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  1. Dundee United - Release Players

    Demel for his versatility is the only one I'd consider
  2. Dirty lowlife scum at Copland rd steps.

    When the grass up the cunt that hit that little boy with a bottle then I will hold out hope for this scumbag getting grassed up. What a disgusting support they really are beyond sub-human lower than the lowest.
  3. Dirty lowlife scum at Copland rd steps.

    thats fucking disgusting the cunt who is responsible needs caught then jailed
  4. Warburton reckons we are close to 3 deals

    Good stuff albeit I would hope that isn't all we take in terms of new players our squad is woeful in terms of numbers
  5. Graig Houston

    I have once actually and he was ok in person but his media personality is annoying as fuck
  6. Graig Houston

    He seen a way to raise a profit for himself and took it with his fake top wheezes his book etc he isn't exactly a likeable chap either
  7. Graig Houston

    Personal opinion is he didn't do it for us he did it for himself
  8. Graig Houston

    Because he acted like Mr Rangers during our issues last year
  9. Big Wes

    Don't think he is great but will do for our league
  10. Graig Houston

    both of them are cuntish cunty cunts
  11. What players would you let go.

    None of them if the player isn't good enough to play for us then sell him no more letting potential fees leave for nothing
  12. Championship Player Of The Year.

    could literally have been about 8 of our squad well done Lee though deserved
  13. Special thank you to Dominic Ball

    You should be ashamed of that Stubbs hasn't got any
  14. Warburtons style of play

    In about 4 months we will be able to see how Mr Warburton gets on in Europe for his first time. I miss Ally's style of football
  15. Alan Hutton

    Not exactly the defensive improvement we need