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  1. Alexei Mikhailichenko
  2. Pierre Womme, Jon Dahl Tomasson, Abel Xavier, Gheorghe Popescu, Florin Răducioiu, Christian Poulsen and Maniche
  3. I used to live in Spain and went to Barca games fairly regularly, I've been there 8 or 9 times. The old San Mames in Bilbao was a proper stadium. The Nou Camp is just big, its really tatty and run down.
  4. There's more atmosphere on the moon than in the nou camp.
  5. It's a really shit stadium. About 30 years out of date, poor facilities and fairly bad sightlines.
  6. Had trails with Clyde and Stenhousmuir. Never had the pace to make it.
  7. Madrid responded to all the press hype over that and pointed out that they have over 70 scouts in Europe and they have a dossier on pretty much every player in the top flight of each league. They had looked at him but they evaluate about 150 players each weekend, it was just the daily record that couldn't get their heads around it.
  8. I wonder if he shat all over his cell?
  9. Gabriel Amato had exceptional close control.
  10. I blame the schools
  11. What are the chances he's a fat alcoholic by the time he's 25?
  12. Auchenshuggle?
  13. The tag looks like one of the score draw replicas
  14. Only interesting aspects tonight is to see if Juve or Man U's arses collapse.