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  1. In other words we're fucked?
  2. Yes, it is, and it's one you should be asking the board.
  3. I'm sure club1872 will be making plans to dislodge them as we speak. 🙄
  4. Where did ye hear this?
  5. WTF'S an illegal song? 😐
  6. This ^^^^^^^^ Handwringers can fuck off.
  7. 😉
  8. Banned from where? 🙄
  9. How can anybody submit such an application for a property they don't even own? Surely the club are in on this too, as they own EH? Or do they?
  10. IF the revenue goes to the club.
  11. They'll be preparing for the first of many projects, paid for by the fans' money, and run by The Gruesome Twosome from the Louden. 😉 I've said from the start, and it's only my opinion, that the club had to have given RF something in return for all that cash. Edmiston House was that something. The EH CIC has been set up for a while, but it's not actually anything to do with EH.........according to some. 🙄 Hope this clears things up. @Louden_Greg don't come on here and start confusing people. 😉
  12. I'd rather we spent our money on players, not providing shite pans for taigs.
  13. I blame the Board. No money = no players.
  14. I thought they'd stopped selling that Super Lager? 🙄