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  1. Thank fuck Kenny, now get it together and get into these junkie bastards
  2. Hibsed it, bye bye elephant man
  3. Not really liking the puma kits, shame we have 3 more seasons (I think) I would love to go back to Adidas or Nike
  4. I was just about to post that,the fuckin scumbag downy looking cunt
  5. 14th of June this post is from last year
  6. 18 seconds haha, yaaaassssss
  7. Ibrox sounds amazing right now. WATP
  8. Thank fuck for Holt, get into these aids ridden bastards
  9. This is my favourite ever goal, followed by Therns almost identical goal against the mhanks
  10. We'll that's rotten dial firmly put in his place. Warbs is a class act
  11. Unlucky waggmeister
  12. Fuck sake Tav, luckily Thomson is gash,haha