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  1. I was extremely surprised that bang on 60 mins a sub wasnt made, And when it was it turened out to be Windass who, whilst he didnt have the best game, he was getting on the ball a bit more and running where as McKay done absolutely fuck all. I dont like to jump on peoples back but he has been anonymous for pretty much the whole season and stays on the park longer than Kenny Miller who was supposed to be spearheading our attack was at one point back defending in our own box in a situation that wasnt a corner! Its hard to understand what is being done sometimes. We had a period where we came into in and we had a few half chances. If one of them is taken e.g Holt scores then they were there for the taking. Not angry, just disappointed
  2. We have the battle fever. We always do. I just hope the players do as well. Into these pond life scumbags.
  3. Gilks Tavernier Senderos Hill Wallace Holt Halliday Windass Waghorn Miller Mckay Please just win. Doesn't matter how.
  4. Won 2: Jelavic in extra time and last year on pentalies Lost 1: The season before where McDowall was in charge
  5. Going to watch their and our beloved team. Heartbreaking. Hopefully those who were injured pull through quickly. Rest in Peace
  6. Foderingham Hodson Wilson Hill Wallace Holt Halliday Kranjcar O'Halloran Garner Forrester That what I'd like to see. Probably won't happen. Waghorn, Tavernier and Mckay will all play. Just win it. It doesn't have to be pretty. Just win. And do it by a few
  7. A good goal yes but it shouldn't have even been relevant in terms of the game. We should have been in front by at least 2 before that. It's a shame as our defence has looked better. Not perfect but more improved. If the creating chances and finishing was as improved then we wouldn't be where we are just now.
  8. Kenny is a big time player. Time after time he has pulled us out a hole. He's not the greatest player we have ever had. But he's had abuse thrown in his face from everywhere and still walked out the tunnel and done the business time and time again. He himself would admit he's made mistakes but I'm glad he's a Rangers player and every person in that dressing room should be looking to him to see what it means to be a proper pro.
  9. True I forgot about that. But this were the kind of chances he scores from. He won't swipe air with them all. Whilst I want him to do well and he's underwhelming, it's the kind of delivery I'd expect from Michael O'Halloran that Garner would score from. Hitting the byline and crossing in either to feet or head in the middle of the box.
  10. The only real chance he had was the header that was deflected over. The way we play doesn't suit him. Having wingers who take a man on, hit the byline and get it in would give him a load of chances which he would take. He's the only real poacher we have in the team but we don't play a style that a poacher needs.
  11. Foderingham Tav Kiernan Wilson Wallace Windass Halliday Holt O'Halloran Garner Waghorn Would rather no Kiernan and chances are Holt or O'Halloran won't play for reasons unknown. No doubt some who have underachieved so far will play. It will tell a lot about the managers management if he can't or won't drop people.
  12. Need to have the game of their lives. Kranjcar needs a big game. Kenny needs to do what he does best. Back 4 scares me slightly. We can do this. We are the people!
  13. The Hammer has torn Celtic apart. My favourite.
  14. Weird how the club confirmed Kiernan and Foderinghams deals but not his. Maybe waiting until Waghorn signs to shove it up the media.