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  1. tap ae the league
  2. you're probably right lol
  3. it's a stick on Harry scores next due to the pelters on rangers Media lol
  4. How's about not buying either? The issue is not just about the pennies we get it's also about the ££££'s that the fat rat who despises us and our club gets, you ok with that?
  5. How much do you think we get from the £60 sale mate?
  6. How any Rangers fan can buy the top right now is beyond me. Even Greaves are taking a stance by not selling it yet some of our fans can't wait?. Puma like sports direct won't get another penny from me and i'll be doing my best to let them know. We have no chance of getting a deal if that fat prick gets our money now. I ain't no huge fan of King but the way this deal was concocted by those crooks so we get fook all sickens me to the back teeth. No doubt the Dhaily Rhecord & Co will have a crack team of photographers out on Saturday getting pics of everyone who defied the club
  7. great signing, looking forward to the season ahead with this lad in the squad!
  8. I think fans who had season tickets previously can reserve them
  9. I think the police surrounded us because we actually had fans at the game . . .
  10. agreed, was busy today and there was hardly any seats together
  11. FFS they seen me coming, i need to ask the Bears around me what they paid lol
  12. mine are Govan Rear, £625, think they were about £525 last season.
  13. What are people paying for their season tickets? i renewed two today at £625 each which is a fair hike. so much for the myth our season tickets are pennies lol
  14. The French Foreign Minister has said today that Russia must be severely punished for what has happened, for inside the stadium that's a minimum 'fook off mate, that's exuberance nothing more' said an SFA spokesman
  15. This is disgraceful, the club needs to demand evidence on this & take the Daily RHecord & Police Scotland to task. apparently it happened to 75 officers so there should be plenty of evidence (aye right) one account given by an' un-named' copper was that Rangers fans were using kids to block the road, a tactic he had only ever seen in Northern Ireland . FFS you couldnae make this shit up . . . . but they made sure they did.