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  1. Kiernan offered out 3 or 4 square goes there. Mere fight in a shite CB than half the posters on here. Enjoy your week ya sour faced cunts
  2. Unfortunately Neil's visit to the Serengeti ended with him coming across a pride of hungry lions.
  3. Stealth thread title copied to clipboard for a while thread. Just fuck off eh
  4. Aye a few posters, mainly in a sub forum. Over run
  5. What emergency Emergency General Meeting?
  6. Brazil was asked about it on talksport
  7. The BT commentators said out of Europe in every way possible except out of Europe
  8. Technically it would be a renovation?
  9. No. Its changed to our manager is a fraud
  10. No idea what anyone is on about here, how can Dundee's tactics be typical of Scottish Football when these tactics have only been used against MW's Rangers sides? I mean, how dare any of you criticise the absolute tactical master-classes on display against us week after week. Despite our manager making it easy and being predictable, Watty, Dick and Eck can thank themselves lucky they never had to come up against the tactical nous of the likes of Paul Hartley.
  11. Stealth lets get stuck into any and all Rangers players thread
  12. Not trying to funny here mate but If Wilson and Kiernan have started doing all the things they weren't doing last season and the start of this season when Hill wasn't playing then they've made progress. Kiernan especially has improved dramatically with his positioning, winning first balls and passing. All three things he's taken a doing for. A young inexperienced players looks to have learned from his mistakes and improved. I cannot think of one reason why any supporter of our club would be scunnered over a player who cost us next to nothing becoming a demonstrably better player than he was when he signed. Even if he doesn't become good enough, he'll probably net us a decent wee profit. Something that could be said about all of MW's signings barring MOH and Garner, unless both have a really good second half of the season.
  13. Forums are for opinions, I give mine enough to know. Acknowledging those opinions might be different from people who are actually employed by clubs seems to be a rarity. Ironically enough I've seen the word humility bandied around by a few of the resident know-it-alls.