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  1. because people took the OP wrongly and thought he wanted to build bridges I assume. Personally I would happily half build a bridge then when the rest of scottish football step onto it and come to take us further drop a nuke onto them and kill the league as we fuck off to an Atlantic League or something similar.
  2. yeah that's true Paul Murray is an utter cunt and King isn't any better should be no where near our club.
  3. We should have signed a left footed left winger and Waggy should never play wide right again. Isn't quick enough, too left footed and is better through the middle. Young Barrie should be given a run wide right Imo that's where he scored against THEM from and Imo where he is most dangerous.
  4. I think that's the point OP is making the scum up here haven't made any moves to mend fences with us so why should we bother trying.
  5. couldn't care less tomorrow is about winning and winning only the sheep botherers must be beaten tomorrow performance or not they will come put the sheep to the sword tomorrow and gain more confidence.
  6. what That was was two pathetic old men airing a personal grievance on national radio. No one won from that they should both be embarrassed about that performance. Albeit DJ at least tried to keep it professional and the host kept trying to butt in but was like a mouse.
  7. Be careful on Sunday Bears they are utter fucking scum be safe.
  8. after reading the rest of the thread it worries me the direction our country is taking this needs sorted quickly pull a knife on someone, get beaten up then go to the police about it and your in the clear fuck the fucking fuck off
  9. fuck off police Scotland that's embarrassing if someone threatens someone you love then you protect them natural instinct.
  10. hang him from the outside of the club deck allow none of THEM back inside our glorious stadium.
  11. McKay MoH and Waggy as our front three from now on please.
  12. same team against the filth from Aberdeen on Sunday and with a similar result i will be delighted however what a second half display. Well done Waggy, McKay and Andy.
  13. thank fuck well done Andy and Barrie
  14. take Wilson off and bring on Senderos and Haliday for Crooks.