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  1. If that's how both teams performed at Ibrox, he's no reason to think they can't do us on their own turf. Ally, yer time is almost up.
  2. Except his coupon to the barman.
  3. I'm fine with this. Don't want them near Ibrox and it'll hopefully show the scumbags in the tartan trannies up for what they are, never mind the 40,000 brendan bumboys that'll go from Castlemilk into the away end.
  4. Too fucking slow on the break. With Clark, Shiels and Temps on the pitch along with Aird and Wallace, we *could* be quick. But we're not.
  5. It's 1-0 to us, Wallace scored early on.
  6. I just want someone to score a goal in the league against them.
  7. Good save Cammy Bell. Defence so so shaky.
  8. That's putting it lightly. Makes us sound like Brazil when we're closer to Brechin.
  9. Don't trust this defence to keep a clean sheet either. Would be delighted to be proved wrong though.
  10. It explains picking Little over Shiels anyway.
  11. We are second to so many knockdowns and loose balls it's unreal. Sharpness just isn't there.
  12. 1-0 Dunfermline. At home to bottom team Arbroath, so nothing much expected tbh.
  13. Not a penalty. Booking for diving for the Stranraer boy. Looked deserved (booking), despite what the commentators are saying.
  14. Fuck sake Nicky Law. Had to pick out Wallace there.