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  1. This is shaping up to be as underwhelming a transfer deadline day as the time we signed Bernard, Jeffers and Maniero.
  2. I'm sure Arsenal would be happy to accept our offer to pay £0 loan fee and 1% of his wages.
  3. Retired.
  4. Which would be utterly pointless if the decision has already been made not to sign him.
  5. The problem with leaving it so late being either we go to the piggery with what we've got or throw a new signing in at the deep end with their competitive debut there. It should never have gotten to this stage and should have been sorted weeks ago.
  6. I'd be very surprised if any team offered us much, if anything, more for Waghorn than we paid for Garner.
  7. Yeah if he really did fail his medical I'd have preferred Warburton had said so at the time rather then being left looking like a bit of a mug wishing him all the best and respecting his decision not to move his family, only for him to move to Greece.
  8. We'll probably end up with Charlie Mulgrew or Sylvain Distin.
  9. If we did then we wouldn't have loaned that young centre half from Raith, a somewhat strange signing in itself.
  10. Not sure where the faith in Davie Weir comes from as a coach, I've seen many posts about him sorting out the defence, has anyone seen his record at Sheffield United? Played 10, won 1, drew 2, lost 7, for 6, against 16. And that was in League 1. Anyone expecting him to be able to improve our defence on the training pitch I fear will be very disappointed.
  11. Warburtons stubbornness to change things makes the oppositions manager job an easy one. 4-3-3 - check Pass the ball side to side, backwards then side to side again - check Short corners that end up back in our own half or even at our keepers feet - check Every blue jersey back to defend set pieces yet non existent marking and looking like conceding every time - check Refusal to make changes early in games when its clear its going to be 'one of those days' - check A big worry for me is that he is so hell-bent on playing a 4-3-3 that he has every team at every age group playing that way, so its not just at first team level where every opponent knows how to line up against us.
  12. The problem is that Miller seems to be playing wherever the fuck he wants to, apart from in the box where he should be. Either Warburton has told him he has a free role or Miller is ignoring the manager and is doing his own thing, both or which are equally worrying. However, the fact that he continues to be one of the first names on the team sheet would suggest Warburton has no issues with our number 9 dropping back to collect the ball off our centre-half then being 40 yards behind play if we do get a ball into the box.
  13. Hill is shite, I can only think that Warburton signed him hoping he would have some influence on the training pitch as both him and Weir seem incapable of coaching even basic defensive tactics. Senderos may be a slight improvement on what we already have, but he's still gong to have one of the keystone cops playing beside him.
  14. I've said it before, I'm far from convinced that Warburton's managerial experience was a suitable apprenticeship for a club the size of Rangers. 18 months at Brentford with low expectations, yet still binned by the owner due to his reluctance to change his philosophy. A few games into the season, the transfer window away to close and we seem to have no discernible style of play or even by his own admission, a first choice starting 11. There can be no excuses for loading the squad with utility attackers with no real plan on how to utilise them whilst ignoring our defensive problems for the past 6 months at least. I'm not even talking about bringing players in, but surely a good coach should be able to work with defenders of albeit limited ability and at least make sure they can handle the basics such as marking and communication. After all, he did sign the all of them bar Wallace. He's done some good things, but no more that the majority of Rangers fans were already crying out for, just because things were dire under McCoist doesn't mean that Warburton deserves blind faith when the warning signs appear to be there already.
  15. Back to his standards of the McCoist / McDowall / McCall season. Has never been great defensively but got away with it last season by being an attacking threat. For me he's never been vocal enough to be Captain and doesn't seem to have much of an on-field presence to grab his team mates by the scruff of the neck when the chips are down.