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  1. Late 80's game at the piggery, a crew of us from Renfrew had no tickets and tried to climb over the wall behind the flats. Struggling like fuck to get up the wall never mind over it we heard an older guys rattle his window and shout at us. We were for making a quick exit, he came out the back with a ladder and helped us over - WIN.
  2. Just found it, I'm using an android box still struggling to find channels.
  3. Channel?
  4. Id love to see young Thompson get some time alongside Barton.
  5. Worth 20M if he is being touted against the shite from the east end.
  6. Keep your blue pound in your pocket when you visit away grounds.
  7. Rumour has it......
  8. He can't win at times and in fairness he is correct the team do need the fans support away from Ibrox just as much as they do at home. If you are a home and away fan just don't spend a penny more than the price of a ticket.
  9. True story about the back ground team, i was in Ibrox regularly supplying Access platforms and the maintenance manager hated DA. We were walking through the corridors when he heard the footsteps and we detoured through the changing rooms, not a well liked man at all.
  10. Need a striker and another defender to cover any position in defence and we will have a chance.
  11. Im sitting on the fence and as usual looking at the positives and reasonings. Last seasons squad was too thin in quality but good enough for the job at hand, it was pulled together pretty quickly and i think it showed at times however we now move on to the next phase and need a stronger group. Once we have a few games under our belt and see how it shapes up we may require some money being spent in specific positions etc. I would be willing to give DK until possibly the next window but definitely no longer than the start of next season to see if we need players and he has the cash, i always reckoned on giving them 2-3 seasons to rebuild the team and the club.
  12. You won't change what is essentially a government and legal profession over run by Rangers haters. We need more protestant Rangers supporters in the corridors of power.
  13. MMMMMM Davie Dodds LOL
  14. They will be found guilty of something that doesn't take a genius to work out, it needs to be evidence based all the same. If they have good representation they will be fine, their lawyer should ask for and be given all evidence that the prosecution intends to use, if their is no evidence of intent around the violence charges it should be BOP that can be challenged as well. Let it take its due course. On the other side of the coin, has any Rangers fan at the front of the stand been interviewed by the police or registered any complaints against the identifiable Hibs fans who moved towards them in an aggressive manner. BOP is all around intent and fear, if i had a front seat i would have made a complaint (not my normal style TBH) It may also be worth taking stills of all his fans on the pitch who approached the Rangers end in an aggressive manner and follow the directive of challenging Police Scotland on whether they have identified said individual and the course of action being taken. Its all a game but the more pawn you have in the game the better.
  15. Shock horror, football fans sing songs that funnily enough offend the easily offended. I have no issue with any religion at all, i have massive issues with terrorists of any persuasion who believe it is their right to kill because of religion or political beliefs.