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  1. New strips in more detail

    Hope they're released in the coming week so I can get one for going on holiday.
  2. Khalid Aucho

    Great player. I've seen a lot of him and he'd be a real coup for us.
  3. Graeme Dorrans **Rumour**

    McParland said in an interview recently about us looking to sign players that are Rangers supporters and know what it means to play for the club. Could well be some truth in us being after Dorrans.
  4. Welcome to Rangers FC, Joey Barton!

    Delighted with this signing. I think he's going to be very popular with the fans. Now, can we get the shit with SD sorted out so I can buy the new top with "Barton" on the back!
  5. Welcome to Rangers FC, Joey Barton!

    On Talksport just now.
  6. Welcome to Rangers FC, Joey Barton!

  7. Joey Barton.

    Few tweets from Joey about the game so far...
  8. Joey Barton.

    It's all a plan from our Joey. He's actually in Glasgow getting himself ready for today, blaring Simply The Best in his hotel room.
  9. Joey Barton.

    Posted a pic of himself getting the ferry to the mainland, he must still be in Italy. Could well be heading to the airport for a flight to Glasgow...
  10. Plans for tonight and tomorrow

    Where am I best to go to for a few drinks around Central Station tomorrow before I head to the game?
  11. Joey Barton.

    Think he's still on holiday going by his Instagram picture he posted tonight.
  12. Plans for tonight and tomorrow

    Quiet night tonight. Train down to Glasgow at 9, few drinks for the train if I can be bothered heading to a shop tonight.
  13. Joey Barton.

    That's what he said. It was Jellybeans that posted about it first.
  14. Joey Barton.

    No ones actually said it would be happening today.
  15. Joey Barton.

    He's changed his twitter pic. It's happening..