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  1. My wee teddy bear

    Donation made mate, good luck to the wee man
  2. "I think I'm watching Barcelona"

    How cool did we look on the ball compared to those multi million pound players tho. They must be bricking it for next season
  3. Man of the match

    Guys its fucking great when you can pick from a whole team cause every one of them gave everything and then some
  4. Is it ok to be crying

    Im bubbling away what a day guys we are fucking back!!!!
  5. Just how significant is this save?

    Can you remember the game when save was made there was a roar when he saved it then for about ten seconds there was no noise as everyone was like how the fuck did he save that, even they cunts
  6. 15 years ago

    Fuck is that 15 years today. Need to nip along to his statue and put some flowers down for the great man
  7. Sandy Jardine interview

    just watched interview with Sandy being questioned by Ally Mccoist on you tube, dunno how to post link but never seen it before. What a man.
  8. 92/93 5 in a row

    good song now on the playlist in the car. cheers
  9. 92/93 5 in a row

    What was the song from the 9 in a row dvd at the end. Had the line 'its getting better all the time' loved that song watching the goals fly in
  10. Neil McCann

    Still no sure how he never scored header against galatasary
  11. Gazza In Warbs Team

    Hemdani would have loved it
  12. Good Will Gesture.

  13. what would we have lost if we had retail money
  14. We Will Follow In The Footsteps Of Our Founders.

    wont be able to take part but would love to donate, do we have account?
  15. Our Manager Said This Today!

    aye it was some finish