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  1. Full copland front standing section would be magic. Any idea how much it costs to install? Add the price on to season tickets in that section over the next 10 years to pay for it if that's what it takes. Edit: Quick check says ~£80/seat to install.
  2. Can't believe Sky showed that "tackle" there, fuck sake.
  3. Always the same with cunts like that. Always underestimate the reaction it'll get, act the big man for a bit then realise they're fucked. No sympathy, fuck him.
  4. Apparently it's a pre recorded interview.
  5. Wait the now... that club statement says "...after all that has happened. Neither party will make any further comment". Maybe I'm wrong but isn't this the first we've heard about it officially from the club? No explanation at all. An absolute shambles.
  6. Can see there being a really poor attendance for this. Looking forward to it though, enjoy midweek games - breaks up the week a bit.
  7. Would really like him to go in to training tomorrow, get his head down and work hard and prove to everyone that he's still got it to be a top player for us. I'm not confident that's what will happen, but I hope.
  8. Let's see what type of character he really is - see if he wants to come back and fight, and make something of his Rangers career. A fucking nightmare situation, though.
  9. Why is he annoyed about negative stories about getting hammered 5-1? Am I missing something?
  10. Thing with the coughing is when you try and mention it to anyone not there they put it down to being paranoid and looking for something to bring up - definitely happened the last time I remember playing them around that time at Ibrox.
  11. A decent post to read. I haven't watched the game back - I was there and had a decent drink before it so my memory might not be that accurate... but I can hardly remember any chances for us, a part from the goal and Mckays shot early in the second half. That's what was dissapointing for me, even if we hadn't conceded fucking five goals I still don't think we looked like scoring. Also seem to remember Wes being at fault with a shite goal kick before Senderos' red card?
  12. Thinking out loud... Windass needs to start - Niko and Barton should both be dropped, along with probably Mckay. Is Rossiter likely to be fit? I'd start him, with Windass and Halliday as the three in the middle. Hopefully we see Crooks, and hopefully he's a fucking phenomenal centre half.
  13. Never got one, bitter as fuck about it too. Will be a good trip for everyone.
  14. Just back in the house. What a day I've had Good result even if it was a nothing game againt a side that didnt test us. Whole day has been amazing, the ferry home was brilliant.
  15. @Buzz Lightyear any idea how many tickets have been sold?