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  1. Don't get me wrong I love the idea of the "Colts" team playing in the league set up, I just don't see why all games should be away games. It won't give the same sort of boost in ticket sales to these clubs as they saw when we were in those leagues. It's not practical for us to for instance play away to Montrose one weekend, midweek away to Berwick, then away to Elgin on the Saturday. In times of travelling and recovery times it's far from the ideal set up for the young lads.
  2. Can't see how playing every game away from home would work, our fans have done plenty travelling around the country in the last 4 years without expecting our fans to go to Elgin/Peterhead 4 times per season in order to boost their Gates.
  3. Is the subway definitely back open now then?
  4. Didn't play a lot of football last season due to injury so I don't know that he really needs a break
  5. No trialists allowed in league cup I believe.
  6. "Stadium"?
  7. This. His agent would have already spoken to our representatives regarding wages, and we must be close in terms of what he's looking for. That's not to say he won't get a better offer elsewhere, but we must be in the miorut he wouldn't be up talking to us.
  8. Source?
  9. Matt Crooks 22, Josh Windass 22, Jordan Rossiter 19
  10. Can't be anything but impressed with the way the big man speaks. Hope he turns out to be a great addition and prove his numerous doubters wrong.
  11. Happy with Hill or Taylor, wouldn't be keen on having both.
  12. Getting a bit tense in here. At the end of the day, this is a story on the Sun, a paper with a long record of printing any old bull shit to shift papers. Until a half decent source appears to suggest this is a goer, I think a few people could do with chilling out a little.
  13. Here's hoping, would love this deal to go through.
  14. I stand corrected, panic stations it is then 😂
  15. IF we do indeed sign him, which is in itself nothing more than rumour at the minute, what's to say he's the only CB we sign. We may then go out and sign a younger pacier player to compliment him (akin to Bougherra and Weir). The window has barely opened, I won't be getting overly worried just yet.