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  1. Plenty of good Proddys voted for them back in the day, they were known as the tartan tories, until Salmond saw an opportunity in cultivating the rebel vote, which he did.
  2. Unsurprising, the man's a cunt and the scum welcomed him back, well suited to each other.
  3. The scum don't learn lessons, they just ignore them
  4. We as Bears cannot shut down a football club but just remember the Tims wanted us dead, so what's the difference ? I haven't voted as it's pretty pointless but I can understand the feeling behind the question
  5. Its the cover up, I think most just want to see them admitting it, they won't be shut down, they're every bit an institution as we are but they should be made to admit the guilt of repeated offenders being at the club and them hiding it.
  6. Spiers is only interested in naughty songs, not naughty child molesters and clubs that hide them.
  7. They've got some cash for turning up, that's all they care about.
  8. We've been accused of having the Establishment on our side, masons in high places from refs to SFA, what these cunts have is far more sinister, who is protecting them and their history ?
  9. Scum of the highest order
  10. I'd be happy if they came out and admitted their wrongdoing, let the world know what their history is really like. As far as seeing them shut down, no, that's what the filth tried to do to us, let them fester as long as the World knows and not just BJ
  11. Consensual kiddy fiddling, that's a new one.
  12. This topic shouldn't be in the BD.
  13. It will be hidden mate, they tend to hide these things.
  14. I tend to agree with this.
  15. And we were accused of point scoring calling them the child molester club