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  1. Scottish Cup Final Ticket Prices

    Why? It's a final of a cup. I don't see the problem with that price.
  2. Scottish Cup Final Ticket Prices

    What we thinking, emails early next week and payment by the end of the week?
  3. Ballot For Final

    Just a thought. When we get back to the Champions League, will they do a ballot to see who can buy tickets? I think they've gone about this the wrong way.
  4. ST Renewals Out Today

    How does it work for away games, do you get your allocation at the start of the season or is it on a game by game basis?
  5. Ballot For Final

    I'm on the CCCS so I'll have a ticket anyway. But it seems a bit unfair to me, there weren't any conditions on being in the ballot for the semi final that meant you wouldn't get a ticket for the final if you were successful in the semi ballot. The club should have released a statement of some sort giving ST holders the option of opting in or out of the ballot.
  6. I reckon we already have a few players signed up and we're just waiting for the end of the season to announce them.
  7. scottish final cup tickets .

    Someone on FF posted it. Sells a lot of tickets on there, I imagine what he's heard is probably true.
  8. scottish final cup tickets .

    Highly doubt they will go on sale. RSC's and CCCS will take the majority of tickets and a ballot between season ticket holders the same as the semi final tickets.
  9. Wee Barrie's wonder strike in slo-mo

    Makes it even better that he doesn't even look up before he hits it, he knows where he's putting the ball!
  10. I was wrong

    Probably look for his mate Scott Allan in the crowd! I hope Andy gave him a text after the game yesterday kindly reminding him that it could have been him celebrating at full time yesterday in front of 20,000 bears!
  11. Cup final tickets

    Is it a 3pm kick off on the 21st?
  12. *****The Official Rangers v Them thread*****

    4-2-3-1 apparently.
  13. Getting to hampden on your own

    I'll be getting to Hampden myself. I assume we'll get one train and the scum will get another?
  14. Semi Final Roll Call

    Got my ticket today. William Hill Stand Upper, area Q6.