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  1. When's today's meeting? Anyone know?
  2. MOH

    They don't work well together because Tav pushes up too high and loves to go on the outside. I'd be tempted to play MOH LW and Tav at RB so we get that pace and directness on both sides.
  3. The difference being, Paul Scholes was vilified for being a dirty bastard in his tackles - not the complete opposite i.e. McKay who shites it out of every single tackle. They went up the park last night in the last few minutes of the game and could have scored because he shat it out a tackle. Unacceptable.
  4. MOH

    Except the 2 crosses he put across that we should have scored from? Holt's sitter (again) and Garner's scuffed shot?
  5. Building a massive grave for Rangers FC obvs RIP
  6. MOH

    Aye, like Ross McCormack eh? Football doesn't work that way.
  7. Absolutely. Stewart Robertson'a responsibility to ensure Warburton is aware.
  8. MOH

    Aye, there's always going to be a portion of fans who dislike him because of his surname.
  9. I'm still living in hope that he'll get a bit of money or will at least be allowed to bring in a couple of high profile loans which will cost us £. Aye, I'm stating this on the assumption we don't go on a massive losing run. He deserves the season. We aren't a football club who just sack managers. He did what was asked of him last season and I think he'll do what has been asked of him this season - come 2nd.
  10. Warburton deserves the January transfer window and until the end of this season at the very least.
  11. MOH

    I could probably count on one hand the number of players who are good enough to be at the club. We are where we are though. He showed more balls than McKay has shown all season. McKay pulling out that tackle at the end and they countered, it was honestly fucking disgraceful. Awful. Another awful performance. Body language was all wrong at half time as well. Looked unfit too.
  12. MOH

    Our whole team is predictable as fuck with this sideways passing shit compounded by cunts in the team who can't pass a ball to fucking save themselves meaning we just out ourselves into difficult situations and gift the ball away MOH is the only one who picks the ball up and his immediate thought isn't to turn back and pass it back ffs, it's to square the defender up and take him on
  13. MOH

    Must start. Every game. The one player in our team who is direct as fuck. Ran himself into the ground tonight, won so many corners, setup Holt for a chance he should have scored, put another cross in for Garner who scuffed it. He's not the best, but he didn't hide tonight and he kept going. If he gets dropped on Sat it will be a fucking joke.
  14. If McKay starts tonight then Warburton should honestly just pack up and leave now. It's like playing with a man down in every fucking game.