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  1. Dundee United - Release Players

    Nah, we've had our fair share of spineless bastards playing for us over the past few years, we don't need any more.
  2. Graeme Dorrans **Rumour**

    He joined them last year for around £3m didn't he? I'd expect they'd want to recoup most of that plus his wages may be prohibitive but I'd love to have him. One of our own and a good footballer.
  3. Warburton reckons we are close to 3 deals

    “The Championship in 
Scotland is also a market for us. There are some really good players in this league, guys who are really talented." Makes me think we're keeping tabs on guys like Vaulks and Cummings, as has been reported in the press this season. Ayr United nutjob in my work, goes home & away with them. Says McCrorie hasn't shown any sort of ability to suggest he can cut it at a higher level. Tbf though, McKay was shite in his loans but look how well he's done back at Rangers.
  4. Jason Cummings

    Ffs. Surely if we went in for him though, he'd cut that shite out for a chance to play for a team going for the SPL / UCL place next season. From the sounds of things he is an ambitious player: How is that far fetched? It's Scotland mate, loads of folk growing up in Glasgow or Edinburgh will be pals or acquaintances with dodgy cunts like that
  5. Big Wes

    Such an odd comparison to make. "He's not as good as two of the best keepers we've ever had and Alan McGregor, an EPL level goalkeeper". He came from Swindon Town and he's 25, still young for a keeper. He may go on to reach the dizzying heights of Hull in the EPL, only time will tell ;).
  6. Lee Wallace voted PFA Scotland PoY

    Superb Waldo
  7. Central midfield over committing

    What a load of fucking shite.
  8. Suggestions.

    What's wrong with that? I sincerely doubt the gaffer will even see the tweets never mind take them seriously, but if TMB enjoys doing it then why do you need to put the guy down? Each to their own.
  9. ****Official St. Mirren v Rangers thread****

    That's fucking pish from Foderingham Shocker. Can't get beat at near post like that.
  10. Special thank you to Dominic Ball

    He has so many positive attributes but the one thing he has to work on if he wants to make it at Spurs in the EPL is his decision making. I see him going back out on loan next season (hopefully to us).
  11. Boss Dismisses Everton Link

    "48 hours ago" - being a journo in Scotland is fucking piss easy. Just make shit up using the same template every week.
  12. O'Halloran

    Nice to read. If you only read the posts on here you'd go away thinking he hates playing for Rangers and CBA. I'd love to see us play him through the middle next season with Waggy on the right and McKay on the left. If Kenny Miller can work with him on his movement he could be good for us. I also think in Europe (if we get there) he will be a great asset against the better teams we come up against, when we need an out ball. Gives us the opportunity to hit a ball over the top every once in a while.
  13. The link for polo shirts Lee rigby Help the heroes

    Brace yourself.
  14. 2016-17 Kit Ideas

    That's amazing.
  15. Hopefull Signings 2016/17

    Don't think there is any chance of them selling us Nicholson.