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  1. cherno samba and leon knight ! ally get the deals done
  2. wright is a good player but wait till he plays phil then we can decide if anderson has a chance at worlds my outside bet is whitlock hees due another shot at a major
  3. finally no more waiting 90 mins to check that your coupon has been raped
  4. happy with this
  5. its exactly the same set up as before only more playoffs so div 2 this year for us
  6. 6 left last time i checked
  7. alexzandor orlof
  8. they just gave away that the shield are gonna come down haha
  9. the crowds at raw are soo soo bad full of mums with kids imagine the fandango song with the attitude era crowd like last weeks every week it would propel him to a title run
  10. when bojan djordjic and jerome bonnissel left i died a little
  11. ANNNNNNND its gone
  12. cannot make the game because of work so have 1 spare if anyone in the glasgow area is looking for 1
  13. replace him with king brian possibly ?