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  1. So it's a maybe from you?
  2. A left footed left winger let Barrie move wide right and actually be a winger rather than cutting in all the time or stopping play progressing.
  3. FFS hope the kids OK
  4. He was a bit fairer at the start and was a lot better than his normal self he is a cunt no doubt about it but butcher was far worse
  5. Because you seemed to let butcher off Scott free and didn't have a go at him for his disgraceful antics. No need for the abuse either.
  6. Shut the fuck up I was sort of agreeing with you but putting more blame on Butcher
  7. Big Rob did well imo as well
  8. That's a fucking shocking post. Butcher was getting right into us as well. I wonder if that's why Sutton wasn't as bad as his normal self he had butcher to take the heat and as a "Rangers man" his opinion can't be taken to task
  9. Gilks deserves something from this he has been a star unfortunately only a couple of others stood up and were counted. Aw fell fuck you septic you will never be us go back to ireland ya wannabe irish ungrateful bastards
  10. Gilks should start next week
  11. Just in tears. Sutton is a cunt and butcher sounds fucking delighted the animals have scored fuck both of you arseholes
  12. Heartbreaking
  13. Hill and Gilks have been superb today whatever ends up happening they deserve a lot of credit
  14. What a tackle