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  1. Story could be so different for Europe if Rose's putting held up this morning.
  2. Brilliant McIlroy.
  3. Can always count on Phil to be in the woods.
  4. Oh Westwood....
  5. Haha. Wish he'd shave that off his face.
  6. Pieters looks terrified.
  7. Two fine tee-shots
  8. Crazy yanks
  9. Same mate. Only been right into golf since about Feb last year. Loving the passion in this Ryder Cup.
  10. Wish Casey was in there ahead of Sullivan.
  11. Rose, Stenson and Garcia, Kaymer are good things Imo.
  12. Cmon McIlroy son!
  13. I said months ago Fury-Klitschko II was never going to happen, and it wont. Fury needed that hunger and aim for the original fight. Its gone and he's never winning a big fight again. Now he is predictably pissing about. Joshua-Klitschko? Cant see it.
  14. I'm waiting on Hulk Hogan smashing on the stage.
  15. As per