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  1. Rangers FC statement

    Fantastic statement, about time these cunts got what was coming to them. Real siege mentality now going into the next season. We have to get everyone who overlooked what those scumbag fans done yesterday and played it off as emotion. No chance. Imagine a Rangers fan attacked Stokes. Would be absolute carnage. Fuck the lot of them.
  2. Niko kranjcar

    Wow! Some of the names even being thrown about. Hopefully Prso and Jelavic have a wee word in his ear Won't come cheap though...
  3. ***Rumours thread***

    why of course how could I forget
  4. ***Rumours thread***

    No chance! Ings, Waghorn and Miller to choose from!
  5. The Gallowgate

    They must have been seething when they crawled out their hovels this morning!
  6. 4 years Ago

    Always forget that they actually scored twice at the end. An unbelievable atmosphere. One of the greatest I've had the pleasure of experiencing
  7. Big Frank Needs Your Help

    Spoonburners!Brilliant 😂
  8. *** The Official Rangers V St. Johnstone Thread ***

    Looking forward to a tough game but the way we are playing we can put out a good performance. Foderingham Tavernier Kiernan Wilson Wallace Holt Halliday Zelalem McKay Waghorn Oduwa 2-0 Tav and Waghorn
  9. ***Hearts v Rangers***

  10. Sandy Jardine Stand

    A fitting gesture to ensure although it always would, that Sandys name will be immortalised in our football club. I wonder if I now sit in the Sandy Jardine East Corner?
  11. RIP Sandy Jardine

    Wow...lost for words. A true Rangers legend. Really stepped to the fore during our time of need and represented the club with great honour. RIP Sandy
  12. No more defending him.

    I'm not one to get involved in heated debates on here but this has to be the last straw for him. If you can't get players up for a cup final, when can you get them hyped? Ally had a unique chance to completely revolutionise this football club. To build a new ethos of football and have talented youngsters with 75 plus games before we are back in to top flight. That has not happened. He has consistently kept his 'pals' in the team whilst hindering the building of a team with great chemistry. The only thing should McCoist leave (which chances are, he won't) is who would take the job? A compete restructuring is needed with someone that actually has a footballing philosophy that doesn't circle around someone that hasn't been at the club for 3 years. It's a sad day that this is being discussed but it shows how far back as a team we have went.
  13. Wee quiz

    2 European teams, Zenit St Petersburg.and FC Unirea Urziceni
  14. ***Albion Rovers v Rangers***

    Nearly goal of the season there!