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  1. I would have thought their initial claim would be the SFA, who the SFA want to blame is up to them but someone needs to be brought to book publicly
  2. What was that banner about "refugees are welcome" ? Double meaning ? Was it a sly dig at the Manchester folk ? There's more than enough refugees there already
  3. Totally agree m8, it all comes back to the polis but I can't see the PFA taking on the polis. Took years for Liverpool fans to get anywhere with them.
  4. Is that not what the polis are doing ? At the end of the day the clubs can't be held responsible for what the public do, the players should be taking action against the SFA, their safety was put at risk by a mob, that could and should have been prevented by the organisers.
  5. Quite right the fans he talks about are the ones who think we are better than we are, money needs to be spent otherwise we'll become also rans for the foreseeable future, much like the sheep and the hertz
  6. Fingers crossed
  7. The media were building them up for a pumping, they got a decent draw so yes they didn't disgrace themselves, no matter what we say, a full tattiedome is a big help to them, it must influence the opposition, how the Germans will handle it is the question.
  8. If the scum up their game to that level we can forget the semi, they were fairly lucky but made the luck, went toe to toe, Man City were very dissapointing, out of their comfort zone. EL for the scum.
  9. Rod Stewart looks like an auld alky trying to impress his wee boy Man City were pretty shit in front of goal, but like us to be honest. The scum get a point they're happy, hope it's their last, playing for a EL spot
  10. Fuck if these cunts get a win tonight I'm emigrating, fuckin media will be raving about them. EPL must be pretty shite
  11. Man City at times remind me of us in front of goal, I'm shouting ..just shoot..but they seem to be looking for a pass. Hope the scum shoot their bolt second half but they could nick something, Man City have dissapointed so far for being top of their league. And WTF is that refugees welcome rag about ? The place is full of them already
  12. This ain't going to plan for Man City, scum have been lucky so far but they've made their luck. Mon Man City.
  13. Are they sure they have the right man ? Have they spelt his name correctly on the charge sheet ?
  14. Just what I was thinking.
  15. If the compliance officer can get Hivs name wrong the boss should make sure he has his name right, maybe he could ask them to prove he swore or was it a real swear word.