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  1. Insane
  2. It could be a very long season
  3. It could be a very long season
  4. It could be a very long season
  5. Last time the first was at Ibrox, so it kind of makes sense as they used to swap it each year
  6. Wes has to go, useless
  7. Zelalem then, he won't be here next year anyway
  8. really don't rate Zallelam
  9. hardly surprising
  10. What's the deal is it if you didn't get an email you didn't get any tickets?
  11. Kenny Miller, two great finishes, Wallace being overlooked for the scotland squad
  12. when do they go on sale to season ticket holders? Any word yet?
  13. They don't deserve our support, the thought of watching Dumbarton and Livingston again doesn't entice me in the slightest
  14. Just a heads up I missed the season ticket deadline so I had to buy a couple of paper tickets, was told they would arrive by today and I got in from work and they hadn't, luckily I finished early enough to head over and collect them. The guy in the ticket office said there would be a lot of folks in the same boat so I'd maybe try get over sharp if yours haven't arrived either! Poor show from Rangers not even posting them or letting me know btw.