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  1. Hallidays sending off

    It's at times like this I miss Jock Wallace. I'm sure he would've had a quiet word on the refs ear pointing out his error
  2. Is it possible for the 'quality' of the reporting to decline any further? Surely that's the whole point
  3. Jason Holt Song?

    He's Blue, He's White Etc
  4. 65 Grand What A Steal!

    Not just the timing of the runs that are reminiscent of Durrant, even the way he turns away after scoring reminds me of him
  5. Holt

    For me the reason that Holt I shining, is that he is the player who makes the most creative runs. We have all this possession, which can come to nothing, but the movement of Holt is consistently unlocking the teams that park the bus, wither it is as provider or scorer. I would like to think that when we play teams who are prepared to have a go he will reach the heights of Durrant
  6. Dave King At The Chelsea Game

    The Fields of Anfield Road. That tells me everything I need to know
  7. Mark Burchill Is Clueless

    In the incident that led to DW being talked to we had 4 players pulled back in the same move . I agree with the ref playing advantage until we lost the ball, but he booked the last player for his pull and ignored the other 3. where's the logic in that
  8. Rangers Fans And The Scottish National Team...

    Apologies for the messed up replies. Totally agree with the post that I tried to quote. Was an ardent Scotland fan home and away, used to see familiar faces from the east enclosure at all the games. Now couldn,t care less. Don,t want to stand amongst the haters.
  9. Sone Alukos Old Firm Goal?

    Ugo Ehiogu
  10. Best Game In Years.

    Totally agree Miller changed the game. Striker with plenty of guile happy to play the ball on the ground and enough aggression to get in their faces.
  11. Wake Up Call Tonight

    Every goal we,ve lost we look pretty flat to me. I may not be how we set up, but we seem to be caught that way