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  1. Make sure to tell them to set up a donation page for help with the funeral costs
  2. This is now the Lim Jahey thread
  3. I'll say what I want and every cunt will just have to like it.
  4. Our fans tonight

    Warburton should have subbed our fans with other fans at 60 minutes. It obviously wasn't working and doing plan A better isn't good enough.
  5. Foderingham isn't good enough

    Poorest we've been all season imo
  6. Am hijacking this thread from Albear and turning it into a fuck the IRA thread Fuck the IRA
  7. Bring back the down vote I say. All in favor say "wah, wah, wah" and kick your legs furiously.
  8. Defence needs sorted.

    I can just see it next May "We've won the league aye but we've no won the Champions League, need sorted"
  9. Foderingham isn't good enough

    Aye and only getting a finger tip on the ball isn't a save. Away ye go ya rocket
  10. Next Years Budget

    We're a CB, CM and a striker away from being out of reach. 5 million is plenty.
  11. Daily Mail - £5m for transfers

    Dear oh dear, poor Brendan. Yer times up, hope you enjoyed it. Tattie bye now
  12. Rangers Vs Celtic - Video

    There was a point where everyone of those electronic advert boards was Lidl
  13. Disgrace

    We're being used to institute some draconian bullshit mate. Its as blatant as the nose on my face/.