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  1. I think Hardie is a great young player who as others have said is still a bit raw, I think given the chance though would score plenty for us. On a side note talking about players out on loan am I right in thinking that we get Fraser Aird back this month from the MLS?
  2. Heading down for this one so hoping for plenty of goals!
  3. How did Senderos play? I'm guessing by the score line he did not too bad, but how did he get on?
  4. I'm also looking for a couple of tickets for this game 👍
  5. I'm slap bang in the middle of the table so hoping Willian has a blinder to propel myself into the top half!
  6. Think this boy will be a cracking signing, fingers crossed we see some movement tomorrow!
  7. Joined - Nikos a blue 👍
  8. Was at the game tonight and Niko was simply sublime! A joy to watch and can't wait to see more from him, Windass was unlucky and should have grabbed a goal or two.
  9. Dodoo will be number 7 then....
  10. United should be going for Sissoko instead of Pogba and save some cash!
  11. He's away with England...
  12. If we went from Griggs and Bradshaw to hogan I would be really disappointed. If we mean to move forward and progress into Europe I don't think Hogan is the answer.
  13. Maybe once we are back in the champions league, we don't need world beaters to smash the tattie pickers and sheep shaggers 😉
  14. When players like Ibe are worth 15 million and deeney 25+ it's safe to say Grigg and Bradshaw are about the best we can go for permanently, at least it isn't sandaza and Kyle we are after.....