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  1. Stewart Robertson tells the truth in the Herald

    It's obvious from the comments that so few people actually read beyond the headline before jumping on the comments. There is nothing wrong with what he said at all but it is at complete odds with the priorities of our government and police who seem to treat actual violence as less serious than a bad word or a threat of violence
  2. I said at the time, despite what could be seen around us "They'll spin this to be our fault" and here we are, I'm sure over the next few days the narrative will change further to absolve Hibs fans of any blame and make it all the big bad Rangers again.
  3. History tells us that when the police fail they lie and blame others rather than accept responsibility for their mistakes, and they make sure the media tells their version of events over any other also.
  4. Binnie Charged

    It's standard for a first offence to defer sentence for social work reports
  5. Scum fans at Hampden.

    Ha, of course, that's one thing but that applies to anyone, whether they are a Hibs fan, a Celtic fan or a Man united fan up for the day. Just not sure the fact they are Celtic fans is of any relevance in terms of a rule breach
  6. Scum fans at Hampden.

    Whilst I think anyone going to watch another team playing their rival is off their head obsessed am I missing something here? Are people not allowed to attend other games? I'm certainly not defending those that did this and I can't imagine ever going to watch Celtic v Hearts for example but I'm just not sure anything could be done about it or that they've done anything wrong. If there is some breached rule I'm sure someone will shut me up quickly but.
  7. The joey Barton rant

    Why is it that so many of these youtube wanks sound the exact same?
  8. Joey Barton.

    Unless he spunked it all he'll be worth millions, he's earned a fortune over the years
  9. Joey Barton at Rangers training ground

    Will put cigarettes out in eyes for fun up here
  10. Welcome To Rangers Jordan Rossiter

    We've passed the deadline for registering players to play this season anyway
  11. Summer bids for our players

    Hopefully the Bristol interest is real as with the other two Wed probably end up paying a fair chunk of his wages
  12. The Video That Almost Never Was

    Copyrighting is something that happens automatically by creating something original. It's a shitty move going straight for a strike and I'd think most people would send a message either asking for it to be removed or asking for credit to be given so the complainer is still a dick in my book anyway Ages because you've removed the guys content?
  13. Wallace and McKay called up to Scotland squd

    The interview question should simply be, "what role would you use Scott Brown in in your scotland team?"
  14. Mike Ashley / Newcastle relegated

    The quoted article seems to be implying they may be covered if it is suggested it gives him influence over the club, seems a stretch but
  15. Aluko

    Possibly, or knowing our situation, that we likely couldn't afford to pay the wages of these players they might have just waited. I still don't think it was right but I think the perspective of the players is totally different from ours, and even more so compared to our perspective now with hindsight. I think in most cases we probably would have received a fee but can understand players having doubts and I think some people are forgetting what it was like at the time and the level of uncertainty