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  1. Who are these eventual big investors really?.. I thought it was about getting fans to buy shares
  2. Managing Director, General Manager, CEO... All the same really
  3. Well spank me with a kipper and call me Charlie... A bona fide CEO executive at Rangers at last, now for a finance guy as well
  4. The only thing of importance from this EGM was that we now know that Ashley can still swing approx 30-40% of the votes.. and the first proposal was decided by a vital 3% of the shares. Otherwise it´s just posturing from both sides IMHO. I wished they take it to court once and for all let us know where we stand..
  5. Are we talking about Sports Direct that are poised to reveal record profits this year?...
  6. King never paid for the prior EGM.. So very unlikely
  7. Out of curiosity.. You see a lot of EPL merchandise around there? In the long run I fear that EPL will dominate in Scotland like it does in Ireland..
  8. It cost the club £70k I assume, that´s what Capita charged and some staff wages at the prior EGM... And no, it´s always the company (Rangers) that pay the bill unless someone else offers to do it.
  9. Let´s face it lads, no one is going to walk up to Rangers with a pile of money... King is not seriously rich but try to hide it, Park is good for the money but tightfisted and as for Ashley with his bllions he would rather spend it on a Romanian beggar than hand it to Rangers right a guess Nah lads, this might very much be a start of a leaner future unless some outside guy steps in, a guy like Sarver perhaps or someone else with the money and the drive to take this club forward.
  10. Given that Kings family trust have shares worth about £50m it might give us an idea about his wealth I guess... Funny thing is that he can´t withdraw money from it without his daughter´s consent as she´s the adult beneficiary
  11. Erm, all loans are repayable on demand unless the contract says otherwise...
  12. That´s very doubtful.. The stock exchanges seldom care about old faults as they are mostly concerned about future events. Take the old board for instance, they got NOMADs whenever they wanted perhaps as they had assurances of indemnity meaning that there was no risk involved.
  13. Do you shop at Tesco. JD or Debenham? House of Fraser? You shop at Flannels, Pulp, Blacks or Cruise?.. Hard to avoid handing Mike money to be fair
  14. How is "The board have slapped Ashley´s demand for answers" something positive?.. Or that we will obviously still remain in debt to him?
  15. We lost money having those stores, that´s why they are history...