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  1. MW's fault for signing terrible defenders,no ?
  2. Left Eastenders a few year back.
  3. I have a burd but that doesnt stop me talking about potential other burds
  4. couldnt pick my nose the now on the horses never mind a winner
  5. Why did you post it then ?
  6. Arnold Palmer would do a decent job.
  7. Going for Be Bop Tango in the 3.20 Hamilton.Outsider of the 6 @ 10/1 but could outclass these if on form.
  8. a pundit,no a scoring judge ffs
  9. I changed my bet to the 2nd
  10. Two day meeting mate and he's got 3 entered tomorrow so they'll be stabled up here,but will stick a few on Mango Cap.
  11. We've not had tv money or European money for 4 years .We need time ffs..
  12. We cant defend so he's exactly what we need.Plus he's a Gers fan
  13. Why ?
  14. Souness for me.Same reasons
  15. Aye,good shout. Beaten by a team of policeman/barman,then struggled vs the jews.