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  1. I wish I could say good post D'art but the very fact is was written at all saddens me beyond belief.
  2. All none prescription drugs make you a junkie justify it to yourself however you like but keep on topic particularly when its this serious
  3. It is indeed as far back as I can remember the board have not given a fuck about us albeit I only remember the Murray years.
  4. Our board has been stabbing our support for years let alone over sanctions.
  5. All Bears should be this is awful but still some are defending it
  6. why are you surprised by this? It is having a go at the board who must be hailed as hero's by everyone despite pretty much all evidence to be they caused a lot of our issues off the pitch as well. The on pitch stuff has been sorted out by hiring a good manager who has done exceedingly well and brought in his own people so the board get minimum credit for that if any at all.
  7. disgraceful those who protected our fans and players by being on the pitch that day should be given special treatment and rewarded by the club not tossed out like yesterdays garbage. hell I hate to give THEM any credit whatsoever but compare this legitimate protection of members of our clubs support and playing staff with how the filth treated the rioters in Amsterdam it is night and day. Fuck you for this King (and about a hundred other reasons you utter scumbag) and most importantly fuck you Paul Murray pretty much just for every aspect that you bring to the club being negative you are a cunt.
  8. It worries me as how obsessed they have become they care more about hating us than loving their own stinking clubs
  9. junkie wee prick go and fuck yourself and your horrible bastard of a club almost as bad as THEM and the mutton botherers. Disgusting the lot of you.
  10. fuck you king and mini the fans who went on to the pitch that day were who saved things getting a lot worse you utter fucking cowards.
  11. oh look a junkie looking tarrier with to much to say about our club and one of our star players in particular. Barrie already embarrassed you Craig be quiet and respect his brilliance otherwise he will make you look even more stupid when he does it again.
  12. Happy 12th everyone
  13. Disgraceful celebrating him leaving.... Oh wait he was never going anywhere W&W love it with us.
  14. no idea who he is but always like to see a Bear doing well.
  15. That isn't my name