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  1. I think a few boils are going to be lanced today. I can feel it in the air and I'm not even in the UK. Regardless of the result I fear this will be one of the bloodiest Saturdays in Scotland for sometime. It had to happen at some point so probably best now rather than waiting until we next play the bheasts. Anyway, having read all the pish above from High Ho S1lv3r about hair and balls and cocks, I was wondering if he was a foreign gentleman trying to pretend to be British. Absolute nonsense, but if you really are a Bear then good luck to you. Do us a favour though, if we do win today and draw the vermin in the next round, just stay away locked in a darkened room so the taigs can't see you're shitting it. Cheers.
  2. Is Jig definitely out for this or is there a chance McCoist is going to spring a surprise?
  3. RFC_Rab has just added that as Queens Park are always selling Bears tickets that might explain why it's now nearer to 35K.
  4. Cameras are in the South Stand (the one with the tunnel) so will be facing the North. The West Stand, the traditional Rangers end, is sold out. Some folk are saying they have North Stand tickets so I'm not clear whether it's the whole North that's closed or not. Will find out tomorrow. I reckon we'll get a hell of a lot of coverage in England and throughout Europe from this game. Andrew Dickson just tweeted that we've only sold 25,000. Source - our ticket office. So not sure where Ally got the 35K or the OP got 31K. Regardless, still an astonishing crowd.
  5. All the main supporters groups have called for a boycott and I've not seen one RSC saying they will not boycott. So this boycott will happen although no doubt there will be a few hundred who decide to go along (that's their freedom of choice). The loss of money to us will be peanuts and in any case our boycotting will only prompt more Arabs to go along (no laughing at the back). The message will get out to the wider footballing world that Scotland is currently a corrupt cesspit with the SPL and SFA being led by incompetents.
  6. I thought I'd miss playing the "bad people" but when you compare the difference of playing a must-win top of the table sell out clash against our oldest City rivals or playing the vermin....well, it's just night and day. The game will be a pleasure to look forward to. And not a terrorist supporter in sight. Heaven.
  7. @RFC_Rab just said there were less than 1,000 tickets left (not including restricted view).
  8. The Rangers share offer website doesn't exist. Not the best of starts for what is massively important.
  9. I'm back in Scotland with no ticket but will be heading along to Stirling this afternoon in the hope of supporting the team at an away SFL3 game. Don't expect to get a ticket but am hoping that I'll be able to get into watch the last 10 or even 5 minutes when they open the gates. Or is this no longer possible? Christ, I've experienced travelling to Tannadice, Edinburgh and Aberdeen without a ticket in Souness's first season but never expected it would be the case to watch Rangers in Div 3. Magic.
  10. Sounds like Maloney, Forrest and Rhodes are in for Naismith, Snodgrass and someone else. Naismith was back to his "best" at the weekend and performed how he used to for 80% of his time at Rangers. A failure. Which is a shame.
  11. And this shows that any country can have a rich vein of talent which comes together at the perfect time. Unfortunately, when I type "vein" in the context of Scotland the first thing that comes to mind is what a bellend Levein is (he's even got vein in his name - maybe it means The Cock in French). Anyway, I reckon Scotland will win 2-0 tonight.
  12. The Serbian manager has basically said he doesn't care what league a player plays, who they are or how much they get paid. He will pick 11 players who can play together as a team. That's the way to go whether you're the Spanish manager or the Scottish manager. Seems common sense to me but so many international managers fail to do this. 11 individuals who are great do not make the best team - ask the Dutch. This is Serbia's first proper game under the new management so if Levein has an ounce of nouse he'll take full advantage of possible dissaray in the Serbian team in the first half hour. If Serbia had a goalscorer then I'd lump a large bet on them. But they don't. Prediction: 1-1.
  13. For those wishing to threaten each other about supporting/not supporting the Scottish national team I refer you to the 20 pager in the Bear Den. For those wishing to discuss the footballing merits of the teams in the Group then read on. So another WC qualifciation campgaign is about to start across Europe. Living in Serbia, I have more interest than most in the group containing Scotland, Serbia, Wales, Macedonia, Belgium and Croatia. The first round of games see Wales at home to Belgium and Croatia at home to Macedonia. It's a crazy group to be honest and the Belgians should be laughing all the way to Brazil. I predict the Balkan countries will cancel each other out winning their home games against each other and losing away. While Scotland and Wales will probably get two points out of their two games together. The Macedonians on their day will be able to win at home and draw away against anyone whilst for the Welsh much depends on whether they're still in the mix after the first two games. If not, they throw in the towel and will get pumelled by all apart from Scotland. If you're a Scotland fan the best chance for qualifying might be the hope that Serbia/Croatia/Macedonia manage to get themselves pumped out the competition due to violence. It's not impossible and I'll certainly enjoy watching the Serbia Croatia matches - here's hoping the Serbs batter them (on the park of course ). Croatia have the makings of a very good team but not sure if they'll be able to gel as they're a funny old race and always find something to get upset about. The Serbs too will probably look great some days and awful the next. Interest in football in Serbia is rock bottom due to poor performances by the Serbian national team and the two main Belgrade teams. The national manager is looking forward and wanting to recruit true Serbs who will play their Hearts (SFL3 feeder club) (SFL3 feeder club) out for the team. He recently dropped a player for not singing the pre-match national anthem - the guy also happens to be muslim. Good luck Mr Hodgson if he tries the same as it will be goodbye Gerrard, Rooney and whoever else has republican tendancies in the England team. Anyway, the bottom line is Scotland are playing Serbia at the very best time as they've never played as unit before. Vidic has retired and the manager has also dropeed "Does the circus know you're here" Zigic. How will it pan out? It will be very tight for 2nd place but I expect Belgium will coast it especially due to Balkan/British sides taking points off each other. Scotland CAN qualify if a second Balkan war is started but otherwise I'll go for the final standings to be as follows: Belgium Croatia Serbia Scotland Macedonia Wales Regardless of whether you support/hate any of the teams in the group, it should be one of the most interesting to watch.
  14. To be fair, the first SPL fans to visit Ibrox who do come in numbers are going to get an absolute pasting. So I don't blame them. I reckon the Sheep would be the only ones outwith the syndromes to be stupid enough to do it.
  15. Man City fans? I was astonished to see a lot of empty seats at their game v QPR yesterday.