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  1. Excuse my ignorence on this but as a passionate hater of all things Ashley would their(Newcastles) relegation to the championship be good or bad for us in the context of wanting rid of him
  2. Moondyne Joes in Fremantle Western Australia. Packed bar and im the only one watching the old firm whilst the Aussies all 2atched afl/rugby
  3. Ally included in celebrations?

    U are no rangers fan calling a rangers legend that
  4. First game of next season

    Unless we play on different days
  5. charles green costs

    So charlie boy has to pay his own costs #cunt
  6. Brits In The Squad

    Thank feck u never started a thread m8😆
  7. Brits In The Squad

  8. live radio abroad

    As title any ideas. In Oz btw
  9. Does This Lead Alter Our Priorities Slightly?

    If we win tomorrow against Raith and hibs get beat by qots then we can rotate squad for cup games. Number 1 priority is getting promoted back to splwhich if we were to lose now would be one of the biggest fuck ups of all time. Winning the cup would be amazing but its no:2 priority
  10. What A Week !

    Why are we away from home in all these court cases😆 I reckon we would have a much better chance with a home tie and a full gantry😉
  11. List Of Indictments Against Green Whyte Et All

    Never trusted anyone of them from day one. We were so transparently done up like a kipper. The spl/ sfa should have seen it but chose to ignore it. When this is done we should sue the ass off them 😠😠😠
  12. £5M Loan To Be Repaid.

    This is all very strange. If the Ashley loan hasnt been used then surely it could just be as simple as returning it without all this scrambbling about trying to raise the 5 mil. Does this mean our summer spending included these monies?
  13. Rest In Peace, Arnold Peralta.

    I hope there will be a minutes silence on Sat. RIP son.
  14. Who's Gonna Get It?

    All his kick out are freakish 😆 Big Wes with a freakish kick out.