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  1. I've got the OP two tickets.
  2. Need a brief for a mate. Can meet at th stadium within an hour of KO. Cheers.
  3. Fair enough. I've always been told it was the guy I mentioned. He is a nutcase and had a ST in the Copland. Guys on the bus told me he was the Copland nutter.
  4. Charlie the Copland nutter. He's from Stevenston, used to go with the Cross Keys RSC. Can be found pished in there often. I went in one midweek not too long ago and he pounced over the bar and started pouring driks. Bit fond of the ching too.
  5. Amazing day.
  6. Get him and Garner in the team and things will immediately improve. With Waghorn, Windass, Crooks and hopefully a new CB we cannot be written off yet.
  7. Brain fart. Rossiter instead of Halliday. The wee guy has looked impressive.
  8. Confident about this. Would definitely start O'Halloran. Him, Garner and McKay the front three. Kranjcar, Rossiter and Barton in the middle. Hopefully we have a new CB in time. 3-0.
  9. I personally didn't boo, but was thoroughly expecting it, and, it wasn't for no reason. Shambolic performance and we have to let the team know our expectations. Would you prefer we let them walk off with an applause? Telling them that losing to Motherwell is acceptable? This is Rangers mate, our expectations are high and that's imperative. Get a grip.
  10. Turgid in the first half. Not direct enough and nothing solid through the middle at all. Maybe Garner would have been the difference there, something for their centre-half's to think about. Could also have got on the end of some terrific balls in from Tavernier which went lost. Improved in the 2nd half with Dodoo making the difference. O'Halloran has to start at Killie.
  11. Some of that footage, when you compare him to a modern winger, is sublime.Fantastic player.
  12. Tav

    He is going nowhere.
  13. Ya sarcastic swine that ye are
  14. I willalways remember him as a fine, fine crosser of a football.
  15. Its incredible, for me anyway, to think of McCann as an older player, and a legend. But to you slightly older bears (not 'old' at all) how did you rate him ?