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  1. Foderingham/Gilks Tavernier Hill Kiernan Wallace Holt Halliday Windass Miller Waghorn O'Halloran Kranjcar cant start this, he's too fancy as proven at the tattiedome and the sheep. Waghorn out wide is a pure waste, has to start through the middle, let Miller do the wide work. O'Halloran will stretch them and could be invaluable on the counter. And I wouldn't play Senderos as for me, he is a completely broken man. Looks a shadow of his old self. Warburtons team and approach will be predictable tho.
  2. Wallace talks a cracking game in these conferences things aside. Shame he's quiet as a mouse during the 90 minutes. Needs to up his game.
  3. Most of the questions asked are absolutely woeful. Truly dire, no imagination, repugnant pish. For example "Do you take heart from the game last season?" "Are you glad there's added security, do you now feel safe?" Maybe to paraphrase a little. I honestly would struggle to sit through that tedious pish.
  4. On the whole, its a shame its came to this quite predictable mess. Barton is, or was, a quality footballer. Comfortable in possession, disciplined in pitch geography and a neat passer of a football. An ideal acquisition on the face of it, bad his legs have gone but that's another matter. At the end of the day it was a risk that didn't pay off and the sooner he is gone the better in terms of the politics of the club. Don't get me wrong, he may still offer something as a player but I cant see it happening.
  5. Haha "would you like a chicken bobby sands?"
  6. So sick of fans trying to find positives in this turgid approach. I was as glad as any fellow bear but last night was well below par, huge improvements are required. That was a massively weak performance.
  7. I have issues with someone grassing, of course, but I find your adamant views odd here. A poster here claiming the said culprit is one of us, or not, is not at all going to influence any police interaction towards said target. If any other fellow fan or rival fan couldn't gather from those images that said culprit is quite potentially a Rangers man, then they're pretty blind.
  8. Being to a grass to who? You don't think the police would be aware if said suspect was one of us or them?
  9. We are generally around even money which I think is reasonable enough. Maybe worth a score. Both teams to score entices me though at 8/11. 8/11 bit skinny for a single maybe and 3/1 for both to score and us to win is a potential goer.
  10. Foderingham Tavernier Hill Wilson Wallace Holt Halliday Windass Miller Waghorn O'Halloran Pretty clear cut for me. Its evident McKay and Kranjcar aren't up to these types of games. Rossiter I'd give some playing time. If Wallace doesn't improve on Friday then Hodson is due a start.
  11. You're fucking determined we will aint ye!? Get on the phone to Warburton, don't take no for an answer OP!!
  12. How did you manage to conclude from BABN's post that he was criticizing Windass's performances? Odd.
  13. I'm not doubting Walters ability..
  14. How on earth any Rangers man would want Walter anywhere near that job again bamboozles me.
  15. Get a grip