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  1. Yesterday's Game Compared To Embra Derby Today

    Once we start comparing ourselves to diddy clubs, we're truly fucked.
  2. Rangers bid £500k for Michael O'Halloran

    2-4 hours in most transfers apparently
  3. Rangers bid £500k for Michael O'Halloran

    I'm very happy with this because for the first time in years our team has pace everywhere (except CB). 
  4. *****Official Rangers v Falkirk match thread*****

  5. *****Official Rangers v Falkirk match thread*****

    I think all this game shows is that we need a few more players. Our passing has been garbage today. 
  6. *****Official Rangers v Falkirk match thread*****

    Zelalem fucking sitter
  7. Mark Warburton: Barrie McKay Is Just Brilliant

    Aye, I think it might just be a bit of man management from MW, saying get the contract signed, get your head down here and in a few years we can get you a move on to an EPL team. 
  8. Harry forrester

    You can never get match fit without playing in competitive games of football. Players come back from injuries and they look wildly off the pace but they're fully fit. That match sharpness takes a while to come back - irrespective of who you are or who you play for. Obviously the elite players pick it back up a lot quicker than lower level ones.  i.e. Sanchez came on against Chelsea the other day and did absolutely fuck all. Touch was poor. Passing was poor. 
  9. Barry Ferguson

    Before he left us he was unbelievable. Forward thinking midfielder, incisive passing, good engine.  When he came back he was still more than good enough to play in Scotland obviously but just turned into a total negative, defensive player. Sideways passing galore. 
  10. Mark Warburton: Barrie McKay Is Just Brilliant

    Not a concern yet, but it sounds like he has a way to go to work on his attitude towards the game.  If he listens to MW and works hard everyday, he really could go on to bigger things. Very talented young man. 
  11. Dominic malonga

  12. Hallidays sending off

    Nonsensical sending off. We should be lodging a complaint first thing tomorrow morning to the SPFL. 
  13. Rangers bid £500k for Michael O'Halloran

    I can understand clubs wanting us to pay the full amount up front, but they should have made us aware of that after we made our first bid instead of letting it drag on. If it's true, it's pretty shoddy business practice from them.  £500k or £50m, it's irrelevant. It's standard practice in football to pay via instalments (including loan fees, which are usually very small) and so we should have been made aware if SJ weren't going to accept this. 
  14. Rangers bid £500k for Michael O'Halloran

    We're 2 points clear of our nearest challengers with a game in hand. We'll go up this season with ease. Stop being a drama queen.  We don't need Michael O'Halloran or indeed anyone else right now. They'd be nice to have, but they aren't a necessity. We're still more than good enough to keep winning games and win the league. 
  15. Oduwa

    It's a shame he couldn't show more consistency for us, there's definitely a talented player there but he just got booted around. Don't think he has any hope at Spurs. Good luck.