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  1. I need more coins
  2. Heres a tip,take a break
  3. Gie it a rest pal.there's a cue for the jokes
  4. Fake
  5. I showed the burd this.Now she thinks I might soon be signing. The stupid cunt.
  6. Nah,but I'm good at pool.
  7. I want to play for Rangers.Sign me instead of Senderos.
  8. Is it no a bank holiday weekend ? You might no be far wrong in bringing the doctor into the equation!!...he's prob in the south of France.
  9. Great.Lets sign him in 13 days and hope no other team wants him in the meantime.
  10. Did you ask your boyfriend for permission to post on here ?
  11. Another Joey Barton thread.Lovely.
  12. Why will the first 15 be crucial ? We could be a goal down,but you've already told us we'll win.
  13. Stale Stensaas
  14. Old guys in the pub talking about Cup Winners Cup legends,9 in a row etc....then some guy says "Aye but Lee Wallace won the lower league titles".
  15. You think people will remember his name in 30 years ?