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  1. He said in his post match interview he feared Barton would lose his head after the tackle on him and the fans creating an atmosphere etc and at that point didn't want a red card. Absolutely ludicrous. Barton is experienced AF. He should have stayed on and Miller should have been hooked for MOH. Game was crying out for him.
  2. L O L For fucksake mate, let's leave the conspiracy theories to the great unwashed, eh?
  3. I'll tell you one thing, Danny Wilson gets torn to shreds on here but there's no fucking way he lets Boyd in like that and get a shot away. No fucking way. I can't believe Clint Hill is picking up a wage at our club
  4. Tav has been terrific. People forget how bad Kiernan makes him look as well. This guy is so important to us going forward. Whipped some beautiful crosses in today as he has been for weeks.
  5. We can forget about the league this season. Fucking dreading the game against the paedos in a few weeks. They're going to put about 6 past us.
  6. How the fuck is Rossiter getting a free ride on here? Barton is looking shite because we're obviously asking him to play a role he can't play. Rossiter has been fucking shite IN Barton's role. MOH should also have brought on for Dodoo instead of Garner. Miller should get hooked for MOH NOW. Guy has been awful. This is fucking dreadful.
  7. Do they ever? Scum, the lot of them.
  8. First bit in bold - were we? I thought we were promised a team capable of challenging Celtic in year 1. Second bit in bold - just because our season "finished" in April, that doesn't mean others did too. Players are reluctant to talk to other clubs during a playing season outwith transfer windows. It's also very disrespectful to their clubs. Realistically, we only really had after the cup final to get cracking.
  9. I'm sure Senderos is professional & experienced to understand that in football, managers never really have 1 target and they'll pursue multiple people at the same time. Let's see if he signs.
  10. Aye, they seem to have a much more comprehensive scouting network than we do. I appreciate MW's experience is in England but I think eventually he has to look at the situation and appreciate that there are limited British footballers in our price-bracket who can play the way he wants to play and win games on a consistent basis. You end up with sub standard shite like Kiernan costing you cup finals.
  11. Positive there is significant value to be gained from looking at players in Eastern Europe, Scandinavia & even places like Japan. Watched the Salzburg v Zagreb game last night and after doing a bit of digging, so many of the players on that pitch were picked up relatively cheaply. E.g. Soudani (Algerian international), scored the winning goal and looked a decent player throughout - only cost them €900k. Marko Rog is slightly different, he signed for around €4m but nonetheless, it's about adding value to the squad. Another good season from him, a few more caps for Croatia and he'll go for €15m+, just like Pjaca went to Juve for €23m a month ago. Salzburg had a Japanese international called Takumi Minamino playing for them. They picked him up for ~£700k. He's young and talented. Obviously once these guys get snared by these teams, we're not going to be able to compete in the market (not yet anyway) - but we have to be in these markets scouting players who we can bring in and develop. Judging by our signings so far, we still don't have a proper scouting system.
  12. How can you ban a tune?
  13. Fucksake ForeverAndEver, you've made me look like a twat.
  14. He was the glue connecting midfield and attack last season. Excellent player with an outstanding footballing brain - the positions he takes up are class. Windass is not Holt. From what I've seen of Windass, they're 2 completely different players. He likes to pick the ball up and run with it. Holt is a player who moves into space and keeps the ball moving quickly.
  15. You mean Salford City? If true, get it fucking up him. Should have pushed for a move to us instead of continuing his development at a semi-professional club in the 6th tier of English football ffs