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  1. Looked like a mild downo
  2. Yes I know this, what fucking retarded 12 year old gets her chebs out for a nonce?!! She was a moron. Ignoring the fact that your point was complete nonsense anaw?
  3. I'm speechless. You must be a parody account ffs Amanda Todd was a moron before she topped herself, I wasn't calling her stupid for killing herself you idiot.
  4. Can you not see how stupid you are being though? Do you think people who wish to kill themselves are in a stable enough frame of mind to be thinking about how selfish they are being?
  5. I did say me included though...
  6. Thank you. You're very good at clearing things up for the mongo's (me included)
  7. I'm not picking and choosing as i don't try and be offensive i try and be funny, you've not tried to be funny at all you've just been stupid, it's really that simple. I'm not trying to dictate what's offensive or not ffs.
  8. This coming from the poster who was harping on about me being a changed poster and encouraging me to make offensive posts? What's wrong with finding humor in situations ffs, anything is fair game for a joke if someone finds it funny and pretty sure every argument on here i've had at least one person finding my jokes funny, including yourself ya tadger. I'll call you a muppet all i like as you clearly are one coming up with that drivel you put at the start of the thread. Very classy last line there - You're looking like more of a muppet every post you make.
  9. You're failing to see the difference, i make jokes. Yours wasn't a joke it was just you being a fucking muppet. All the things you've mentioned that i've joked about have been an attempt at humor. You have the cheek calling me Declan anaw when i can't think of one time i've seen you post about Rangers...
  10. Was it a compliment? Creep.
  11. No, my 20th birthday aint far of though so there's still hope. What a shite insult
  12. Not playing the bigger person card, quite tall though. You've just been a moron. Not funny, just a moron.