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  1. Some fuckers log on here to be offended ,strange people
  2. God I wish I was you......whats your secret?
  3. Nobodies interested that your not fucking interested
  4. Uncle Thom
  5. Mate you need a backbone to raise your head above a parapet.....something so called Rangersmen lack
  6. maybe to show respect to a club that gave them a helping hand ,nice attitude you arrogant cunt
  7. I know where you are coming from mate but this was about showing respect and thanking a small club who made a huge gesture .It was not the Rangers supports finest moment
  8. Preaching to the converted mate
  9. No problem mate,just that I know the depth of feeling amongst many of the Linfield fans concerning the shameful turnout
  10. It wasn't about the football with all due respect
  11. Your willing to give up a days work fair play.....Linfield are a wee small semi pro club but they were giants when they became the ONLY club in the world to offer a hand in genuine friendship. Two of my work colleagues work as Stewarts at Linfield ask them what they thought of the Rangers turnout and you will get an earful
  12. and ?
  13. It was a totally underwhelming night for the Linfield fans,but I can understand the Rangers support travelling in their thousands to England after all Wednesday helped out in our hour of need.
  14. Bigger crowd going down than turned up at Ibrox to thank Linfield !