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  1. first 20 mins we were in deepshit, fitness wise no where near full fitness, but tavs goal changed everything and controlled game
  2. it was 17th june
  3. the difference the other teams try to spoil and stop the play as much as possible so there is no constant play ,hence when a team "try" to play against us there is only one outcome.
  4. and you prefer tuesday football? that decision has took at least 10k off the attendance
  5. u bit, did have a few last night (ok more than a few) mentality wise happy go lucky. enjoy your weekend! didnt give allan a thought before or even after he's signed for them because he was never our player anyway...plus its the 2nd time he kinda snubbed us
  6. grow up for fucks sake
  7. got a midweeker up on tuesday so stuck 50 on rangers to win and over 2.5 goals,bloody shat it when they got a pen though
  8. you could walk in that time. seriously m8 in 5 mins
  9. he's usuing a pencil ,the doodles are with a pen.
  10. i think 91 beat them 2-0 hately with both at the piggery.
  11. Rangers Ticket Center is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9am until 5pm. Thursday 9am until 6pm, Saturday 10am until 2pm and closed Sunday.
  12. vidbox sports
  13. save ur breath cant even see the ball
  14. mine was is pending so...