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  1. Yet another uninspiring, lacklustre and negligent performance. If these guys are playing for a cup final place, we won't be able to put a team out! We don't seem to be learning the lessons - same errors, same shambles at the back. I've said it countless times, and I make no apology for saying it again - we're playing average to poor sides and struggling badly.
  2. I fully appreciate that this is an end of season game with little interest, but we are poor and look totally disinterested. Livi could be two or three up rather than just one. Lets be honest here, Livi are rubbish, but at the moment we are much worse. We have created nothing and laboured throughout the first half. To say we are sloppy is an understatement. Unacceptable attitude and an unacceptable display.
  3. Rangers Vs Celtic - Video

    Jules, yet another gem! I'm not ashamed to admit that it brought a tear to my eye. Thanks mate
  4. 45 minutes of dross on a substandard surface,punctuated by an absolute stunner from Tav! Lets be honest here,Peterhead are a very poor team yet, despite all our dominance, we have created very little. Hopefully a better show in the 2nd half and a few goals.
  5. That was an awful (almost inept) performance, against a very average team. Our passing was generally wayward, and I actually lost count of the number of times we needlessly gave the ball away. Our first touch was woeful, andour defence was all over the place. We should be concerned that we were carved open by a team as poor as Raith. We are leaking goals at an alarming rate and, worryingly, we seem unable to rectify the problem. Yes we'll win it on Tuesday nightbut, make no mistake the summer transfer window will becrucial to 'strengthen' a very shaky defence.
  6. Totally embarrassing!
  7. Poor, poor play. Why are we incapable of closing out a game? We've seen this numerous times this season - dominant for most of the game, miss numerous chances, then struggle to get a result. Same errors week after week.
  8. That was a pretty poor display against an even poorer team. I'm glad we weren't playing a decent team or we would be out on our collective arse! If we are to win this replay then a number of our players need to learn very quickly how to pass to members of our own team; how to beat an opposing player andhow to finish. Just glad we weren't facing the Scum (sad team that they are).
  9. Fuck me, how pathetic! Lappin was totally unmarked and a choice that anyone - except our defence - could see.
  10. Poor, poor defending. That short ball into the middle should never have been permitted! Should be 2 down now. Awful defending - giving the ball away for fun!
  11. Mccoist Deal Agreed - Club Statement

    To little, much to late. What little credibility McCoist ever had was destroyed many months (if not years) ago. I have contributed very little to this debate, but I have to say that McCoist is nothing to me - a failure as a manager and coach, and a man with absolutely no insight whatsoever. I wish him no I'll will, but I have no wish to see him at Ibrox ever again.
  12. Mcmurdo's Thoughts

    Self righteous self serving claptrap. Any credibility you bet had Bill is long since gone.
  13. Mcmurdo's Thoughts

    Self righteous self serving claptrap. Any credibility you bet had Bill is long since gone.
  14. Lost count of the number of times we've needlessly/carelessly given the ball away. Put ourselves under needless pressure.
  15. Could Templeton Thrive Under Warbs?

    One of those remaining who needs to be shown the door now!