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  1. I don't get it but, was it a protest or what?
  2. More threads like this please there isn't enough yet
  3. It was Chelsea fans
  4. It's completely idiotic and does nothing for the reputation of our support
  5. Going to be a long season
  6. Insane
  7. It could be a very long season
  8. It could be a very long season
  9. It could be a very long season
  10. Last time the first was at Ibrox, so it kind of makes sense as they used to swap it each year
  11. Wes has to go, useless
  12. Zelalem then, he won't be here next year anyway
  13. really don't rate Zallelam
  14. hardly surprising
  15. What's the deal is it if you didn't get an email you didn't get any tickets?