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  1. Madjid Bougherra

    If the Magic Hat fancies him then I'll trust his judgement.
  2. *****The Official Hivs vs Rangers Thread*****

    I saw him make one forward pass tonight, everything else went sideways or behind...
  3. Gallowgate....

  4. Gallowgate....

    Rumour has it that an absolute hero has painted the kerbstones red white and blue in the gallowgate!! Edit: just seen, half cut already!!
  5. Jason Cummings

  6. Waghorn

    I think he was tiring badly before the injury and in a strange way it might be a blessing in disguise, hopefully having been rested and if he trains and plays before Bheast FC I think he will be pivotal in bullying Mulgrew et al.
  7. Suggestions.

    The big lad Hippolyte from Falkirk caused us a lot of dramas when he came on. Hehas strength and pace, maybe a good back up for Waghorn?
  8. Ashley heading for Gers divorce

    Please make it happen, get that fat cockney leech to fuck.
  9. ****The Official Falkirk v Rangers thread****

    Diving aside, Hippolyte seems like a decent prospect
  10. Brits In The Squad

    Only non Brit that was in today's squad wasbig Kaiser Kiernan!
  11. *** The Official Rangers V Livingston Match Thread ***

    And still fairly pacy, no wonder he is a nightmare for defenders.
  12. *** The Official Rangers V Livingston Match Thread ***

    Benching 130kg easily, what a beast!