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  1. Decision Tomorrow. Will Hmrc Eventually Appeal Yet Again? that ?
  2. Poppy Display

    Looking for volunteers Thursday and Friday for card display all Info on the Rangers website of everything happening that day.
  3. Loans Agreed For Nathan Oduwa & Dominic Ball - Sky Sports

  4. Rangers Targeting Lafferty And Barton

    Where is yer source getting his davie weir fae mate a want some a that stuff n wits the price for a q 🙊
  5. *** Motherwell Home End Tickets Updates ***

    Anyone else in the east stand?
  6. Thanks Stuart

    Didn't say only 1 player was shite but if Wallace didn't fuck up twice we wouldn't have been in that state simple as , fuck awl to do with McCall
  7. Thanks Stuart

    Because 1 player fucked it twice ?
  8. Stuart Mccall

    Deila's wife's a slapper She says his dicks too small, So when she's shagging Ronny, She thinks of Stuart McCall 🙌
  9. Stubb's Says Hibs Are Favourites.....

    What bookies ?
  10. Major Shareholder Breakdown

    Thought Ashley could only vote 2 directors on and needs accepted by the board ?
  11. Louden Ibrox

    Now wonder they suck up ding walls ataw
  12. Louden Ibrox

    Pubs a joke the owner can say over the mik about Fenian bastards but when you sing follow follow your out the door joke of a pub thats got a fat bastard owner that let fat bastard cunts like Dingwall in too his pub
  13. Camlachie Band Hall

    Anyone attending here for the old firm ? Doors open 11am cash bar 11-12 then £20 all you can drink from 12 - 6 Have a band playing and a Dj in should be a good day for anyone without a ticket 🇬🇧