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  1. ****Official Livingston v Rangers thread****

    Matthew Knox is it not?
  2. Potential kit for next season

  3. Football League Top 15 Players

    Nice to see the two boys we've scooped up from Accrington on the list!
  4. Matthew Knox

    Aye mate, Prince is dead!
  5. Lee Wallace.

    Never been so confident in someone to score a penalty in my life!
  6. *****The Official Rangers vs QOTS Thread*****

    Be interesting to see the bench today, with the boys away on international duty, chances are Shiels and Ball will be the only two players of any real experience on the bench
  7. Josh Brownhill

    Scotsman saying the same.
  8. Waldo's goal
  9. Jack Thomson

    As well as Burt, or in there instead of? What's the lads position?
  10. 17’s Beat Celtic Again

    Was delighted to see Burt on the bench again at the weekend, hope he gets on the pitch at some point in coming weeks.
  11. Waghorn injured for 6-8 weeks

    If Warburton didn't identify a centre forward as a target, why is this being blamed on the board? Of the players we were linked with, there was nothing concrete suggesting the gaffer wanted a centre forward! But of course its the boards fault.
  12. To all the 'Periscope' lads (Killie away)

    That's the one I was watching too, he did a superb job with the camera work. Really enjoyed watching the game in that manner.
  13. Scottish Cup Draw

    Right, what happened, I've been out all day and haven't got a clue what's went on here?