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  1. I have an Elgin end ticket for sale. Supporters bus leaves in an hour so would need to meet up there.
  2. I have 1 ELGIN end ticket spare if that's any use for you?
  3. Must be, mine are in the standing section.
  4. Hi mate. Got 1 spare for Rangers end. £12 - face value. I'm leaving Glasgow at 9. Anyway, pm if interested.
  5. Got a spare season ticket for today. Friend pulled out last minute. Not looking for any cash for it. Can meet outside main stand at 2:30
  6. Just go along. Car park is open. The game is played on the pitch closest to the car park. There was nobody checking tickets or taking money V Dumbarton.
  7. Free to get in. Car Park is open and you just take a walk round the side of the bushes and there is a small concrete platform to watch the game from one side of the pitch.
  8. Cheers for the info. Much appreciated
  9. Awesome, just didn't want to look like a pleb showing up at a closed door match on Tuesday. ...and yes 88, as it was the year I was born and a username ive used since the age of 10, before i even knew when other teams were founded. Should I boycott my own age as the year doesn't suit? Or maybe I'm just not as obsessed with other teams as a lot of other folk are
  10. Does anyone know if these matches are open to the public and if so what the script is? Haven't seen details advertised anywhere.
  11. Also the username is cause I was born in 1988 and I couldn't care less when other teams are founded. Does that mean we boycott any numbers in relation to them?
  12. Anyone who thinks I'm a taig it's your loss...ticket still available to a good home. Need to meet up there cause I'm getting it at the Ryan Green testimonial lunch before the game. Therefore I don't physically have the ticket yet. There's plenty of people on here I sold / swapped tickets with. I'm sure there will be plenty of Bears to chop my hand off for it up there.
  13. Got a spare Forres end ticket for Saturday. Got it originally but managed to get a Rangers end ticket so selling it. Looking for £16.90 (£15.00 ticket plus booking fee) I will be picking up it up in Forres at a testimonial dinner so would have to meet before the match.
  14. Couldn't agree more!
  15. The only thing the ref got TOTALLY wrong today was lack of stoppage time at the end of the first half. Templeton was down for about 4 mins, and Alexander 2 mins. Unless my watch deceived me he blew up bang on 45mins. Not real qualms about anything else, you can't expect a ref to be perfect and he was probably better than most refs we have had this season.