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  1. Just read Warburton quote in Evening Times "I don't think we'll get the players we're looking for before the start of the league season" Whether he's just playing games with the press or not who knows. He also mentions Matt Crooks as a possible option at centre half.
  2. Yeah its going to be a helluva let down when we sign some unknown youngster on loan or Greg Stewart from Dundee.
  3. This is the problem, the general consensus seems to be that we should be signing a previously undiscovered young but experienced, pacey, aggresive, aerieally dominant, ball playing centre half with a potential for a huge sell-on fee and who wants to play in Scotland. I dont think the identikit footballer we are clamouring for exists outside the realms of Football Manager, within the budget we are working on. Unless the likes of Jerome Boateng suddenly decides he's always wanted to play in Scotland on £5k a week and manages to negotiate his release from Bayern. If we do bring in another centre-half I can see him being an experienced campaigner like Clint Hill to try and mould Kiernan / Wilson / Crooks into the kind of defenders we are looking for.
  4. As has been mentioned on here before, if we're struggling to find a suitable centre half, it might just be worth inviting Bougherra over to see how he shapes up these days. Providing of course he's still available on a Bosman and isn't looking for extortionate wages.
  5. Had to do a bit of searching but this list of current clubs for that lineup says it all really: Alexander - Aberdeen Cole - Unattached? Hegarty - Dungannon Swifts Perry - Brechin City Wallace - Rangers Hutton - St Mirren Little - Unattached ? Black - Shrewsbury Town Crawford - Rangers / loan? Templeton - Unattached? Sandaza - Girona Currie - Unattached? McKay - Rangers Aird - Rangers / Vancouver Whitecaps Faure - Unattached? Retired? Who knows Hemmings - Dundee McCoist - BT Sport / Ladbrokes
  6. Oh well looks like we're carrying on where we left off last season. Hopefully all the new signings will be ready to step in as the majority of our starting 11 today are no better than squad players.
  7. Yakubu? He's pretty big, black and a free agent. Not sure about the looks reasonably young part though!
  8. Cant say that I've watched any matches from that league, so had a look at the YouTube video of all his goals from last season. Very much a penalty box striker but no idea what his link up play is like. But as it was a recurring theme last season that we made chance after chance and had no natural finisher to put them away, maybe Grigg is exactly what we need.
  9. I'd hazard a guess that we couldnt afford his transfer fee, signing on fee and wages.
  10. Maybe just to put himself in the shop window without the agent having to do much work? Or maybe he just really wants to play for the tims and knew being reported as a target for us would have them throwing money at him to join.
  11. Given that the Manager has said he's going to take a look at him for 10 days, unless he breaks down in training then I guess theres not much else to discuss in that time that hasnt already been said.
  12. It may the case that the money is there, but that Warburton prefers the approach of picking up freebies and improving them. Would be baffled if this was the case right enough, but if it is then the board can't force him to spend money if he thinks he doesn't have to. If it is the case that the board are refusing to cough up the cash he wants then I can't see him hanging round for long.
  13. At 34, if a player hasn't yet fulfilled his potential I'd hazard a guess that he never will. Going into a season with four centre halves, one of whom is 37 and the other who is an injury prone 34 year old who hasnt played in a year, would be a massive gamble.
  14. Not expecting many goals from a midfield of Barton / Rossiter / Krancjar (if that what we go with) so our front three are really going to have to step up to the plate this season.
  15. Maybe Warburton thinks Windass can step up into the central striker role? I agree with everyone else who thinks we still need to strengthen up front, I'm not even convinced yet that Waghorn isn't just a flat-track bully who'll struggle to score consistently this season.