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  1. No money and I block cunts like you for sport. Seems despite being behind the blinds of all these Twitter folks you always seem to have my feed at arm's length. Any more delusions you care to cover? I know you have to get to bed soon.
  2. Back to the old standbys when you've been shown up as a raving lunatic yet again. Congrats.
  3. Go swallow a few more beers and get back to your fantasy land. Glad you're spending holiday time making up utter nonsense about me; must be so rewarding.
  4. No one was being threatened. Can you not fucking read?
  5. What an utter pile of shit this has become, as expected.
  6. I am represented. Gary represents Overseas Fans.
  7. And the voting rights are already in that favor as the RFB currently stands, so this is a ridiculous circular argument that has now gone nowhere.
  8. And again, what you want is a ST advisory committee on the RFB, or the vast majority of it being composed of such people, which it already is. There's one seat on a board of 12 given to represent all the fans abroad. Presumably you'd see the seat given to persons who buy individual tickets taken away as well then? Or the under 18s? They're not really paying for anything and who needs to worry about the next generation of fans? Sorry, but I think 1/12 is fair enough for for the entire overseas contingent. I think it's fair to NARSA, ORSA and all the rest, especially considering NARSA as a body pay around $3000 per match for broadcast rights in their clubs. A representative fans' body should represent all fans, not just the ones you think are important. And given the current construction of the RFB I'd say that's unlikely to change as much as you may want it to.
  9. Nah, it's so far out of whack for our scope.
  10. You are completely missing the point of a representative fans' body and cherry picking parts to suit your specific needs.
  11. You think people on the Arsenal scheme have a sit down with Kroenke as part of the membership perks? What you want is a ST holder advisory committee which absolutely should be part of a larger fans' representation, but your overall idea that only ST holders or whatever your threshold is should be the marker is ludicrous and any company that's working to expand its market share won't adopt it.
  12. Fucking random people spending their money.
  13. I'll be sure to tell the kids at the next camp over here not to bother.
  14. Me personally involved? No. I have shares that let me make my voice heard in that regard. Your effort is exclusionary which is preposterous. We need more fans engaged, not fewer. And if this is where you're going to take the dialogue it just goes back to proving my point re: confirmation bias.