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  1. Fixed terms have the same eligibility timescale as any other employee, but as you said they can always raise an action for breach of contract and it's going to explore very similar ground
  2. Your edit is correct and it would be a similar argument, but he could not, as a matter of fact raise an action for unfair dismissal (accepting none of the exemptions apply, which they clearly don't)
  3. Check the date
  4. His game seems to be running about elbowing or clattering into the back of folk but it never seems to draw a foul
  5. Shite cross was from Holt
  6. It might backfire, it might be a mistake but we all know he is far better getting forward than playing defensively so he probably offers as much if not more in this role, might have been nice to try it out before this game
  7. He plays for Chesterfield already.
  8. I remember him coming with a fantastic scoring record and doing well here but not quite as well as his previous record. However, I also remember him scoring loads of goals that were incorrectly ruled offside as he had a good burst of pace that seemed to trick linesmen into thinking he was offside.
  9. Man United have previous for this sort of nonsense. I recall a season ticket holder being banned from attending a big game because they hadn't attended the previous home game, bought the ticket but just didn't show so their ticket was deactivated for the next game (Arsenal or Man City, something like that)
  10. I remember reading about that before and him denying he had anything to do with it but there were links to some Celtic forum where he was on promoting it in the first person until it failed to deliver then "nothing to do with me"
  11. Mine is in decent condition still but I know from pals that they charge a fiver for a new one, although when they've lsot them they've waived the charge (Don't know if it depends how long it's been) I'd expect more likely to charge if the card is still working and you just want a nice new one
  12. I've maybe misinterpreted but I'm sure I've heard folk suggesting they have got a ticket but that they weren't signed up to the CCCS from the start of the season. If that is the case then it is a bit odd that others who have been haven't got a ticket and it suggests the way they said they'd do it is not how it's actually been done. I've had my ST since division 3 and been on the CCCS the last couple of years but didn't sign up from the start this year (did sign up later though) for various reasons, missed one game and attended on a pals CCCS ticket for another so I certainly wasn't expecting to be guaranteed a ticket but I thought I had an outside chance of being included in a ballot and it does surprise me to hear that people signed up from the start haven't got tickets as I'd have thought that category would have been outnumbered by tickets available and the ballot cut off might have been people who missed one, maybe 2 games (hence my thoughts on having a slight chance) Not sure exactly where I stand though, I can see both arguments, there has to be a point where the playing field is levelled for newer season ticket holders but I can understand annoyance for someone following for years and not getting a ticket whilst someone getting a first ST this year and signing up might get an OF ticket on the back of attending a handful of games ever
  13. Surprised me aswell but I guess it's one way of ensuring everyone believes it was above board
  14. Heard a couple of stories like that that make me think they've messed up as they were meant to be done in order. I'd have thought available tickets would outnumber the folk that had been on CCCS since the start and been to all games and I'm sure there's been people saying they signed up after the firs game that got a ticket.
  15. Have you ticked all home games too coz otherwise they'll just have ignored the tick on the semis and finals?