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  1. If Warburton or the players were taken by surprise by the atmosphere and intensity last week at Torbett Towers they're in for a shock on Sunday when they experience the ingrained hatred the sheep shaggers have for us.
  2. Not if the board have told him there's no pressure to finish 2nd this season.
  3. Problem is I don't think we have a natural wide player in our entire squad. All our forward options are naturally central number 9 or 10's. Players are being shoehorned in to satisfy Warburtons obsession with 4-3-3.
  4. Out of interest, what makes you think theres any chance of that happening given that theres been no sign of it up until now?
  5. I would say theres a good chance that hes fairly pissed off that we've brought in Garner and Dodoo to play through the middle when hes stuck out on the right.
  6. Says a lot when Peter Lovenkrands in commentary is criticising him for taking a kick and disappearing from a game..... Seems like he only wants to play in a number 10 / free role type of position, where he doesnt have to track back and can hide a little easier amongst all the other bodies crowded around that area of the pitch.
  7. Looking like carrying on where he left off last season goals wise, but outwith that one 25 yard volley on his highlighs reel doesnt look like the type of player who's going to create much for himself, therefore he'll be relying on chanes being created by our powderpuff attack. Doesn't look to offer much more than 'SPL pish' like Billy McKay, Adam Rooney, Lewis Moult etc and there would have been uproar had we bought any of them.
  8. Turning into our version of Roberto Martinez. Obviusly watches a lot of Barcelona / Bayern Munich etc and has a clear idealistic vision of his own team also playing that way. But with absolutely nowhere near the quality of player required. And poor performance after poor performance accompanied by increasingly deluded soundbites about great performances not getting the result they deserve.
  9. He's been given enough to waste on O' Halloran and Garner, plus bug wages on Kranjcar and Barton, new contracts for Tavernier, Waghorn, McKay etc etc Ok he hasnt been given millions to spend, but what money he has been given he doesn't seem to have spent well.
  10. QoTS on Tuesday will be enough of a struggle.
  11. Is that 55 titles or 55 points this season?
  12. I spent a bit of time putting this together just for the sake of comparison, apologies if it looks shit or if theres any mistakes. Its for league games only under Warburton, simple analysis would tell us our away form is a serious issue, but our record full stop since the turn of the year is worrying to say the least when the goals have dried up and we're conceding on average more than a goal a game. Anyway, feel free to point out any inaccuracies etc. Overall League record: _____Up to 1st Jan 16 _______Since 1st Jan 16 P 19 22 W 15 12 D 2 6 L 2 4 F 57 38 A 15 28 Pnts 47/57 42/66 GD + 42 + 10 ________Championship__________Premier___________Overall P 36 5 41 W 25 2 27 D 6 2 8 L 5 1 6 F 88 7 95 A 34 9 43 Pnts 81/108 8/15 89/123 GD +54 -2 +52 League record Home League Record Away _______Championship________Premier__________Overall Championship________Premier_______Overall P 18 2 20 18 3 21 W 16 1 17 9 1 10 D 2 1 3 4 1 5 L 0 0 0 5 1 6 F 48 3 51 40 4 44 A 13 2 15 21 7 28 Pnts 50/54 4/6 54/60 31/54 4/9 35/63 GD +35 +1 +36 +19 -3 +16
  13. 33 games still to go.
  14. Can't head it, can't tackle, no defensive awareness, not an organiser, not vocal, completely one footed. Sad that our defence is in such a state that this is even being discussed.
  15. Not really sure how anyone can say they believe in him completely then go on to list the things he's doing wrong and changes he needs to make. Until he shows he is actually able, or willing, to learn from the mistakes he admits himself keep being made its an 'I don't know' from me. Saturday may just have been a watershed moment for him to go back to the basics and try to bring back the energy and commitment of the start of last season.