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  1. Good performance for pre season gives the boss a good idea what this squad will do, Waggy was hit and miss for me, took the second goal well though. Still can't measure our defense never under any sort of pressure. Well done Rangers.
  2. Happy enough but we still need more shots to hit the target, hopefully we get a few more goals second half, still can't judge our defense.
  3. I've owned a few Turkish Rolex in my time
  4. Corners for us are a waist of time.
  5. The board could have left it, just like the SFA are doing with hivs, when will we see that club being punished?
  6. Defense for me, we will be sorely tested in the PL, while I admire the bosses football philosophy every team needs to have a reliable strong defense, If you don't lose goals you don't lose games
  7. Same m8 still he got on the end of the cross for the goal, something we weren't doing first half.
  8. Couldn't say, saw his goal in between the green screen. Oh and some nice touches, recon he'll be good when he gels with the team
  9. Wonder what the boss learned from the second half, hopefully he's getting an idea of his best 11. Pre season, so result is satisfying.
  10. Well done Dodoo, woke me up
  11. Tv coverage is a joke, especially when I'm paying for it. that cunt Sutton seems to be very nice to us tonight
  12. Actually getting boring now.
  13. We seem to have taken the foot off the pedal, passing game has gone.
  14. Forrester not doing tonight, needs pulled.
  15. Probably a bird sitting on the satellite dish