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  1. Not being a business guru, can someone more commercially experienced tell me how common is it that a company's own shareholders lends money to said company and secures it against assets. Really seems to the Lehman like yet another corporate gangbang. On another note, when Whyte was in office this place in general blamed everything on Murray and followed Whyte blindly into near oblivion. Then came Green who despite spouting endless obvious lies was supported to the hilt, with Whyte being the fall guy. Enter Wallace, the shit starts flying, again, and guess who goes under the bus? The saviour himself, Green. There is a pattern here which might be sheer coincidence but should be noted folks. The alarm bells start ringing in my ears the minute these guys get caught out spinning blatant lies. I get the feeling they think we are gullible simpletons. They might be right.
  2. Admittedly I have only heard a portion of the tape, but in that portion the stuttering buffoon of a prankster said that he was only sounding Fran out, asked him what it might take to leave. Did he actually go from that to offering a contract? That's quite a leap.
  3. Wait, Sandaza says Rangers are a huge club with great fans and that he'd only leave for more money and a better league? So, where is the story, am I missing something? Not that I'd care even the tiniest amount if he did leave, but, much ado about zero it seems.
  4. Fair enough but you don't sell youth players before they are worth decent money. That's financial suicide. Nurture then sell for good money, millions hopefully.
  5. So we swap youngsters but the Italians go back home, whilst any of ours deemed good enough stay in Italy? Am I reading that correctly? That doesn't seem good.
  6. Loans, ebts were ruled as loans, i.e not payment. Meaning anything written in the letters pointing toward money as a reward for playing, is a red herring. Loans to be repayed, it doesn't get much simpler.
  7. That was dynamite, place was literally jumpin. One thing I noticed was that although the game today is light years ahead of this video in terms of technicality and style of play, it isn't the case in this country. The world has left us behind.
  8. I'll support McCoist to the bitter end. If he has to be removed, then that's the chief executives job. I would add that few other men would receive the same kind of support.
  9. Copeland Front as per, I want a fucking good atmosphere tonight.
  10. Is he fit for tonight?
  11. First defeat of the season, on penalties whilst down to ten men, with almost an entire new team thrown together in unprecedented circumstances and with no pre-season training to fall back on. Consider all of this then think of everything McCoist is and all he stands for and how much we owe him. It saddens me that we have a large chunk of the support even contemplating removing that man in these circumstances. Poor. In my mind McCoist has at least, at least, one seasons grace.
  12. It's about time we went on the offensive.
  13. I don't think we should be anywhere near the point where the managers position is in question. Then, add in to the equation how much loyalty McCoist deserves and I think it's fuckin ludicrous there is even a murmur of discontent. Loyalty?