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  1. 1% of us haven't a clue how to post properly
  2. Mentality can be gained. Takes time, which takes patience.
  3. And that's why he never went anywhere in football off the pitch. Warburton doesn't have a career that screams "doesn't learn". The exact opposite in fact.
  4. Is it? I don't remember McCoist ever admitting to making mistakes.
  5. They've been doing it as long as I've been watching Rangers and probably before. Plan B was always buy better players. For Souness, for Walter, for Dick.
  6. That's a new thing though, teams never did that to us before, ever.
  7. 25 if you sign up for the SFA's CCCS Continuous catholic cuckold scheme
  8. Wingers that don't play like wingers. Left foot playing right and vice versa. Been boiling my piss a lot longer than MW has been the Rangers manager.
  9. When with a bit of patience we could have both.
  10. He will change, whether its perceptible to the layman is another matter.
  11. Sack eh manager he's a frod
  12. He's got til May. He's not spent so much that a manager coming in the summer would be hamstrung and stuck with 20 odd players that can't be shifted on (some might even turn a profit considering how little we've paid in the first place) and that's if it doesn't work for MW. But if it does we are set for a long time. The game's moving on and even if we could spend like we used to we'd still get left behind. Personally this is why I believe that Scottish football is terrified of MW. The game is stuck in the 90's and that suits quite a lot of people who wouldn't get a job cleaning boots at professional football clubs never mind managing or coaching, if that wasn't the case. So the choice is clear: Join in the mire or take a chance and maybe leave this backward shitehole in the rear view
  13. 1690 out of forever
  14. Nope.
  15. The war is over, Germany surrendered!