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  1. So when we win this game, what's the script for the rest of this tournament? Does it go to straight knock-outs and you can draw anybody or are there seedings etc?
  2. He was gushing over Kranjcar in the commentary too
  3. Dodoo comes across as a genuinely nice young guy - if he thought Ibrox was loud the other night...he hasn't seen or heard nothing yet. First league game of the season is going to be brilliant
  4. Shades of Berahino in this boy (not suggesting he's as good, just the way his flicks and running with the ball looked. Excited to see him when he gets up to full match fitness
  5. You Pakistani then? 

    1. psb07158


      British, with Pakistani heritage.

  6. If he continues the way he is, we'll be getting a healthy transfer fee for this boy. He is talented enough to play for a top half EPL team.
  7. Yes DK confirmed it in one of his fan responses Said that was the single most regular piece of feedback from fans
  8. I think the club said they'll have HD this season but won't have the cameras in time for the first few games of the season The sooner they upgrade them the better
  9. Aye I'm hoping Rangers TV will stream it and I get it through a VPN
  10. You signed up to the forum just to post that? Aye, good one mate. Ban this cunt.
  11. Gutted I'm in London for work, going to miss this. Will need to pull a stream in the hotel room!!
  12. Can't believe you've posted that after today's game Head and shoulders above any other midfielder on the pitch including our own. Passing range magnificent and very skillful. Physically he's lacking fitness but he will go on to be amazing for us this season, 100%.
  13. Fucking baller. Discuss.
  14. The guy used an awful example. They've not paid a fee for any player they've signed so far this summer
  15. Get your Ticket Request thread sorted ASAP