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  1. No Hiding Today Rangers

    Problem is our club is mental on a daily basis. It is not exactly the best preparation for this game.
  2. No Hiding Today Rangers

    Massive underdogs today. However, if we win every second ball they don't have the ability to do too much damage. I am starting to believe as being a massive pessimist, The pints of Heiniken may have influenced my optimism. All I ask for today is 100% commitment and battle fever today.
  3. Who will be the 11 men?

    Ian Black is a pussy let's face it
  4. Tonight's goals

  5. Tonight's goals

    Anyone got a link for the goals v Clyde?? Cheers
  6. Anyone got the video of Ian Ferguson launching the ball into the crowd at parkhead
  7. Anyone got the video of Ian Ferguson launching the ball into the crowd at parkhead
  8. Jim Henry calls Robbie Crawford "an incredible athlete"

    He is pish let's he honest.
  9. Nicky Clark at Ibrox

    That picture looks more like John Daly
  10. Kyle Huttons Nandos tweet

    The occasion I seen him was the night we got beat by Stirling Albion it's not the right thing to be doing. When you when and have a great game you have earned it at least.
  11. Kyle Huttons Nandos tweet

    He is a fucking piss head seen him out on countless occasions not just having a few but getting mortal.
  12. Our team isn't that good.

    People need to realise we are paying Spl wages, but the scary thing is this team would struggle to stay in the SPL for a season.
  13. Ross Perry and his "injury"

    To be fair Ross Perry was a heartless bastard yesterday. Like most of the team he didn't have the fight for that game yesterday.
  14. Ian black should not be straight back in the team ahead of hutton. I love ally to bits but this is not acceptable.
  15. Two away tickets

    Hi Guys, I have not managed to get hold of away tickets for any games. If somebody could get in touch and get me 2 for a game that would be great. I will pay for the tickets or make a donation to your supporters club if need be. Please get in touch if you can help!