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  3. Riiight ¬¬ lol I don't think I'm that shallow tbh =L

  4. I know ... it was a sad time :( lol And what cos its Weiss I am gonna casually want to have kids or its ok to abuse me on twitter cos you tagged Weiss aswell? =S

  5. No ... kids are annoying !! D= I don't really like your evilness that much, at least not when aimed at me over twitter !! =@

  6. According to twitter its the other way round? =|

    You evil person !! =(

  7. Coooools! I shall spam his twitter/facebook until he comes on ! ;D

  8. Aww you fail =L Yeah I am on L4D2 just now anyway =D

  9. Of course they do ! ¬¬ lol Enjoy your movie then. Niight! =D

  10. Same!! =P And yeah "dominate" as always ¬¬ =L

  11. It would have been well scary just cos ya never know what he will make you do infront of 2099 people !! =L Cools was just seeing who was online anyway =P

  12. For reals !? D= And nope but it was still awesome !! =D I don't think I could of went on stage anyway =L

  13. I think you will find its your door the police are at after hearing about your sheep rape =O

    Derren Brown = God. That is all =L Svengali was properly AMAAZING !! =D

  14. Sheep rapist ;D

  15. Sooo I totally didn't die last night instead of going on clubs :$ Sorry =D lol