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  1. Verstappen should be his replacement
  2. Rangers legend Khalid Aucho plays for that team
  3. Wait until you see female genitalia
  4. 4 year deal,£1.8 million a year. Sacked after 2018 World Cup with English FA having to forked out nearly £4million for the remainder of his contract. Will they never learn? Surely someone like Southgate would be quite happy on a 2 year deal.
  5. Lies. He got his big move to a South African team. You need to read up on Rangers legends more.
  6. Thank fuck mate.Thank you for that. Felt horrible posting but tried for the banter. Glad someone bantered bk.
  7. Would rather have Prodan at centre back than Lescott. My bad.
  8. Haye in a Round 1 KO.
  9. Step up...Khalid Aucho.
  10. A few of us touted for Matty Taylor in the summer.Would do a decent job.
  11. My mate was waiting on Real and BTTS the other night for £1,300. Real were 1 up then Sporting went down to ten men.He cashed out for £80.
  12. Get them posted mate.We need your help.