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  1. Rangers terminate retail deal

    I've never boycotted either. The only way they work IMO is if the club eventually gets the money it would have got from the boycotters. In our case that never happened with ST's and it never happened with merchandise either. I don't know how much it cost our club but it must have been a fair old amount.
  2. Rangers terminate retail deal

    I doubt it mate. I can't see Rangers entering a new deal whilst there's still uncertainty around the current deal. I don't know if they'd even be allowed to, legally, as technically they still have a deal with SD/Ashley. I think Ashley will just hold off and await Kings next move as he won't be in any hurry to sell. Kings problem, IMO, is that the pre season will soon be upon us, whereas Ashley will be in no hurry.
  3. Rangers terminate retail deal

    To be honest, I'm thinking the opposite. They'll just sit tight and do nothing awaiting Kings next move.
  4. RFC -- old board old tricks?

    I've a feeling we wouldn't even have had the statements after the Hibs game if the new fans' group hadn't been launching.
  5. Club 1872Launch

    That wasn't about club 1872 - it was about why you felt the need to answer all questions on club 1872 when it's got nothing to do with you. Leave it to the people who are on the working party to answer any questions. I know personally the difficult questions ain't gonna be answered so there's probably no point in asking on here anyway.
  6. Club 1872Launch

    I never asked either of them any questions. Someone else did.
  7. Club 1872Launch

    It's effin tiring. Even when being polite ye get verbally attacked.
  8. Club 1872Launch

    See what I mean about attitude? You say "my club". "Our club" may sound better.
  9. Club 1872Launch

    Criticises who? And yes, you're probably right, whoever it is you're talking about because you're better than everyone else. You need to chill. Why get so annoyed if a website crashes? These things happen all the time. It's almost like you're embarrassed and feel the need to defend it. There's nothing to defend. A website crashed. Nobody died.
  10. Club 1872Launch

    I'm a ST holder, yes. That's at risk now though as I'll be leaving hospital soon with very limited ability to walk without an aid of some sort. I have been in touch with the TO to explain my situation and they're going to see what can be done. If they can't help, then I've no option to give it up as I'm in the 2nd back row of the MS. I lived and worked in Cyprus for 12 years so obviously never went to games during that time. You see how easy it is to answer questions without speaking down to people, despite the fact your post was once again antagonistic?
  11. Club 1872Launch

    I've done it all my life. You're not the only one who's spent a lifetime supporting the club, but you'd think it the way you speak down to everyone who disagrees with you.
  12. Club 1872Launch

    Robert, can I ask you a serious question here? You continually say you have no desire to be on the Board of 1872, but you have to put up with continual sniping about it. Why do you feel that you need to respond to questions or put up with continual sniping if you have no plans to be involved?
  13. Club 1872Launch

    That's what I thought. Thanks for clearing that up.
  14. What Justice?

    No acceptance of ticket allocations is by far the best punishment of all. Give it half a season and other clubs and their fans will start to realise what the Rangers mean to Scottish football, whether they like it or not. If they, and the SFA, don't want to see clubs going to the wall for good, they'll take a long hard look at things. Hopefully, every club and it's fans will start to show the Rangers and her support the respect they deserve. If they dont, they close down.
  15. Club 1872Launch

    Seriously. I was having some procedures done in hospital on launch day, and the first I heard was the website was down, so assumed as I hadn't seen anything about it, that it had been postponed due to the website problems. Are you saying it did launch?