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  1. Joey Barton.

    Its done.
  2. Nicky Clark Released.

    Simply not good enough. Cant fault his efforts though. Hopefully finds a good club. Cheers Nicky.
  3. Rangers FC statement

    Every time I see your avatar, all I hear in my head is 'Ive seen things you people wouldn't believe'.
  4. Rangers FC statement

    Unity is key. This statement is what we've been crying out for. Lets mangle these bastards next season.
  5. Fyvie comments on pitch invasion

    Despise that cheating rat. A face you'd love to slap.
  6. Rangers FC statement

    Amazingly cut-throat. Precise and no fannying about. This is what we need.
  7. Rangers FC statement

    Fucking brilliant statement. We have been crying out for this type of publication for years. No longer will we tolerate this shit.
  8. Hardly surprising they were allowed on the park

    What the utter fuck. Sheer hatred, well its jealousy I suppose it comes down to. What a cesspit of a country.
  9. What hivs player at the end?

    What one of they cunts was it that, after the junkie attack, sprinted towards our end ike a possessed demon, giving it the big yin? Was it that fucking cheating rat Fyvie? Was inciting even more trouble.
  10. Wallace assault

    Theyre worse than tims.
  11. Keep goading

    I'm really not one for the 'they are out to get us' mantra. But the reporting post-match has been shocking.
  12. An absolute embarrassment

    Get a grip mate. Obviously we all recognise the importance of donning our jersey and the effort ot requires, but given the circumstances we cannot be too upset. Warburton has deployed a fantastic philosophy on this club and made spectacularly shrewd signings. Things WILL improve under his teams guidance. Today will be long forgotten.
  13. 20 days without competitive game

    Yep. This was true today. Fuck all Warburton could do about the situation. We move on, and under his guidance, we will grow.
  14. Absolute joke.
  15. In Warbs I trust - BUT................................

    Tav was clearly carrying a knock.