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  1. Oh ffs Eli Very poor from the Giants to lose that tonight
  2. When it comes to football I find we always seem to agree on most points. Post is spot on. On everything else it's chalk and cheese
  3. Clear red card. Could have done the QoS player some damage with that but fair play to the lad he got on with it after it.
  4. I went to Uni with this guy - he's an absolute walloper. Had a fall out with him back then and he deleted me off Facebook Guy is pure Rangers hating scum. Another one of those scumbags who thinks sectarianism only goes one way in Scotland.
  5. Hodson looks solid. Doesn't really know what to do when he gets forward which is why when he cut inside and nearly scored I was in shock
  6. Agree with the shite about Garner btw - it's absolutely cringeworthy watching some of his play acting. The guy needs to cut that shit out fast.
  7. Harry Forrester should have been sent off tonight...but you'd rather have him in the team so he can throw himself around like that? That's twice this season he should have been off and has been lucky. If it happens in a game like the one v the Sheep on Sunday, it will cost is dearly.
  8. Looks promising guys. Tin hat firmly on, he's almost a replica of Biton who they were claiming is worth £10m using Lawell's calculator. Let's hope the guy can get himself fully fit and has as big an impact as Windass has had.
  9. It's bizarre how grown men care about whether the guy smiles when he sets a goal up or that his middle name is Francis then complain about sectarianism. Honkin patter.
  10. I liked the positions Crooks was taking up - he looks like another good prospect plus he looks fucking huge.
  11. Agreed.
  12. Yep absolutely. That's what we need from our wide men - get the ball and go at the full back every time. None of this turn back and keep the ball, slow, shite passing all the way back to the CBs.
  13. I'm not a Halliday fanboy by any stretch of the imagination but to suggest he had a poor game tonight is just mad. He provided balance to our midfield
  14. Those 2 assists led to goals though. If he assists 2 per game he can give the ball away however many times he wants. Not sayin he's the best player in the squad or anything but with the way McKay has played he deserves his chance and I think he took it tonight (though to be fair to Barrie when he came on he looked good because he went back to the McKay of last season)
  15. When teams double up or sit really deep, he doesn't seem to have the skill to go past players etc. No chance Aberdeen will do that on Sunday. Their LB (Shinnie?) will be left 1 on 1. If we can get the ball quickly to him there will be space for his pace to exploit. Aberdeen genuinely think they're on our level and will not sit back.