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  1. Charles Green Charged

    Actually got shivers when I read his name there
  2. ***** The Official Season Ticket 2015/16 Thread ******

    They don't deserve our support, the thought of watching Dumbarton and Livingston again doesn't entice me in the slightest
  3. Just a heads up I missed the season ticket deadline so I had to buy a couple of paper tickets, was told they would arrive by today and I got in from work and they hadn't, luckily I finished early enough to head over and collect them. The guy in the ticket office said there would be a lot of folks in the same boat so I'd maybe try get over sharp if yours haven't arrived either! Poor show from Rangers not even posting them or letting me know btw.
  4. Hibs Highlights Here!

  5. Tonights Atmosphere

    Well done to all, it's amazing the passion inside that stadium nowhere else compares when it gets going like tonight
  6. The Run In.

    We will do it, keep believing
  7. I Have A Massive Fear We Will Fade Away

    That's my fear
  8. Rangers V Hibs Predictions

    Trying to predict the score for any rangers game these days is basically impossible
  9. We Never Touched Kids

    Doesn't help tbh we are in deep shit, they're heading for 10IAR
  10. Kenny Dalglish

    Why do people take the bait? We all know the truth
  11. Easdale Maintains His Percentage

    I'm honestly done with this pish, I just want a football team to go and watch didn't ask for all this shite
  12. Security was Sarver taking over, Ashley is not security
  13. Demonstration Against Use Of Ibrox As Security

    Tomorrow or never tbh
  14. Semi Final Role Call...! Who Got Tix

    Me and my old man will be there!
  15. Sarver Live Ssn Now

    We had the oppertunity to end all this for good, and the arseholes that kid on to run our club have fucked it for us. I feel the same completely dejected!