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  1. Matthew Knox

    Aye, we should put a McCulloch clause in the contract
  2. Ballot For Final

    Of course, that's why we ticked the box
  3. Matthew Knox

    He's still a Livi player obviously, and they'll want as many clubs to see him as possible but this seems odd if he's still training with us
  4. Josh Windass

    They do it because it makes it harder for Sky to scan youtube for their content and get it blocked
  5. Which Penalties Did You Get Wrong?

    I got the last two spot on, where it would be hit and what the outcome would be
  6. Tin hat......... Referee

    I don't think he had too many big calls to make, it was a pretty clean game for the most of it but I felt they had a few challenges that should have attracted a yellow but didn't and there was also a 2 footed lunge on Wallace in the second half just outside their goal that he saw nothing in. From my angle when Wallace got floored just outside their box having played it past the right back that was also a foul and finally it annoyed me that he gave a free kick against Law when the ball came off his knee and bounced up and touched his hand when the same thing had happened to various Celtic players and again shortly after inside their box.i didn't think that was a penalty nor would I give a free kick in that scenario but I couldn't understand why he decided it was a free kick when Law did it.
  7. It's My Ball And I'll Play If I Want To

    We had a look at half time and it was saying 23 shots for them then, I think they were counting every time they took the ball into our half as a shot
  8. Wow where do you start with that...

    That's what we were saying during the second half, it was great to see what our team could do against a team that didn't just defend most of the game... and then that's exactly what they started to do, played like the shite trams we've played over the years hoping to get something from us on the break. We continued to absolutely dominate then though and they were incredibly lucky they managed to take us to penalties
  9. So what top are you wearing today then?

    I went for the same, a cracking top
  10. Ex players congratulate the champs

    It was a photo, I tried typing it in and it half worked. Seemed to suggest he'd been on trial with Birmingham and was now on trial at us.
  11. Ex players congratulate the champs

    I think he must have been (or still be) on trial with us. If anyone speaks Dutch he's posted something on instagram that looks like the text of an article mentioning him and us.
  12. Purely on inflation about £120k but probably a lot more in football terms given inflation of transfer fees has skyrocketed
  13. O'Halloran

    You might see Waggy there when he's not injured, Warbs hands are kinda tied just now in that respect.

    I see they're letting Jambo use the internet again.Yasssssssss
  15. 16? Barrie turned 18 a few months into the division 3 season in which he played most of the season, and it was the season after that Ally decided to stop playing him, a season the majority of which he was aged 19.