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  1. Rangers Confirm Pre-Contract Signings Of Crooks & Windass.

    My only issue with the release clause, if it is indeed true, is that I feel it should be higher. We've watched the scum punt donkeys for nigh on £10mill and if Windass does turn out to be a proper gem I'd hate to think we'd lose him for £3.5mill when we could potentially secure double that for him
  2. Rangers Confirm Pre-Contract Signings Of Crooks & Windass.

    Ah right yes that makes more sense
  3. Rangers Confirm Pre-Contract Signings Of Crooks & Windass.

    A player can't be consistent here and there, that's practically the definition of inconsistency. If the 550K rumour is true it does seem a bit high, but again we don't know what the compensation would actually be either so at this stage it really is all conjecture
  4. Windass Agrees Terms

    BBC reporting we've reached agreement with Crooks as well. Definitely not fucking about this window
  5. Vladislavs Gutkovskis

    Offered him a contract if Twitter is to be believed
  6. Narsa Convention 2017

    I'm almost certain I saw something in a review of this year's convention that it would be back in Vegas in 2017, in fact a few of us have been saving since the summer to go to it but like everyone else I can't find anything official
  7. Maciej Gostomski

    Report now saying Lech Poznan are offering him a new contract to stay with them
  8. Rocking Around The Christmas Tree

    Indeed you can, Amazon have them cheap enough
  9. And Here's To The Boys Who Fear No Noise

    Bar the rain yesterday was an absolutely outstanding day
  10. Mike Ashley/mash Statement

    Ashely's legal reason as to why he wants it blocked would be interesting. I imagine he'd try to argue that he would be willing to buy more shares in the club and there's no need to offer to outside interests though how that would work with his SFA no more than 10% deal would be interesting
  11. Ashley To Take The Sfa Again?

    I was thinking that this was some sort of pre-emptive strike against the special resolution at the AGM to remove his voting rights but if the case isn't to be heard until February I don't see the point of it
  12. Highlights

    Trying to watch those videos on the official website is incredibly frustrating with the new design, the menu at the top covers almost a 3rd of the video and there doesnt seem to be any way to remove it
  13. The thing about Law coming on changing the game is right up to a point, I actually believe Miller going off and Waggy going central had more to do with it. Clark on the other hand? can't for the life of me work out why Hardie wasn't brought on when McKay ran himself into the ground
  14. Deid

    Must say this Admin has been much more enjoyable than the last one, might even go for a nice enjoyable pint or 12 tonight
  15. Did Mcgregor And Zaluskis Get Paid Of?

    Mutual consent means both parties agreed to the termination, the terms of the cancellation probably won't be known until the mid-term accounts in January but I would imagine they both left with some sort of payoff