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  1. We should have a second half time draw ticket with money going to stadium. Might be hard to manage but other teams have managed it.
  2. The first 20 mins against motherwell, the back line was no where to be seen
  3. I know guy who played for hearts in the 90's and they always had to pay something towards strips if they swapped them. Dont really see the problem to be honest
  4. Anybody still waiting on there season ticket getting delivered? I bought it three weeks ago and no here yet.
  5. He might just take massive drop in wages to get out of turkey after tonight
  6. podolski
  7. Just bought five the now
  8. Next week he'll be telling us ali is deed
  9. how the fuck is there a thread by someone asking if we sould leave this place, its fucking stunning
  10. East fife are first game back at home, kick of got delayed and when team came out dont think iv seen so many grown men with tears in there eyes i couldnt even sing with the lump in my throat
  11. still plays for perth, looked decent last night
  12. it was the guy that milner fouled by getting his stud caught in his lace that might have been him
  13. I thought the oz right back looked decent was wearing number six
  14. Might take a wee trip up to george watsons
  15. How bigs that cunt