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  1. Just think how good it could have been if King had put a few million into the club like he said he would, to add to the fans cash. As always it's down to fans cash.
  2. Getting a decent manager in was always going to vastly improve our fortunes on the park. Other than that tho, "The King" has yet to put his hand in his pocket like he said he would and stands to reap some big rewards from a share issue. As usual the club has been built on its fans, while the lying King and Mini sand-dance around to keep the cash flowing in, to save them having to put any in themselves. It hasn't took much to romp the first div, but next year will be a whole different kettle of fish and it's clear they are already banking on the fans coughing up for that one so they don't have to. The feelgood factor won't last long when we field an inferior team (to most of the rest) next season. Their spend nothing philosophy will add years to our recovery.
  3. What I love most about this is that the more fuss they make about this, the more they have to mention BJK. I'm sure it must be doing their nuts in trying to avoid it and failing miserably. I've never seen BJK mentioned do much and every one stings them to their rotten core. I'm glad it's brought their skeleton out the cupboard again and reminded everyone just how corrupt their club is. The more they rage and rant, the more times we will see BJK and child abuse connected with their club. Even if they try to ban it, they would only highlight it even more and make it national. Instead of trying to bury it, they should be facing up to and admitting their clubs evil history. Until they do that, they will be Scotlands Shame.
  4. Ah none of it matters now we have the Rangers men in. Stuff they said was vital we no longer need. Dave is great he can do anything and won't be questioned. Some won't see it coming.
  5. Some viewed Craig Whyte as an improvement and had the same poll been done then he would have come out if it looking good. He didn't put money in either.
  6. You also believe in santa and the tooth fairy I'd love to know what you base your belief on as there is no foundation for it other than hope. I thought Davy boy was going to provide all this. What exactly will he be paying for ?
  7. The mere fact they are there does not in itself afford them any credibility. Folk saw Hitler as a welcome change, better than what went before. For a while anyway.
  8. Aye Livi rejects are the way to go. Champions league here we come.
  9. We haven't had enough time to judge this board so they will always look better than previous lots. As is clearly the intention. The big question is how will people view them this time next year. Perhaps positively if they finally get around to doing what they said they would. Otherwise they may be viewed as worse. Only time will tell but it's not looking great.
  10. There's not really any difference between them. Other than we are now being manipulated by Rangers men. Doesn't make me feel any better TBH. Still lying chunts in charge and fans paying. A desperate poll to try and make king Co look better. No option for a Sarver board.
  11. Worse than trial fixing in my opinion.
  12. He will have transferred all his assets beforehand just leaving the debts. After walking away leaving his creditors with nothing he gets a clean slate and can carry on. Bloody ridiculous state of affairs.
  13. Your mate needs a few stripes torn off him for getting his application so wrong. It doesn't pay to be crossing zebra. Does him no credit at all.
  14. History rewrite there. Pretty much everyone agreed a scouting network was a priority. They still do. However for some the rush to get one has abated. Like most everything King said he would deliver there is no hurry. MaƱana etc. No listing. No investment No scout network No auditors. Seemingly no problem.
  15. He will get plenty of time as long as we appear to be going in the right direction. If we start getting humped by all and sundry (PLG style), then he won't last long. I reckon he'll do OK if he wins the championship by at least 30 points this season coming and the premiership the following season, by at least 20 points, as part of a treble. Year 3 ought to see us win the Champions League, but I'll settle for making the final as long as we win it in year 4. Should be do-able.