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  1. Sandy Jardine interview

    just watched interview with Sandy being questioned by Ally Mccoist on  you tube, dunno how to post link but never seen it before. What a man.
  2. 92/93 5 in a row

    good song now on the playlist in the car. cheers
  3. 92/93 5 in a row

    What was the song from the 9 in a row dvd at the end. Had the line 'its getting better all the time' loved that song watching the goals fly in
  4. Neil McCann

    Still no sure how he never scored header against galatasary
  5. Gazza In Warbs Team

    Hemdani would have loved it
  6. Good Will Gesture.

  7. what would we have lost if we had retail money
  8. We Will Follow In The Footsteps Of Our Founders.

    wont be able to take part but would love to donate, do we have account?
  9. Our Manager Said This Today!

    aye it was some finish
  10. Warburton Wants More, Mckinnon - "they're Exceptional"

    Remember the cup semi where we beat they cunts 2-1 at the peado bowl, Mccoist and albertz scoring, David Hannah came on got a massive cheer from us gave the ball away about six times the got taken back off after being on for about 15 mins
  11. Our Manager Said This Today!

    Who was it we played at Ibrox in the second devision and we got a corner in injury time played it short tried to keep it there, made a cunt of it and the team went up the park and made it 1-1
  12. Rob Kiernan

    when i first seen it i thought it was other way about, but why the fuck did shiels come short ask then just run away no looking,
  13. Rob Kiernan

    When he made that pass to shiels today i was really pleased with his reaction and gong fucking mental, good to see they care! Last season things like that where just taken with a shrugg of the shoulders.
  14. Excellent News. Academy Staff Appointments.

    Aye joe's a great lad shame about his team aswell, used to have great banter with him aswell
  15. Excellent News. Academy Staff Appointments.

    Worked with gordon craig for a good few years at coerver, great addition to the club even tho he supports the dark side, he will get centers going around the country