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  1. Fuck me, how pathetic! Lappin was totally unmarked and a choice that anyone - except our defence - could see.
  2. Poor, poor defending. That short ball into the middle should never have been permitted! Should be 2 down now. Awful defending - giving the ball away for fun!
  3. Mccoist Deal Agreed - Club Statement

    To little, much to late. What little credibility McCoist ever had was destroyed many months (if not years) ago. I have contributed very little to this debate, but I have to say that McCoist is nothing to me - a failure as a manager and coach, and a man with absolutely no insight whatsoever. I wish him no I'll will, but I have no wish to see him at Ibrox ever again.
  4. Mcmurdo's Thoughts

    Self righteous self serving claptrap. Any credibility you bet had Bill is long since gone.
  5. Mcmurdo's Thoughts

    Self righteous self serving claptrap. Any credibility you bet had Bill is long since gone.
  6. Lost count of the number of times we've needlessly/carelessly given the ball away. Put ourselves under needless pressure.
  7. Could Templeton Thrive Under Warbs?

    One of those remaining who needs to be shown the door now!
  8. Anybody Else...

  9. Big Mosh

    Was big Moshni stupid to react the way be did? Yes, of course he was. But his over-reaction does not justify the manner in which the club rushed to condemn him whilst ignoring the violence and misbehavior of others - to say that he has been treated shabbily is a gross understatement. The manager and club reacted with unseemly haste to condemn him, whilst ignoring Erwins obvious provocation - and the many others during and after the game. Our 'response' to the inept organisation of the whole event by Motherwell has been weak and, quite frankly, pretty pathetic. It was probably easier to simply sacrifice Moshni than confront the many incidents that occurred before, during and after the game. Says everything about our club now.
  10. Mccall's Post Match Interview

    His post match interview was pretty pathetic. It seems that Rangers managers are incapable of simply acknowledging that the performancewas woeful! I genuinely wish him well, but he IS not what we need. Totally new approach and a fresh,no nonsense, approach.
  11. Vukic

    Vastly overated player imo. Let's move on and start with a clean sheet.
  12. In truth it wouldn't have mattered what team, or what formation, McCall had put out - we are, quite simply, rubbish! An utter embarrassment to the great name and traditions of Rangers Football Club.
  13. Get Them All To Fuck

    Seriously would you keep any one of them? I'm so embarrassed - so depressed it's not true! I never expected us to go up, but I did expect some guts - some fight! My god, Motherwell fans taunting us - how fucking sad is that!
  14. Cammy Bell - duck right off!!!
  15. Try this one if you can't get a stream - although you're really not missing anything! http://goatd.net/113340/watch-motherwell-vs-rangers