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  1. Vegas will be great. I've been to a few but never a Vegas convention. Vancouver will be good too.
  2. STATEMENT: The RFB were contacted today by email from Mr Llambias to say that he was disbanding the current Rangers Fans Board and would revisit it after the EGM. The RFB have noted this and whilst awaiting developments will at this time continue to work together with the fans for the betterment of our great Club. Can we remind all shareholding supporters to follow the Proxy Bear way and get your votes in by proxy now. Every vote counts. It's imperative that the EGM goes ahead smoothly and delivers a result. The RFB would like to thank all supporters for their words of support and encouragement. We will follow on.
  3. Sportsnet World in Canada too.
  4. Do these petitions ever actually achieve anything? Not a pop at the OP, just wondering.
  5. Never mind YouTube. Go here:
  6. Good to know, thanks.
  7. So where it says "the club gets" that's income not profit?
  8. That doesn't add up unless I'm getting it wrong? How much is a shirt now, about 40 quid? 75p for every tenner is 3 quid, not 10?
  11. The board has 14 days to publish the minutes. It might be too long, but we're not quite at the 14 days yet.
  12. Ok, if that's the case then I've picked him up wrong. I thought that he was referring to official forms of communication from his rep/s or from meeting minutes.
  13. Since AH was removed, there has been one meeting of the Fans Board, last week. The minutes of which will be published within 14 days of that. Unless you've contacted any of the Fans Board reps and they haven't replied, there's been no need for you to hear anything from them.
  14. Fair enough. I think it important though to point out that there are other roles just in case anyone isn't aware. Couldn't agree more with your second sentence, perfect common sense imo.
  15. I don't quite see what the big deal is about Gary not being in the country for the meetings. With modern technology he can be at the meetings from his living room or office and doesn't miss a thing. There's also a Chair and a Vice Chair of the Fans Board so it's not like Gary is running the whole show. I don't know why the OP only mentioned one of the three roles.