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  1. I think even a shite defence solicitor would have a field day on that one
  2. Use the suggestion thread for this sort of bullshit please
  3. Its not me either and I've also never heard of him
  4. Aye, next thing we'll have papers hacking the phones of murdered teenagers...
  5. "You're in luck, I've actually got my own Edinburgh festival firm..."
  6. No chance, they'll be too busy filming wee boys to be flying
  7. I dunno, maybe he's the same as many of us who think we need two further faces at centre back, Crooks could be one of them
  8. Can see this being a pyrrhic victory for the club.
  9. If I decide that I want the top I'll get it and I'm not going to let posturing between two businessmen get in the way. I buy my season ticket and put money into Rangers and never before did the club's cut of the top come into my mind, nor was it a question anyone else seemed to be interested in. Additionally it's all great to say "The club don't want you to buy it" but there have been plenty of things the club haven't wanted fans to do over the years that have been ignored because sometimes you disagree
  10. From my account on the website it seems the club lumps itself, sponsors and partners into the same option which seems a little snide to me. You'd expect to be able to opt in to club communications only.
  11. It told me that that one centre back we're still looking for is one less new centre back than we need.
  12. Transfer forum, suggestion thread...
  13. That's better then
  14. My concern is that I'm sure Warbs made reference to bringing in a fourth choice centre back a couple of weeks back when clearly what we need is a first choice
  15. Yep, I didn't know they'd signed him so when this thread was bumped I clicked on hoping we had. It'd be daft to turn round now and say "he's shite"