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  1. Dominic Ball

    We need a lot more numbers so if we can add some quality who knows the club and is versatile then why the fuck not sign him.
  2. The Blatancy Of The Anti-Rangers Liars

    brilliant work as always from the VB's the club should look to bring them on board as our defenders in the mhedia.
  3. SPFL Championship Team of the Season

    What the utter fuck is that team we won the league by a mile our entire first team should be in there that's an embarrassment of the highest order.
  4. Latest article from Vanguard Bears

    It's maybe just my Windows phone it doesn't work properly on
  5. Latest article from Vanguard Bears

    No way that someone married that thing at all. Great article from the VB's but sort your mobile formatting out.
  6. declaration of war

    You didn't fuck it up Dominc Cumberbatch can take a sever fuck to himself as well whoever he is/was.
  7. declaration of war

    isn't his name Benedict?
  8. Barton £20,000 a week

    it's all true apart from the Clark wage was nearer to £50 grand a week. Are you high as fuck OP? Ffs
  9. Eunan O'Kane

    What a fucking name
  10. Stewart Robertson Interview

    in fairness no Bears were fighting protecting our players and staff and using necessary force to do so is completely acceptable and stopped a terrible situation getting worse.
  11. Jane Hamilton: Bigot journalist from the Daily Record

    it is actually a great article as it exposed a truely horrible wee bigoted boot who should be on the dole tomorrow morning what a cunt she is.
  12. Joey Barton Interview (With Keith Jackson)

    I just can't wait until next season with all our new players in place and a pre season behind them and led by Mr Wallace on the pitch and Mr Warburton on it we take back what's ours.
  13. Warbs agrees new deal

    Don't understand what the filth paying their manager has to do with Mr Warburton's new deal wish they would stop mentioning them in the same article as us fuck them and all who sail upon them vile bastards. I hope Mr Warburton's agreed a new longer contract though there's not a mention of it in the article.
  14. Just wow. Next stage in blame Rangers really vamped up

    Oh aye that really happened well done police Scotland
  15. ***Rumours thread***