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  1. Emails out. Got one.
  2. Why do you need permission from people on a football forum, to tell you, whether its ok to buy a football shirt or not?
  3. CONTINUOUS CREDIT CARD SCHEME Ladbrokes Premiership Celtic v Rangers Celtic Park Saturday 10 September – Kick Off 12 noon Tickets are priced at £49. Payment will be taken from Monday 29 August and tickets will be posted Friday 2 September. From the website.
  4. Should be some info about this out today. Not sure if it'll just be ticket info on the website or if emails will be sent out.
  5. Seems a bit strange having a medical at this time of night, when he's been us for the last two weeks, unless we're trying to get the signing pushed through so he can play tomorrow night.
  6. Crooks starting.
  7. Can't be any worse than the three we have just now..
  8. True. Would need to have a fair bit of trust in them as well not to keep the ticket for themselves!
  9. Out of interest. If I get a ticket, what sort of chance would I have of swapping the ticket for a ticket for the sheep from someone?
  10. Anyone know what allocation we get for Aberdeen this season?
  11. No Jordan Rossiter? Poor from Strachan.
  12. Any reason why you wouldn't start Rossiter?
  13. We play Linfield during the international weekend.