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  1. Kenny McLean - Suggestion.

    Nope, sheer talents like Scott Brown are keeping him out
  2. A few quick questions

    Just to clarify you usually need to sign up only by the 31 October for home games rather than right at the first game of the season, meaning you can still pick and choose the early round games
  3. Scottish Cup Draw

    Not quite 
  4. Buying Rangers Merchandise

    "Please, please, please, please, please buy our knock off gear" That's all I hear from these cretins
  5. Bobby Madden

    He seems to make a huge effort to prove he's not biased in our favour by being an utter disaster when refereeing our games 
  6. Who lives in a house like this?

    They'll get awful sore necks trying to watch those TV's from their beds.
  7. Nicky Law potentially leaving

    We've got a lot of competition across the central midfield roles and if you'd asked me in the summer I'd have been happy to see the back of him but he's been a hell of a lot better this season and is far more like when he initially signed.
  8. Jig Rangers Relevant

    It's not that hard, he stayed far beyond the point where he was of any use to Rangers. Loyalty it may have been but it could equally have been that he simply could not get close to the money he was on at Rangers anywhere else because no-one was lining up to sign a past it forward now playing at centre back
  9. Post match squaring off

    Aye a couple of off the ball assaults on McKay, one of which the referee should clearly have seen and aye I'd forgotten about the booting the ball away, and the other one where rather than hit the free kick their player threw the ball threw his own legs all the way back to the keeper 
  10. Post match squaring off

    What an arsepiece, Falkirk didn't play badly and certainly had a few chances but they spent most of the second half on the back foot piling men behind the ball and as standard for teams at Ibrox, their keeper started wasting time with over half an hour to go, a tactic that all to often backfires when they find themselves with only injury time to try and equalise 
  11. Post match squaring off

    It was sparked off by Forrester and their number 4 (I think) not clear who was to blame, their player approached Forrester, think he might have said something and Forrester turned his back on him so he kinda barged him, then Kiernan came over and basically said "try dealing with me instead" 
  12. One thing I will say is that there seems to be an entirely inconsistent approach in the way they deal with companies reducing any PAYE or NI liability and those reducing their Corporation Tax liability, it's surely the latter that is contributing more to the tax gap. They are clearly in a position where they feel if they cause to much fuss for big companies those companies will restructure themselves again ensuring less profit is reported in the UK. Half read an article earlier where someone was proposing they do away with corporation tax and instead increase taxes at point of sale, to avoid this nonsense of billion pound profit companies reporting their profits in Ireland, Holland or Luxembourg.
  13. Jamie Vardy

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but even some of the posters getting laughed at simply said £1m was too much of a risk, which at the time, was probably true. The risk certainly paid of for Leicester though
  14. Angela Haggerty sacked from Herald

    She was sacked because a journalist lied, the newspaper apologised, that journalist threw his toys out the pram and she joined in. That's it. Of course she only joined I  because it had a Rangers connection, and like your typical Celtic fan, Rangers is all she is interested in 
  15. Harry forrester

    Currently looks like he's lacking in fitness which should hopefully change over the next  month or so but when he came on at Ibrox he hid a bit for me, can't recall who it was he reminded me of but far too often he ensured there were 3 players between him and the teammate with the ball. Was his first outing though and I'll be happy to judge him on his 6 month stay rather than his limited appearances so far.