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  1. It's time to start adding a bit of European flair

    I thought I might have heard of this guy so youtubed.He does look like a good edition but he's South American not European so it's a no go as the OP only wants European flair.
  2. ***Rumours thread***

    Agger do do do
  3. Niko kranjcar

    Me and thousands of others have been at Murray Park. Are we going to sign end of next week too ?
  4. Aaron Mooy

    Aye,you're right.The billionaire owners of Man City are plotting a £120 million bid for Paul Pogpa,so they might try hard to get a few more million out of Aaron Mooy. Its early in Australia.Sober up pal.
  5. Aaron Mooy

    Wow! Can I get an autograph ? It is you Stevie Wonder,yes?
  6. Aaron Mooy

    Never heard of him before.Though he looked class and assumed he was one of the Aussies who play in Germany or Italy.
  7. Khalid Aucho

    There's a Pizza Hut,so its not true
  8. ***Rumours thread***

    No its no.An ashtray would be better for this,and also better on the pitch.
  9. Grant Hanley

    Really ? I thought the big pic on the previous page was photo shopped..
  10. ***Rumours thread***

    On the bench tonight.So is Matt McKay....
  11. lee erwin

    Can I come to the wedding you couple of bummers?
  12. Khalid Aucho

    After all these posts i've only just noticed his surname sounds like someone sneezing.
  13. Khalid Aucho

    Stop lion to yourself mate,its a great African related thread.
  14. Niko kranjcar

    If he's half the player he used to be he'd have no legs
  15. lee erwin

    I'd sign him just to have him train with the reserves and ruin his career.He's a wee tadger.