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  1. Confused me why any Rangers "fan" would make anything like that up. Actually, any football fan making up a rumour like that.
  2. Someone posted it on the biggest ITK website we have... Rangers Rumours.
  3. I imagine we'll see a bit of rotation in this game and then see the team that will start v Hamilton, next weekend v Burnley.
  4. See if it's just folk that haven't been successful in the last two ballots that are in for Dundee tickets, how are they going to work it out for the rest of the games?
  5. How long would it take to walk from Queen Street to Ibrox?
  6. Anyone else struggling to see the non existent white lines on the pitch?
  7. Paolo Vanoli manager for the Italians.
  8. How long is it before the game that CCCS tickets are allocated? Seen a few posts on FF saying that folk that didn't get Motherwell or East Stirling tickets are in the ballot for this. Don't know how true that is.
  9. You have so much to learn. If you want to buy a ticket in a gemerald sale it'll have to be in the home end.
  10. Anyone able to help me out and try get a ticket? I would try myself but can't get away from work.
  11. Can't believe folk are buying knock off Rangers shirts.
  12. Keep coming in here to see if theres any update on him signing. Maybe make a new thread for song suggestions...
  13. I don't understand this whole "Kenny Millers neighbours mate" chat. It was KAI that posted the rumour that he was told from the above person, yeah? And what he said was pretty much true as we signed O'Halloran and Forrester.
  14. If Ball and Bradshaw were the two signings, would we be happy with that?