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  1. Summer bids for our players

    Natural progression would suggest we will sell at a price that suits us and maybe let go at a price that doesn't. There are a couple of players that i think have question marks against them, we would need to adjust the squad for better players coming in. As i said a natural progression and nothing against readjusting our squad to suit the next step. Still not sure we have the defensive balance correct although that may be down to lack of protection in the holding midfield role. Would need a penalty box player to push Waghorn next season, i can see Kenny playing one more season. Players out would be those playing from the bench for the most part of the season i would imagine.
  2. A Mexican Bear

  3. Petrofac Final in New York

    Upper east side about 76-78 street. The American bar or something like that, small booze on your left hand side heading north.
  4. Well Done Big Man!

    Straight red, diving bastard.
  5. Hugh Burns as Tom Mllers sidekick

    Used to play golf with him, great guy and true blue.
  6. First real criticism of Warburton

    Haven't read through the posts, excuse me if I go over old ground. Two points from me, a couple of players were slack with passing and we put ourselves under pressure. The other point being, wrap up the title without making any subs and take the pressure off the boys a bit for the rest of the season, allows us to give fringe players a game.
  7. Describe Ibrox.

    Allow me a moment of nostalgia with this as its a memory that has stayed with me over the years, its a long winded story but drove home to me how lucky i was to be a bear.A great uncle was involved with the Canadian Ice Hockey fraternity and they had two young guys who had been drafted to the NHL, they were brought over to toughen up and play at the Summit ice rink can't remember the team but it was during the early champions leagues nights. Anyway we parked up down near shield hall and walked from the Renfrew end towards Ibrox, with it being a mid week game it was dark and pretty cold and as we approached you could see the light in the sky and steam rising out of the hill ahead. I remember saying to the young guys as we approached "wait until you see this" as we approached the brow of the hill you started to see Ibrox top to bottom and then its full glory. Two comments that stuck out amongst many superlatives "wow, out of this world" and "theres nothing like this in Canada" i still see that site every time i think of Ibrox, being a long way away from Scotland these days i cherish these thoughts and memories.
  8. Between 4 & 6

    If we play with flying full backs we need a real holding midfielder with a good football brain, pace and height, that way we have insurance. I don't know if there is anyone in that mould we have been linked with but it would help release both full backs at the same time as opposed to one going and the other sitting. Really like what MW and DW are moulding and don't believe we are anywhere near where they want us to be, will be interesting in the close season to see where ourmoves are.
  9. Between 4 & 6

    The thoughts going through my head are that the fringe players coming on don't seem to be offering much, will they move on and the current crop drop down or fight it out with better players. I don't see the need to keep players if they add nothing, thats the kind of spend we don't need, id rather we let several go and bring in better while blooding the younger players. From what i saw of Thompson (ex Man U) he looks a real prospect but would be getting held back by the likes of Law.
  10. Between 4 & 6

    Just read a quote attributed to MW where he says he needs between 4 & 6 new players to add to the squad (one being a defender). Given we have a fairly decent team albeit very young in it only being together for this season, what are the thoughts on what we need and need to let go. I don't watch any other football unless Rangers are involved so can't comment on what we face next year, but i get the impression if we keep playing the way we do i expect teams to sit deep and hit the ball in behind us with pace next season. We have looked better with a more direct style (without Zelalem) of late however he may be the type of player we need moving forward. Also interested to hear what the plan should be against them in the cup, i read that Tav has said we won't change our style.
  11. Gazza

    Such a sad situation, met him a few times and had the pleasure of getting pissed with him (i know) lovely fella.
  12. Ibrox Stadium Redevelopment

    Used to drive by itand supply equipment into it all the time, used to supply into most of the SPL stadiums, nothing touches Ibrox. I've been out of the U.K. For 12 years only returning for my mothers funeral. no home game that week unfortunately.
  13. Ibrox Stadium Redevelopment

    Haven't been to Ibrox in over a decade, so have no first hand knowledge of the state the stadium fell into however, the stadium is our spiritual home It oozes class and the facade on the main stand is unrivalled.
  14. The Hibs Result Tonight

    I think they will crash big time against Falkirk, as much as Houston is a horrid scrote his team is pretty solid.
  15. You can't win on this forum, i think the OP makes a valid point it is a landmark time as we are 12 months on and he is sharing his thoughts. He has said nothing that should be seen as trolling, i think his comments are fair as he is talking about individuals and organisations who had a negative grip on our club. Hold the negative comments on DK until he has had 2 trading years at the helm, keep in mind the current board are working with limited income due to the league we play inand the Sports direct strangle hold. We seem to be going well and should be mindful of the situation we were in and are now in.