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  1. Bears in good voice!!
  2. They like to break them in young...
  3. Raiders 3 - 1!!
  4. Even sutton said it was a poor decision!
  5. Get the big man signed pronto!!
  6. Will need to tell that to Brenda, the deluded tranny shagger!
  7. Is the Lego muncher still good enough for the EPL after today? Were his performances against the footballing powerhouses of Israel, Kazakhstan and Gibraltar enough to push his transfer value up?
  8. Haha, make that 2!!
  9. St Johnstone pull one back
  10. We have 3...
  11. Tav

  12. Tav

  13. Tav

    According to the Glasgow gospel on Facebook Tav is off for 2.75 million. I smell shite.
  14. Confused bunch, cheering when Biton scored. I blame the schools.
  15. I think they have a decent shout of the play offs this season!