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  1. This is disgraceful, the club needs to demand evidence on this & take the Daily RHecord & Police Scotland to task. apparently it happened to 75 officers so there should be plenty of evidence (aye right) one account given by an' un-named' copper was that Rangers fans were using kids to block the road, a tactic he had only ever seen in Northern Ireland . FFS you couldnae make this shit up . . . . but they made sure they did.
  2. Warbs agrees new deal

    well done gaffer
  3. Tin hat......... Referee

    OP is obviously an ex ref cause it's quite clear he never seen how pish the ref was.
  4. Semi final tickets

    Lads, where on the website can you make payment? my email tells me i can on the official site but i can't see where? thanks in advance.
  5. Rangers Amongst Top 25 Attended Clubs in Europe

    Selic, 24th? 44K? seriously? lies damn lies
  6. that'll be the league bye then

    The league is done, there is not a hope in hell we will lose 3 games while they go on a run of 11 straight wins FFS
  7. **** Official Rangers V Morton Match Thread ****

    do you have to register for these links and give credit card details?
  8. Souness In Hospital!

    Get Well soon #legend can't believe some muppet on here dissing the man
  9. Dave King Statement

    as predicted the BBC have just picked out every single bit that suits them and ran with it, the hatred towards our club from that lot is at an all time high.
  10. Dave King Statement

    Gerry is absolutely spewing, raging that our Chairman might actually defend our club, ffs he even changes his tone when reading out King's statement so it sounds as bad as he can make it, hoping some rabid will get right on the blower to talk about their favourite subject. the only thing wrong with that statement is it never ended with Surrender . . . No
  11. 90 In 90 - Rangers 2 - 1 Qots

    just watched it and everyone in the crowd is going mental apart from 2 burds . . . . . and they don't count
  12. Smell The Fear

    and a fat lot of good those '£5 million' players did today ya trumpet!
  13. Did It Annoy Anyone Else Today When...

    who said it?
  14. I'm Not Easily Offended...

    Someone is flapping me thinks, arse must be making buttons changed his profile pic so as not to be seen wearing a sellic top & protecting his tweets to friends only lol so there yae go . . . . never happened