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  1. Club 1872 Going forward

    He was a young boy when he won it so I'd say it was about 27 years ago. He was paraded onto the park at Ibrox with the trophy and his name was on the big screens. Knowing Shug, he'd source a Rangers Pub when he moved to Glasgow.
  2. Hope you haveca good nights sleep mate and get out of hospital soon, I golfed with Dave Peacock on sunday at Kenny Millers dads 60th day out, the fecker not only can play bools but can golf as well, he is taking it up seriously he told me.

    Im on 12 tramadols a day at the moment due tona serious car crash 18 months ago so I can vouch that being in hospital and sleepless nights are worse that watching Celtc but better than the alternative.

    Keep getting better 


    1. thebooler


      Cheers Jim. Davies a good friend so next time you see him tell him Hoody's asking for him.

      I've been in 3bloody hospitals in 7 months and starting to get itchy feet.

      Hopefully another 3 or 4 and I'll get out.


    2. piperpete


      I will do mate, I signed his form today to join our golf club and will see him over the next few days, did you know he is Kenny Ms cousin ? Kenny is a champion boolervas you  probably know.

      Hospitals do my baws in just visiting and after my wee stay 18month ago I loath them even more although the staff are overworked and superb people who just get on with ir even though moaning face cants like us moan.

      I hope your well on the mend and get some sort of life back soon. I have a pal who runs a golf club in Ayrshire whos name is Grant Hood, any relation ?


  3. Club 1872 Going forward

    Wee Shug's a good friend. Lives up in Glasgow now and goes to all the games. Was speaking with him last week online.
  4. Club 1872 Going forward

    Possibly because I'm a good listener and I'll usually give the benefit of doubt. 7 months in hospital is a long time and I don't watch TV so basically, you're my entertainment. 😄
  5. Club 1872 Going forward

    I'll need tae love ye and leave ye. That's the nurse coming wae my Meds. 12 tabs and 2 injections just tae get a fukkin sleep.
  6. Club 1872 Going forward

    I don't think - I know. It matters not one bit to me what you think. It's what I think that brings happiness to me. Nobody else. I'll be retiring in 2 months so alls good.
  7. Club 1872 Going forward

    See above.
  8. Club 1872 Going forward

    Yip. I was shown how to clean them and did it. You really should stop trying to be clever and belittling people. You'll chase them away from any fans group.
  9. Club 1872 Going forward

    I spent nearly 12 years running bowls holidays in Cyprus (base), South Africa, Australia, Bali, Jersey in winter time for the elderly bowlers from the UK. I had to find alternative work in summer as there were no bowling holidays in summer, so I started as barman, then bar manager, then bar restaurant manager. Did okay for a lad from the wee village who left school with no qualifications. I have Scottish and British titles, and I've represented my country over 30 times, and also represented Scotland at commonwealth games. Anything else you need to know, just ask. As I said, I'm a wee village boy who did good.
  10. Club 1872 Going forward

    No idea. It was Cypriot.
  11. Club 1872 Going forward

    Not my problem who's side someone else is on. I was only pointing out that he was agreeing with you.
  12. Club 1872 Going forward

    Lol of course I did. Real ale in barrels too.
  13. Club 1872 Going forward

    No. I worked full time in summer (peak season), then I worked in my main earner job in winter (also peak season). 😉
  14. Club 1872 Going forward

    I wouldn't join it the way it is. That may change.
  15. Club 1872 Going forward

    Because you're speaking to people on here as if you and your son are the only 2 people who know what they're talking about. That's the tone of the thread now. I'm just letting you know that I've been involved in organising events, sat in management meetings, sat on committees, which were mostly voluntary work, and some of it was for charity (raising funds). Is this not the aim of club1872?