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  1. 21,000 ST Renewed (updated)

    I think I'll renew. Really looking forward to watching the usual atrocious style of play and mediocre new signings.
  2. Official: Boyd signs one year deal

    Here's hoping it's true.
  3. 21,000 ST Renewed (updated)

    Aye true, there will be a variety of reasons for people not renewing. But for those specifically not renewing or being undecided for footballing reasons, signing the likes of Darren McGregor and Kenny Miller and handing a new contract to Kyle Hutton just isn't appealing. Well that's just my opinion I suppose but I wouldn't be surprised if many others agreed. I don't see much (if any) change coming on the park in terms of style of play which just isn't going to cut the mustard especially against a higher level of opposition and more full time teams. Games against Hearts & Hibs are appealing but I'm resigned to expecting plenty of dull performances unfortunately.
  4. 21,000 ST Renewed (updated)

    I've not renewed yet, nothing to do with the boardroom pish because I lost interest in that months ago. An atrocious style of football, a clueless manager in the dugout and poor signings are the key factors for not renewing yet, I may do so soon though but I'm currently 50 - 50.
  5. Why has RM descended into chaos?

    Google Chrome.
  6. Why has RM descended into chaos?

    Tried that but doesn't seem to sort it. PMing Badger would be ideal, cheers.
  7. Why has RM descended into chaos?

    Aye I don't support Rangers because I didn't give you a tenner. What happened in December 2012? I've never met you so you're a stranger, hence no donation.
  8. Why has RM descended into chaos?

    Full version. I've not had the report function for months, I never used it tbh but it just seemed to disappear.
  9. Why has RM descended into chaos?

    Also, you mentioned reporting any abuse earlier, how are some members supposed to do that if they can't PM and there's no report function on their account?
  10. Why has RM descended into chaos?

    Don't speak about G.E.C. like that!
  11. Why has RM descended into chaos?

    Well excuse me for not wanting to hand over money to complete strangers.
  12. Why has RM descended into chaos?

    Aye mate, think so. And there was me thinking the OT was 'anything goes', used to be anyway.
  13. Why has RM descended into chaos?

    You're right. A few questionable appointments which inevitably led to those bans is the cause of the problem.