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  1. I thought windass was are worst player, with mckay a close second. windass was just back from injury so not sure he should have been thrown into this game. as for mckay i dont know what he has to do to get dropped.
  2. Fuck off back to the shops, we all want a second
  3. Two guys in the middle of the park for bmg are class
  4. I've been on the tour 4/5 times, does anybody get this strange feeling in them when the enter the main doors and see the marble staircase, dont know how to describe it but i never get that feeling anywhere else. You will love the tour mate great feeling walking down the tunnel with your bear cub beside you.
  5. New dutch top is a belter
  6. Family looks after there own
  7. Gio
  8. Warbertons whole lets play one way plan b is plan a better is fucking hopeless
  9. Kiernan barton and barry been fucking waste of space
  10. Does this guy stay in fife
  11. You get on the john niven loyal mate? Used to go on it my dad still does?

    1. FlippinEck


      Aye mate I do. What's his name?

    2. lewislaudrup
  12. Just signed with bayern so probably a non starter.
  13. Thats worst suggestion yet
  14. Just seen pictures on sky sports news of team training and looked like most the players where wearing blue t-shirts with follow with pride on them. Might be nothing in that but could tie in with no longer with puma