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  1. Mark Warburton on TalkSport: Sports Breakfast this morning

    Olly Murs definitely not one of our own. I remember giving him a rendition of are you Subo in disguise during an old firm game at the girodome when he came out to do the halftime draw
  2. Rangers terminate retail deal

    We served notice on the retail deal in February. My reading of this statement is that we have removed the licence for Rangers Retail Ltd to use our intellectual property and so remove any right for them to sell merchandise
  3. rangers neon led sign

    Guy in my work got one, seems to work fine
  4. New strip

    This is Dortmund's new kit so I imagine ours will be a variation of this template
  5. Ashleys deal

    He may have to sell the shares, but the retail deal wouldn't be touched as far as I'm aware. The shares are owned by MASH holdings whereas the retail deal is directly with sports direct
  6. Scottish Cup Final Ticket Prices

    I'm not trying to suggest peterhead are capable of anything like that, and I understand the 50/50 split and yes it's annoying that loyal bears miss out for glory hunting hibs fans but themselves the breaks as they say. All I was trying to do was reason as to why people are outraged at this split. I saw a stat earlier, and I don't know how accurate it is, that hibs average attendance this season is 45% of their capacity whereas ours is 88%. And judging by their pathetic showing at the semi final I don't believe that they should have got a 50/50 split
  7. Scottish Cup Final Ticket Prices

    They're outraged because it's difficult to justify giving a team that can't fill half their ground on a regular basis half the tickets for the final. If we go on the logic that it's a final on neutral ground so the split should be 50/50 then Peterhead should've got half the tickets for the challenge cup final
  8. Ballot For Final

    Sorry I read it as the Semi Final attendees would get a ticket and not go into a ballot. All other ST holders would
  9. Ballot For Final

    Can understand the club wanting to make sure those who were at the semifinal are suitably rewarded. We do the same in the supporters club, go to the semi guaranteed ticket for the final. But for those that had been to every game beforehand then missed out in the ballot for the semi it's a bit shit. Have to introduce a points system on par with the travel club
  10. If we signed a deal with adidas again

    Should be only 2 years left, was a 5 year deal starting 2013. But I agree not a fan of puma would rather we went back to adidas
  11. Where is the most bizarre place you have watched a Rangers game from?

    3-0 queen of the south reverse, watched it on isla mujeres off Cancun. It's name means the island of women apparently...very misleading
  12. Union Flag for Final & Semi

    Took me longer than it should have to get that! Think I'm still suffering the after effects of last night's celebrations
  13. Would you wear green

    Generally No, in terms of NI I tend to go for away kits when buying them. Our last away strip was a lovely blue affair and the new training range us all blue. Interestingly the original colours of NI was blue before it changed to green
  14. Scottish Cup quarters finallised

    Was hoping and praying for this as we've strategically organised a stag weekend in Glasgow for that weekend
  15. Scottish Cup Date...?

    If we're on sky I reckon it'll be lunchtime Saturday ko. Sky have picked games for all their other slots that weekend except 12.30 on the Sat so I'd bet they're hoping for us v Dundee for that slot (though I'd prefer Dumbarton)