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  1. Nicky Clark Released.

    He's going to sign for Hibs isn't he...
  2. Nicky Clark Released.

    Correct decision. Best of luck to him. Big thanks to him for scoring at Killie and stopping me from standing in the pishing rain for an extra half an hour.
  3. So proud of the bears who confronted them.

    Aye. Smirking at first thinking they were invinsible, soon changed though. Just as well the windows on those vans are plastic. Saw one officer hang out a window in the last van and try and have a go at the fans, didnt last long at all.
  4. West stand display A4 - B4 Saturday.

    B3 for me. Looking forward to being part of it!
  5. Jason Cummings

    Hope he signs
  6. Joey Barton at Rangers training ground

    Could've worded that better, but I mean players who for example haven't tweeted that they prefer them for a start. like I said I'm sure he'd be a very good player for us
  7. Joey Barton at Rangers training ground

    Nah, if anything it's Celtic
  8. Joey Barton at Rangers training ground

    No doubt he'd do great for us if he signs, but it seems like Warburton saying he only wants players who want to be here and want to play for us was lip service.
  9. Wallace and McKay called up to Scotland squd

    Chuffed for both of them! Fully deserved.
  10. Ballot For Final

    Wont affect me but that is an absolute shambles. Making stuff up as they go along, cant believe people in the ticket office thought that was a good idea.
  11. ****Official Livingston v Rangers thread****

    Hope Warburton is going through them at the moment. Could accept a poor performance against Hibs a few days sfter the semi final, but we were not good enough against Alloa and have been pish tonight. Need a big performance in this second half.
  12. Jason Cummings

    Dont think hes anywhere near as much of a cunt as people on here make out to be honest!
  13. Conor Hourihane

    Hasnt Warburton previously said that he was only interesred in players who wanted to play for the club? If those tweets calling us scum etc are true then i'd rather not give him the chance to play for us.
  14. Ballot For Final

    Definitely should be a loyalty scheme. But whenever they bring it in will be too late, shouldve been in place for the fans who travelled up and down the country through the lower leagues.
  15. Ballot For Final

    I'll have one regardless, but if this is true then its a very strange way to do it.