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  1. Replay not on the telly

    6 o'clock kick off would be a nightmare
  2. Kilmarnock away

    Getting the Chadwick stand, then when we fill that we'll get the Moffat stand, then if we fill that we get part of the Frank Beattie stand as long as Kilmarnock haven't sold the entire stand.   Well that's their proposal anyway. 
  3. Dominic Ball

    Front 3 were poor, felt it was Mckays poorest game in a long time, after some good performances recently
  4. Dominic Ball

    Ball played well. Kiernan would've been my MOTM, no idea how Mckay got it!
  5. savile rogue rangers cashmere scarf

     not sure if serious
  6. Winning the league at Easter Road

    Would take a few things to fall into place but what a night out that could be.
  7. Should we try and sign Dominic Ball?

    Pretty sure that if Spurs want him then he'll sign for them over us.
  8. Should We Loan Out Jordan Thompson?

    Do people not realise that our players who go out on loan will still train for the majority of the week with us?   Not sure if I'd send him out on loan though, we could need him and he's not that far down the pecking order from the first team.
  9. Harry forrester

    Far too early to judge. Not sure how sharp he has looked so I think he may need a few games before we see what he's like.
  10. Union Bears Statement

    The board clearly defended themselves against Speirs' lies - they should be doing the same for our fans.   Hopefully they do.
  11. Hallidays sending off

    after the goal but before Halliday was sent off, Wallace had a word with him and clearly told him to calm down. Good to see from our captain.   But aye, what a joke that decision was last night, one of the strangest things I've seen in football. 
  12. A precedent has now been set

    Definitely shouldn't be a precedent set and it definitely shouldn't be made to stick. The games fucked if that becomes a yellow card. The referee/linesman are entirely to blame, one of the strangest decisions I've ever seen
  13. We only sing in the toilets

    Up to our knees in big trophies was genuinely getting sung in the toilets at half time   But aye, I was saying similar stuff as the OP tonight. 
  14. Whos All Going To Morton?

    I'll be there. Monday night is a pain in the arse cause it can be tight after work and can't get a good drink, but it's always a good way to spend a weeknight watching us.