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  1. aye a bet you do
  2. haha you couldny pick your nose mate
  3. hes a tim
  4. hes a tim
  5. a wouldnt sell this cunts a bar a fudge never mind our football club
  6. haha aye deffos... how you gettin on it junoirs
  7. W:2.50 Treble Aston Villa v West Brom/First Goalscorer Bent, Darren 9/2 Won Cardiff v Barnsley /First Goalscorer Miller, Kenny 9/2 Won Newcastle v Wigan /First Goalscorer Cabaye, Yohan 10/1 Won C £2.50 £831.88
  8. you need to message KazctjowRfc to get him to change it or any other questions or problems your having mate ... welcome to the board
  9. heard hooper was there never seen him tho :weir:
  10. ma mate seen him on wednesday and asked him to do it to which he said "sunday"
  11. alright mate, whats happened to you? you coming back?

  12. hes a hibs fan btw but aye if hes going cheap hed be worth bash
  13. real were 17/20 and barca were 4/9 -1 wae hilly wills dunno about ac tho
  14. iam trying to put a coupon on but its letting me pick ma own odds n only letting me do singles anyone able to explain how to bet wae betfair online ?