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  1. Looks like we now have the much vaunted plan B - damage limitation and offer no threat going forward. Or we can stick with plan A - gung ho at the back, pass the ball to death and offer no threat going forward.
  2. Questions do have to be asked as to why we've barely seen more than fleeting glimpses of the majority of players brought in during the summer.
  3. They're good enough to be squad players, problem is we have 20 odd squad players and no clear starting 11.
  4. I wonder if Warburton will be one of those happy people.
  5. He's a poundland Diego Costa. Seemed like a panic buy at the time and coming off a rank goalscoring season was never going to be easy for him here if he didn't start banging in the goals from day 1.
  6. Everyone can see it bar the one man who matters, so Wallace along with McKay will continue to be the first names on the team sheet.
  7. Improving all the time?!
  8. To be fair his character references were top notch and he trains well all week
  9. 90 seconds to go and Wallace uses 30 of those to take a throw in on the half way line
  10. Fucking shite by Wallace and we've deserved fuck all from this. At least we've trained well all week though, look forward to the same this week to lead up to our next insipid performance.
  11. From the Manager down, we seem so terrified of getting a doing today we can't even do the basics without a blind panic.
  12. McKay is a disgrace, has bottled it this season and is shitting bricks every time the ball or a green & grey jersey comes near him today. If he's not hooked at half time then questions must be asked of Warburton, again. Only saving grace today is that in what looks at times to be an exercise in damage limitation for us the only times the filth have looked dangerous are when we've messed around and given them chances.
  13. This is shite, the dims don't need to do anything to win the ball back we're just giving it straight to them every time.
  14. Just had a look at Wikipedia: Coventry City - P215, W70, D56, L89, W% 32.56 Southampton - P110, W32, D39, L32, W% 35.45 tarriers - P182, W122, D28, L32, W% 67.03 Middlesbrough - P46, W13, D13, L20, W% 28.26 Scotland - P32, W15, D6, L11, W% 46.88 So yes, outwith the filth his mangerial record is atrocious. The only reason he's in the job is because of a few sarcastic soundbites which have the tartan army spunking in their kilts.
  15. Being discussed just now on Talksport. Jim White saying his source at the club told him last week Barton has no future at the club but a source 'close to Barton' has told him that no-one at the club had told him thats the case and he's hoping to play against Caley on Friday.