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  1. Alan Hutton?

    He's been pish for about three decades.
  2. Alan Hutton?

    Would rather have Sergio Porrini.
  3. John Terry

    Aye,think it was for Petrovs game. Just thought it was mental we're 3rd favs.
  4. John Terry Paddy Power have us as third favs to be his next club ??
  5. Suggestions.

    He also said we'd have two in before tonight! I've only seen him once or twice,but I liked Faissal El Bakhtaoui from Dunfermline. Bit raw but dont think he'd cost too much.
  6. Mo Dembroke

    Might earn himself a few Caps if he becomes a Key player.
  7. Mo Dembroke

    This thread made my father and my motherboard.
  8. Gazza In Warbs Team

    The Chuckle brothers would have loved it.
  9. Page Not Found

    I couldnt sleep last night because of this so put up posters round the neighbourhood. I hope you find the page.
  10. Ex Barcelona Wonderkid Training At Rangers

    I heard hebrew's a good cuppa too.
  11. Ex Barcelona Wonderkid Training At Rangers

    I heard this player Israeli good.
  12. Ex Barcelona Wonderkid Training At Rangers
  13. Johnny Hubbard

    last gers hattrick against them i beleive
  14. Rangers Defending Corners.

    Why not leave 10 players on halfway ?
  15. Foderingham

    He's no Ally Maxwell or Colin Scott