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  1. killie sing about Ayr being black bastards in their version of super killie and get away with that however we call THEM a word they use to describe themselves and get arrested fuck off police Scotland.
  2. He hasn't even spent the £1.5 million on Garner he spent about half of that upfront and who knows where that came from almost certainly not Kings pocket though.
  3. he isn't a bad option but we need better than him ideally someone with pace so probably a loan signing later in the window will be our option.
  4. Would Roberto lie though?
  5. The villa manager said Lescott passed his medical
  6. he was talking about himself. Most likely would have been senderos.
  7. Thistle were apparently the club who voted us completely out the league.
  8. temptation would be too dismiss it as the papers have gotten fuck all from us since Mr Warburton came in but it is the record and that was the dickheads Murray and kings paper of choice. We have less than a month for them to live up to their promises or they should be hounded to fuck but that will never happen.
  9. i like him and Crawford but our team now is much better now but they should have a role to play moving forward in our squad as we are very short on numbers.
  10. I think as long as we finish top 4 then he is happy tbh and that isn't good enough for us as long as we are in europe I think king is thinking that's ok. If Warburton said anything else then there would be all sorts of hell aimed his way from kings supporters and forced out the door for his "demands" Its where we are getting our best players from so its worth looking at but I don't care where we get our new players from as long as they do well for us.
  11. he will be the rock our midfield is built on for years although i see him in the more advanced role going forward and Barton as the destroyer.
  12. here's a rare idea but perhaps people just want that arsehole king to deliver on the promises he made to gain control and he promised that if we did our bit he would step up and he has done fuck all.
  13. We couldn't field an entire bench in a few games last year due to injury to remove numbers from that is utterly stupid. I admit we are a lot stronger now in terms of our 11 and most of the cover but we need numbers too. Or at least add Ricky Foster style versatile players in but I don't see us doing that either.
  14. We have less numbers now then we did last season despite adding nine players in.
  15. I hope they haven't bought a season ticket for sharing amongst the groin brigade. Oh and the one in front is an apparent member too get them to fuck although im happy to take their money.