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  1. Hayes if he's fit and Maddison, on loan from Norwich, will be their biggest threats. Weaknesses the same as us with their poor CBs.
  2. I'll feel more confident if Kiernan isn't brought back in. I like Niko but don't think he should start a game like this. Hallyday, Holt if he's fit, if he's not then Crooks and Forrester.
  3. We all know it'll end up near 5-1 to celtic.
  4. As much as I want Windass to play, if he's not fully fit he should give it a miss. It's a long season and more important games ahead.
  5. Be careful stopping in Montrose? Don't be ridiculous Most folk in Montrose support either us or celtic, a handful support Aberdeen. Most pubs apart from a couple will be more than fine for fans to drink in.
  6. Wonder where the team will be staying tomorrow night. Doubt it'll be anywhere near the city centre like in Dundee back in August.
  7. Wallace certainly knows the right words to say. Now show it on Sunday.
  8. Me and the Mrs are spending tomorrow night in Aberdeen. Not sure if I'm going to head back to Montrose in time to watch the game at home or find a pub in the city centre to watch it in that's not going to be full of them.
  9. From the start of the season up until Christmas, every away game of ours has/will be shown on TV.
  10. MW: Lee Wallace will be back and all our centre halves are fit. Jordan Rossiter won't be available. I hope Josh Windass will be though.
  11. Any news on Windass? Didn't spot him in the clubs Snapchat.
  12. Sorry, I should have worded it better. If you've paid for all 4 then you should be ok. Shouldn't matter if you were actually at the game or not.
  13. They all think it's hilarious the whole clapping in the 12th minute. They're easily amused.