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  1. People who understand that GK is the one position you probably don't want to rotate often say hello back.
  2. All this talk of squad players is brutal ffs. The magic hat has spoken and he's said everyone has to see the first team. Get this notion of signing 2 or 3 players who wont play unless Tav, Wallace et al are unavailable out of your head.
  3. The scum are pish and will only get worse. What is it people dont understand about the fact that they are fucked financially and would be anyway even if we hadn't been relegated. 3 years of euro money and selling players for decent fees and they still finish the season 5 million down.......with a debt repayment due to start in May of this year. We have to be shrewd in the summer no doubt but there is no way we should need to spend upwards of 10 million on transfers.
  4. Officials Stand by red card decision

    Got plenty of time for him mhank supporter or not. Always speaks highly of us and always gives a balanced view imo
  5. Rangers bid £500k for Michael O'Halloran

    Nick their history and pretend we're best buds for the next 100+ years?
  6. *** The Official Morton Vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Stubbs getting telt
  7. Barrie McKay contract

    He keeps getting to dotted line but fails to compete the signature.
  8. Facial Recognition To Punish Fans

    Bear in mind an entire generation of young men hurled themselves off boats into fire and death so shit like this wouldn't happen. Shame on us for squandering their sacrifice
  9. Martyn Waghorn

    Dinner and a film first big boy
  10. Some Dodgy Song Choices Yesterday?

    You took a day off ya bigot
  11. 24 Year Since The Sheep Won At Ibrox

    I think at Ibrox at our best we could take them.
  12. 24 Year Since The Sheep Won At Ibrox

    I want the mhanky mob in the cup There, I've said it.
  13. Spfl Board To Discuss Sectarian Chanting

    Nah lets leave the unelected pseudo Nazis out of it eh.
  14. Barry Douglas

    What left foot?
  15. Spfl Board To Discuss Sectarian Chanting

    Shame our fan "leaders" are too busy with book tours