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  1. What A Week !

    Why are we away from home in all these court cases😆 I reckon we would have a much better chance with a home tie and a full gantry😉
  2. List Of Indictments Against Green Whyte Et All

    Never trusted anyone of them from day one. We were so transparently done up like a kipper. The spl/ sfa should have seen it but chose to ignore it. When this is done we should sue the ass off them 😠😠😠
  3. £5M Loan To Be Repaid.

    This is all very strange. If the Ashley loan hasnt been used then surely it could just be as simple as returning it without all this scrambbling about trying to raise the 5 mil. Does this mean our summer spending included these monies?
  4. Rest In Peace, Arnold Peralta.

    I hope there will be a minutes silence on Sat. RIP son.
  5. Who's Gonna Get It?

    All his kick out are freakish 😆 Big Wes with a freakish kick out.
  6. King In Court On December The 9Th

    Imo MA is trying to scare DK into giving him his 5 Mil back before all his dasterdly deeds are uncovered in upcoming court case with whyte,green et al
  7. I Blame The Officials

    Common theme last few weeks is that we are not finishing teams off and missing chance after chance. A good tried and tested finisher in January transfer window ensures the league and gets the new lad bedded in for next season imo.
  8. Zelalem

    No and its " were" 😆
  9. Zelalem

    Woops can someone move it for me please
  10. Jason Holt

    Your right op we have been utter shite so far today but hey its been coming for weeks now
  11. Zelalem

    Been utter shite today. Thoughts
  12. Ramsdens Cup Final

    I hate this tournament
  13. Oduwa has done nothing of note for weeks. Imo he needs a couple of weeks on the bench as all the hero worshiping has gone to his head and thinks he only needs to turn up on matchdays
  14. 2004 Champions League Final

    Alexi Mikaealachenko( spelling) 86 EC winner Dynamo kiev