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  1. What I love most about this is that the more fuss they make about this, the more they have to mention BJK. I'm sure it must be doing their nuts in trying to avoid it and failing miserably. I've never seen BJK mentioned do much and every one stings them to their rotten core. I'm glad it's brought their skeleton out the cupboard again and reminded everyone just how corrupt their club is. The more they rage and rant, the more times we will see BJK and child abuse connected with their club. Even if they try to ban it, they would only highlight it even more and make it national. Instead of trying to bury it, they should be facing up to and admitting their clubs evil history. Until they do that, they will be Scotlands Shame.
  2. You also believe in santa and the tooth fairy I'd love to know what you base your belief on as there is no foundation for it other than hope. I thought Davy boy was going to provide all this. What exactly will he be paying for ?
  3. Aye Livi rejects are the way to go. Champions league here we come.
  4. Your mate needs a few stripes torn off him for getting his application so wrong. It doesn't pay to be crossing zebra. Does him no credit at all.
  5. He will get plenty of time as long as we appear to be going in the right direction. If we start getting humped by all and sundry (PLG style), then he won't last long. I reckon he'll do OK if he wins the championship by at least 30 points this season coming and the premiership the following season, by at least 20 points, as part of a treble. Year 3 ought to see us win the Champions League, but I'll settle for making the final as long as we win it in year 4. Should be do-able.
  6. Who is this Noone guy ? Who does he play for and what school did he go to ? I'll just toe the line and say if Warburton reckons he is good, I will too. I'm sure Noone will score for fun up here.
  7. That times a thousand this time next year if we wait til then before buying some proper players.
  8. When will folk realise Kingco will not do anything that involves spending money until the ST cash is in and folk are committed. They will spend plenty then. It's how their scam is designed to work. The irony is, when they do, the usual suspects will applaud them and say "told you they would spend" Pure sleight of hand.
  9. Cos he wasn't worth it
  10. Well it sure beats spending money. We are the new Motherwell.
  11. Watching Allys euro efforts against Malmo and Maribor. Once was horrific but to do the same in the second game was unforgiveable and a big part of why we are where we are now. Everyone in that stadium except Ally knew what was coming and the time I've wanted to leave 10 mins in. (I didn't)
  12. Seems to me anything that means spending money is shot down by the board and the usual suspects on here. A complete 180 from the position pre EGM. If we spend like a wee club, and buy players like a wee club, we will BE a wee club. There needs to be a blend and that costs money. There is no getting around that, and IMO we can't wait til next year and then start rebuilding again.
  13. A bunch of wage thieves, led by a wage thieving management team. They signed contracts that paid handsomely in return for the players footballing services. The players did not live up to their end of the bargain. I dunno why they are so aggrieved about King saying what almost every fan is thinking. (BP excepted I guess) If the fans had been given 1-10 scorecards to hold up (skating judge style) at the end of each game, the stands would be a sea of 3s 4s and a few 5s. Instead of greeting, they should be glad somebody has taken them off after they were so obviously found out at Rangers. Maybe Killie and wherever Foster has gone needed some new karaoke singers.
  14. Dear RTID, On behalf of all Rangers fans, and the world in general, thank you for keeping the internet running for us, but I feel I must point out that you missed a decimal point when describing the calibre of a handgun. Technically it should be .45 and handgun is one word. Regards Internet Grammar Police.
  15. What did they succeed at ? Not used to defending King but he was merely stating the obvious. Boyd is clearly trying to shift the blame onto Ally (where a lot of it lies) but the players also have to accept they were also complete failures. I was always against Boyd coming back. I didn't like the way he left before, and he was well over the hill when he came back. His latest ramblings just come off as sour grapes. He will steal a wage off Killie, living on past glories, topping up his pension before he retires. A wage whore who knows he can't cut it any more, but will still take the cash.