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  1. Maybe a bit 'Cut-throat' but Waghorn and Haillday need to be dropped.
  2. Ok its disappointing. For me though, results like this are not as negative as they could be. We have a playing style, a philosophy and a plan to diminish these tricky ties. This game was by all means a tricky tie. Again, I'm disappointed but nearly as much as I was a year ago.
  3. Zelalem

    You are fucking brain-dead. The boy is very talented but not suited to the shite style of football there is in Scotland. If you cant see the ability in him then maybe football isn't your game.
  4. Dom Ball

    Bang on again today. Solid as you want and effective both going forward and defensively.    
  5. Andy Halliday

    Do you even watch us gsa? Ball was pretty good again today and has been for a few games. He could very well slot in at CM/CDM for us if still here in the future.
  6. Zelalem

    He's a tidy wee player and I can see why he's so highly rated but Scottish football is too quick for him. He would prosper in Europe, ala Jeremy Clement. Ideal for the Portugese sides like Porto and Sporting.
  7. Kilmarnock fans - we know where their loyalties lie

    Find it laughable moaning about other fans. Some of ours sing about pedophilia ffs! Its football, you get ammo on another team and you use it. All teams we play are pricks essentially.
  8. Happy Birthday to my childhood hero

    One of my pet hates. Ever heard of ball retention? Take it you liked the way we played under Ally? Barry was a superb player.
  9. 14 year ago the day

    Fourteen years!.... Remember it like it was a couple of days back. Big Bertie bombscare eh
  10. *****The Official Rangers v Kilmarnock Match Thread*****

    Canny wait for this. Fair dues Killie, you didn't put the boot in like some other cunts but you're getting skelpt tomorrow.
  11. Happy Birthday to my childhood hero

    Oh Barry Barry!
  12. Who lives in a house like this?

    This was also in the Sun btw.
  13. Welcome to Rangers, Michael O'Halloran

    Yes! Welcome big man!
  14. Dom Ball

    Verdict so far? I really like the guy. Slotted in well at LB early in the season v Greenock(?) and has continually performed well. Stuck in outside his natural comfort zone today and done well. I have no idea how highly Spurs rate the boy but I reckon he'd be a pretty good squad player for us in years coming.