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  1. Get a grip.
  2. Don't rate him.
  3. Foderingham; Tavernier, Hill, Wilson, Wallace; Holt, Barton, Kranjcar; McKay, Miller, Forrester. My full strength line up. Obviously circumstances can change it.
  4. That's a fair point mate.
  5. Don Don't get this. How will it be chaos? People will still be pissed and pumped full of adrenaline as they are for a Sunday KO. A lot take the Monday off for a Sunday game anyway.
  6. Is it Ciro Immobile?
  7. The article is fucking absolutely humming. Get a grip fellas.
  8. So many good mentions here I could change mine many times. The joys of being a Ranger!
  9. Was brilliant but prematch was fucked for me as I was sweating for a ticket till the last minute.
  10. Not necessarily the best performance or result, but what day stands out to you? For me the game we won 3-1 at the Tattiedome is the one. Hooper scored at HT and some feared the worse, but a barnstorming response and a Miller double silenced the mhanks. It was a beautiful day. We had a terrific prematch session then ended up wrecked in the city centre afterwards. There's been a lot of bigger games but that day always stood out for me.
  11. Thought we were going to end that game with about five goals. I remember Scotland played Italy at Hampden and they had Nesta and Cannavaro at centre-half. Miller scored and afterwards one of them said he was so difficult to play against and they struggles with him. And that is one formidable defense.
  12. Legend. Hopefully he's at the club a lot longer too.
  13. Give us Chiellini and Bonucci then I'll tell you.
  14. They also played a superb game v the mhanks. They aren't good enough at the top level I'll admit, but fuds they are not.
  15. Or 'Being second is to be the first of the ones who lose' Ayrton Senna.