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  1. *** The Official Rangers V Livingston Match Thread ***

    And still fairly pacy, no wonder he is a nightmare for defenders.
  2. *** The Official Rangers V Livingston Match Thread ***

    Benching 130kg easily, what a beast!
  3. Scottish Cup Draw.

    Hearts hibs will be interesting
  4. Was a standout today, one of his best performances since he signed for us. Offers more dig and drive than zelalem does IMO.
  5. *** Championship Rivals Scores Thread ***

    Diet tims score inside the 94th minute. Ffs 😕
  6. To confirm, Poppyscotland is not a creditor of Rangers FC.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction of an up to date creditors list that shows we don't owe poppyscotland anything? Got a mhanky unwashed nappy ripper saying we didn't pay them after we went into admin and want to put the prick back in his box, sorry about the thread resurrection! Cheers!
  7. Would live to snap Goodwin, the Paul Hollywood looking mother fucker.
  8. Thompson should be sent off by now!
  9. Also hit the woodwork twice.
  10. He speaks so well, erudite, intelligent and concise. Missed these attributes in a manager for years!!
  11. Big Kiernan can ping a decent ball!
  12. Burnley At Ibrox 21St July

    Overall I'm happy, not seen us play this well in a LONG time, beat in mind this team was not long ago relegated from the EPL!