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  1. Who do we want instead? Greg Aitken? They are all useless and seem to give us nothing
  2. Any apology yet from the bigoted cow behind the story or the arsehole from SPF that wouldn't stop backing up this lie online?
  3. If you've got a good source then OK, just seemed too much like common sense for me
  4. That would be fair, but I doubt it
  5. The weird thing this year is that the CCCS deadline is always 31 October so because of the change to league cup schedule someone could sign up for it after the semi final
  6. Whilst I think a three year sentence for something like that would be incredibly harsh (and unlikely) I think if I separate it from Celtic and Rangers in my head I'd expect most people to favour a harsher punishment for causing actual physical damage to property than someone doing something that causes offense. What I would say though as that whilst this country and it seems most of the western world is caught up in this nonsense of offending someone being a terrible thing then the punishments for one set of fans should be comparable to the other.
  7. Well there were a couple of posters on here that said they'd been told the Barton story after it happened and before it was reported in the media, you can start with their sources
  8. Aye, that was a weird turn, from the start of this month iplayer is included even when just being used for catch-up
  9. There's no question of whether we could have sacked him or not, he's a new employee who has no real protection in this, he can be dismissed and it cannot be unfair unless it's because of a protected characteristic. The only question is of what his contract would say to that, I'd expect it requires to be paid unless terminated for good reason and we're still pretty short on details of what happened.
  10. It's funny how people like her can be so offended by the slightest thing in one direction but she happily converses with the likes of Phil and his constant pish and dehumanising rhetoric and her bigot brother
  11. Today for large chunks of the game he was hiding, always seemed to position himself behind one or two of their players rather than looking for a pass, hardly shouted for the ball at all. Just doesn't seem interested.
  12. I assumed he was running on to have a go at the ref who had just made his 40th shite call of the day but to be honest by the time I noticed him the first steward ahd got to him so didn't realise he'd been standing about already.
  13. Jesus Christ did Celtic learn nothing, a sex scandal and once again that scums response is "keep it quiet we'll deal with it in house". Absolute beasts.
  14. You could probably buy them for £1 if you were Celtic and the seller was Glasgow City Council