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  1. I'd have Windass playing instead of McKay.
  2. Few folk on FF hearing that Hodson is starting with Tav playing in midfield...
  3. Think you can stream it on your TV through Chromecast if you log in on your phone.
  4. Been fit for a while now apparently. Hasn't been near the squad the past couple games.
  5. Gutted about this, really like Niko. Step up Mr Matt Crooks?
  6. Please tell me no one swapped with you?
  7. That was a straight red challenge.
  8. Is there any reason why Crooks isn't on the bench?
  9. Only two of the summer signings in the starting line up. So much for MW signing players that would go straight in the team. It's going to be a painful night tonight.
  10. Quite a strong wind up where I am in Montrose just now. Might be worth checking the forecast regularly for Inverness just in case.
  11. Agree. Bannan is a terrible football, no idea how he continues to be picked. As much as I dislike him, Griffiths should be starting. No pace at all in the team. Long night ahead.
  12. Got one as well.
  13. Emails on their way apparently...
  14. Poster on FF who seems to be in the know about the TO. 'Emails should be out later today & ufortunatley it looks like even some of those who've paid for all 4 matches are going to miss out'
  15. Was at the ticket office there, ballot will be done this afternoon and emails will be sent out. They have spent all weekend counting up who has been to every round, as they will all get priority. 🇬🇧 Saw that on Facebook.