20s full time now? He seems to be a decent goalscorer, wonder if he'll see some bench action next year.
  14. France & A Griezmann @ 20/1 at £5
  15. The profit made by Juve on Pogba