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  1. That's better then
  2. My concern is that I'm sure Warbs made reference to bringing in a fourth choice centre back a couple of weeks back when clearly what we need is a first choice
  3. Yep, I didn't know they'd signed him so when this thread was bumped I clicked on hoping we had. It'd be daft to turn round now and say "he's shite"
  4. Having Barton and Kranjcar on the pitch at the same time will be phenomenal, both capable of making great defence splitting passes, with Kranjcar having that wee bit extra flair.
  5. Whatever order they are read in you are claiming to know something 100% based on second hand hearsay evidence. That's not possible.
  6. A hand written reply from Phil Mcmispelledhisname
  7. I'm sure paddy power have ripped the piss out of the tims a few times too tbh
  8. VAT

    The majority are not on CCCS but given the disappointment for some this season with the Old Firm game and the SC final I expect more will sign up this year. After CCCS and supporters clubs tickets left generally go into a ballot though, yes
  9. Cleansing the account probably means deleting all posts and content but keeping the followers
  10. VAT

    It is normal for VAT to be added, yes, but I'd have thought the initial price displayed would include this. The information on what games are included in the home non season ticket isn't really available because it could be no games if we get drawn away every round of the cup for example, although with the new format could say some league cup games are guaranteed, but basically it means any home competitive match that is not a league game.
  11. What media outlet has actually linked us with him? Edit just seen the post that here in the city is that bullshit merchant HITC
  12. I think he'll struggle at that level also but all the best to him
  13. Maybe it's just me but I feel like the FF poster might be biased one way and isn't asking the question in a balanced way
  14. Generally to get away tickets you need to be on the away CCCS and I don't think you can sign up for it in your first year
  15. I don't think the 3 of them would be good enough, no. Even if Clint is good enough that still leaves us with only one CB that I think is at a level for challenging. I do think folk are reluctant to be critical of players Warburton may or may not actually be targeting and it is a bit odd how common across some threads it is for people to not give their opinion on a player and instead just state that if Warburton is happy they are happy.