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  1. The Captaincy

    I want Waldo to retire at Rangers as captain in a dominant Rangers side having had years of success. Legend.
  2. Lee Wallace assault culprit.

    Crossed wires, thought you were talking about Wallace. Kiernan was dreadful and that first goal we conceded is one of the worst pieces of central defending I've ever seen in my life. I honestly can't understand why he didn't close him down unless he totally lost his bearings and thought he was further away from goal than he actually was. Shockingly bad.
  3. Lee Wallace assault culprit.

    Why? None of the goals conceded were his fault. Your statement would perfectly apply to James Tavernier. He certainly picked the worst moment to have his worst game in a Rangers jersey.
  4. Hello.

  5. Nicky Clark Released.

    Good riddance. I can forgive his level of ability (we signed him, he was never good enough) but I just cannot forgive pure stupidity or a lack of effort. He was brought on as a sub and so was "fresh". He fucking fell over the ball and gifted it back to them. Ok, no problem. The WORST part of it was the Hibs players were sprinting for a quick throw in and this prick saw where the ball was going to go and never even bothered to sprint and try to win it back. He let an absolutely gassed Halliday attempt to run back (I think it was Halliday). They go up the pitch, win a corner, score a goal, win the cup. Sorry Nicky, I lost my patience with you on Saturday and I hope to God I'll never have to witness a player as shite as you in a Rangers top ever again in my lifetime.
  6. Rangers FC statement

    McCoist and Lennon went head to head, complete handbags and there was a fucking summit. Hibs fans run on and lay into our players and the First Minister is congratulating them on their victory with no regard for what happened after. Disgusting.
  7. Running on the park

    Peter Adam Smith reporting this excellently - image above is of the first punch Wallace takes to the head
  8. Running on the park

    I honestly cannot believe the stance you are taking here Lee Wallace was getting punched in front of my eyes and the police were on the other side of the pitch doing FUCK ALL about it - casually wandering on to the park. I'm sorry I don't place the same faith in the police as you do, and I'd rather be safe than sorry when it comes to our own fans and players.
  9. Running on the park

    I personally saw Lee Wallace get punched by their fans The Sun are reporting that 6 of our players were assaulted and so was Davie Weir
  10. Running on the park

    I don't give a shit mate. If I saw our players or fans being attacked by some junkie fucks I wouldn't stand about thinking about the consequences of me running on in our players/fans SELF-DEFENCE.
  11. Running on the park

    They ran onto the pitch and started throwing punches at our players and lobbing stuff at Rangers fans - what the fuck are you babbling on about? The police response was an absolute disgrace they were meandering on to the pitch whilst our captain was being assaulted FFS
  12. Running on the park

    Those junkie fucks attacked the captain of our football club and you're starting a thread about Bears who ran on to protect our own? Shut the fuck up I'm glad we stood up and sparked out any cunt who wanted to try something. Sums you up as a support when you celebrate the greatest result in your history by running onto the pitch, attacking opponents and goading their fans. Scummy as fuck.
  13. *****The Official Rangers vs Hibernian Thread*****

    Zelalem should never have been subbed off.
  14. Joey Barton.

    I've reassessed my opinion on this and I think the benefits he can bring to our team outweigh the negatives of him being a total cunt in the past.
  15. Favourite celebration by a Rangers player?

    Wallace after he won the ball in midfield, ran 60 yards, got the ball played to him and finished against the scum a few years ago. Or...should I say it...? The little fucking rat's celebration in front of them on his knees after he scored the 1st in our 4-2 game a few years ago.