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  1. Tavernier.

    What the barometer so far? Games against sides that play in that league? He hasn't struggled defensively or offensively in any of our games against top flight opposition barring the St Johnstone game.
  2. Tavernier.

    Lately? Mate this place has be reeking for as long as I can remember
  3. Tavernier.

    Wee Mckay must be some player then because he made a total cunt outta the boy. And is still young.
  4. Wallace Withdraws From Scotland Squad.

    Anyone remember when Scotland played at Easter Road and Ian Black got a wee run out from the subs bench and he was boo'd onto the pitch? At the time the supporters were heavily criticised by Rangers supporters for this and the blanket response seemed to be that he wasn't boo'd because he played for Rangers, he was boo'd because he was an ex Hearts player. Erm, he's representing the national side, he shouldn't be getting boo'd for any reason for fuck sake
  5. Tavernier.

    No one told young Tierney obviously
  6. Oh the SFA are.......

  7. Oh the SFA are.......
  8. Oh the SFA are.......

  9. Oh the SFA are.......

  10. Oh the SFA are.......

  11. Dale Pryce In Custody

    Im sure the usual suspects will be along soon to tell you how wrong you are for telling people how to vote. What they fail to grasp is its not about telling people how to vote. It's been plain for years that they covet the anti British/anti Union/Anti Protestant vote and those people who vote that way look at our club as being the biggest symbol of those things. Its not a debate about whether you should be pro union or be a protestant just because you support Rangers. They hate us and our club and will destroy us if given the power, which they get if you fucken vote for them.
  12. Oh the SFA are.......

  13. Wallace Withdraws From Scotland Squad.

    I long for the days when the Billy Boys was roaring out of Hampden every Scotland match
  14. Oh the SFA are.......

    Kevin take it on the chin and learn from it.
  15. This Forum in the last few days ...

    Half my family live in Kent and they are all the same mate. Total confusion among as to our situation this past 4 years.