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  1. Serious question

    Can yeez slow doon a wee bit tae a get anither coffee?
  2. Vanguard Bears - just who are they?

    Fuck it. Am off. Canny be fucked wae this oany mair.
  3. Serious question

    He's a train driver. Free travel. Infact, he brought his own train up tae one of the games.
  4. Serious question

    You didnae fuckin type that. That's way too sensible for you. Did Casey send ye this tae post?
  5. Serious question

    A think that might be the plan........................
  6. Serious question

    2 and a half years lurking oan a football forum? Thank fuck ma last 2 and a half years have been a wee bit more interesting.
  7. Serious question

  8. Vanguard Bears - just who are they?

    And what has this got to do with the part of my post you highlighted? I'll defend me and mine.
  9. Vanguard Bears - just who are they?

    Care to elaborate.
  10. Vanguard Bears - just who are they?

    You'll never get me stirring things up just for the sake of it. I will however defend myself and mine when necessary against unwarranted attacks. And that's what they are by some on here.
  11. Vanguard Bears - just who are they?

    To be fair, I think recent events have brought the fans closer together. You'll always get the odd ones here and there though that don't want it. It's a pity really.
  12. Vanguard Bears - just who are they?

    And tae think there'll be plenty from the dark side reading this and having a right good fuckin laugh at us Rangers fans arguing amongst ourselves.
  13. Reporting scotland

    Sorry mate - I added to my post after you replied.
  14. Reporting scotland

    It makes ye wonder where we would be right now if we had qualified for the CL and continued on our merry way. It's starting to look like this was what everyone was banking on to pull us out of the hole we were in.
  15. Vanguard Bears - just who are they?

    Christ I thought ye would at least have made it till the end of the day.