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  1. *****The Official Rangers v Kilmarnock Match Thread*****

    I'm can't make up my mind about him, clearly he's no world beater, capable of scoring great goals but at the same time also looks like he could struggle to hit double figures from open play in the top division next season. Hopefully when (if) we do go up this season, a few goals against that level of opposition might settle him down in front of goal and having better players around means we can afford to 'rest' him when things aren't going his way.
  2. Possession Football

    A couple of hours ago the the EPL...... Man City 66% of possession to Leicester's 34%. Possession isn't everything if you don't do enough with it.
  3. *****The Official Rangers v Kilmarnock Match Thread*****

    Not just even this, but it feels like 90% of corners we've had in the past few games seems to have ended up being taken quickly and passed back to the half-way line. I know we don't have much of an aerial threat but theres no reason why we cant still whip balls into the box and try to make something happen. There was even one last night where Miller sprinted over for the short corner then stood on the touchline and watched as McKay (I think) put it into the box, exactly where Miller should have been.
  4. Find A Plan B Or Find A New Job.

    Out of interest, which young players are these? Most of our players are 24+, that is not a young player. The youngest players who are getting a game for us (Ball, Oduwa and Zelalem) will likely not be here for game at the paedodome, so I don't really see the benefit of exposing them to the kind of pressure they may face at the Emirates, White Hart Lane, Old Trafford etc, in the unlikely event they get a game with their parent clubs next season.
  5. **** Official Rangers V Morton Match Thread ****

    All fair points I'd agree with, the point in bold re. our forward three I think the problem is if we have McKay wide left and Waghorn wide right the first thing they look to do is cut back on their stronger foot. If you add Miller into the mix with his tendency to drop into the 'hole' looking for the ball, then all three forward players are essentially clogging up the centre of the pitch where our narrow three man midfield are already struggling to find a yard of space. This may be deliberate to try and create space for the full backs, but our build up is so pedestrian that any space created is covered by the time the ball gets out wide and essentially they're running into a brick wall, losing possession and then we're one long ball away from conceding a gilt-edged chance. Its no coincidence that our equaliser today came from raising the tempo with Waghorn being in the box where he should be, I would like to see him down the middle, with our two wide forwards playing on their naturally stronger side to try and stretch the opposition defence and at least try to create some gaps to exploit.
  6. **** Official Rangers V Morton Match Thread ****

    I hope Warburtons prepared for the 'Rangers in crisis' questions at his next press conference.
  7. **** Official Rangers V Morton Match Thread ****

    May explain why he's basically been a bit of a journeyman in his career thus far. Looks to be a confidence player and he's looked short of that lately as well as tired.
  8. **** Official Rangers V Morton Match Thread ****

    Shocking performance and lucky to get a point and a missed opportunity with Hibs dropping points today. The only time we raised the tempo out of desperation to equalise and we score easily. I know Warburton keeps stating that he likes a small squad but its blatently obvious we need to strengthen in January to make sure we win this league.
  9. **** Official Rangers V Morton Match Thread ****

    And there we go, the same old sucker punch.
  10. ***official Livingston V Rangers Match Thread***

    Not sure that just adding a striker will make a difference, our philosophy now seems to be that every goal must have a 20 pass build up and every corner must have a fancy tip-tap routine. After the fantastic start we made to the season we've now become pretty easy to play against and are sorely lacking a plan B and killer instinct.
  11. *** The Official Hibs V Rangers Match Thread ***

    He never seems to look up when he gets in that position, he just seems to drill it as hard as he can towards the penalty spot regardless of where our players are positioned.
  12. ***** The Official Rangers Vs Motherwell Final Thread *****

    Embarrassing. Surely the one thing they spoke about at half time was not to concede another early goal. We need a miracle now and I can't see where 3 goals are going to from in our squad and we'll struggle not to concede any more.
  13. Everton after MacLeod

    Given the fees paid recently for players such as Andrew Robertson and Ryan Gauld I'd expect the bidding for MacLeod to be around the 2 million mark.
  14. Surrender - the white flag brigade

    That wouldn't be a surprise, I can't recall him ever accepting responsibility for a poor result. He's blamed players, board members, pitches, the weather, but seems incapable of just holding his hands up and saying 'I got it wrong today'.
  15. ***The Official Rangers vs Falkirk Match Thread***

    Fully expected Boyd to score 25-30 goals this season but he's been a waste of a wage so far. Daly deserves a starting place ahead of him.