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  1. If the ED CIC guys had staxed it would be over that by now. Maybe they've realised club 1872 isn't such a good idea after all?
  2. See reply to bombaybumboys post. 😉
  3. What a load of shite. Ye could just have said he's a dick. 😉
  4. That's what I thought, especially since Findlay could bury all the shit surrounding Murray, and at the same time drop Whyte in it.
  5. Really? A lawyer like Findlay on Legal Aid? Fuxache.
  6. He was always in the club1872 thread doing likewise, agreeing with the Louden guys. Fortunately the good Bears who knew better stuck at it and a few things were revealed which seen the treads start to become debate able as they slowly slunk off when the truths were revealed by TLM, who's actually ruined the thread now! Well done TLM.
  7. Give them a break. One of themselves only had 4 years to learn about our club. 😣
  8. This is not about the board and their abilities - it's about club1872. If you have a problem with the board, start a new thread about it.
  9. Possibly because the good Rangers fans don't agree with bhoycotts that strangle the club of income. We've already had a season where 23,000 supporters kept the lights on.
  10. Pathetic and spineless statement from the fans group, as expected, and our first real example of Conflict of Interest. Who asked the club for its thoughts on the matter? Jamie Blair? As admitted before, a group set up by the club to carry out the clubs idea. Around 10000 fans paying King to do work the board should be doing, and 50000 Rangers fans enjoying those upgrades. Crazy. Don't trust any of them one bit. The Edmiston House cluster fuck is a perfect example of how the whole support can be lied to by a couple of people. Club 1872 is the same.
  11. Not one strong word.
  12. As per the replies to your answer, you were out on many counts mate, not just the issue kpl highlighted.
  13. How can you lose your ticket if you've not bought it? 🙄
  14. Or telling them thelse bans were a possibility before taking their ST money from them.
  15. Be good to see how they take up this guys complaint.