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  1. What Were Your Highlights From Today?

    Marco Negri turning up at the NY supporters club...
  2. Where Have They Been Hiding?

    Harder at the ball, quicker with more forward passing and still maintained a good standard of passing football.
  3. New York Bears

    Popped in to watch the game and had a chat with a few of the guys. Was made very welcome as you would expect from our own, boozer was OK beer was well priced and the barmaid was tidy (milf). Add the score to all of the above makes it a good day for me.
  4. Booler Update

    Thanks for the update Trsvelrug - get well soon Booler.
  5. New York Bears

    You on Holiday mate? We are at NYLO Hotel 77 on Broadway - sitting here wide awake (Jetlag) flew in from Perth WA yesterday morning. We are definitely heading to the Rangers game.
  6. New York Bears

    Just realised its the same place, tired a wee touch.
  7. Booler Update

    Ive been on this site for nearly 10 years and always like his take on things whether i agreed or not, didn't realise he was ill. Can anyone elaborate on whats wrong with him or is it private (no worries if so). Get well soon mate.
  8. New York Bears

    Sorry for the double post lads, thanks for the smart arse replies Lock the other thread if you want. Call it Jet lag or tiredness but i had two places in mind and just realised its the same place, thanks for the replies i will be heading across central park to the club for the HIV's game.
  9. New York Bears

    Wheres the best place to go, I've got two addresses now - one up upper east side 77th at the American Bar and the one on 1st Ave - which one is it mate? Im staying at NYLO upper west 76 on Broadway, other side of the park from 77east. Your helps appreciated.
  10. New York Bears

    Heading to NY for the festive period, any NY bears on here?
  11. New York Bears

    Heading to NY for the festive period, any NY bears on here?
  12. Suggestion: Take Positive Action

    I liken the current situation to that of any business that is recovering from years of neglect, it will take time to re-structure and re-build. We aren't looking at a situation where it just needs money thrown at it, the entire fabric of our club was torn apart and at this time its more important that the foundations are repaired first. I fear the neglect and damage is far worse than it appears on the outside and we are in for a few turbulent years until we get back where we need to be both financially and structurally. Is Dave King the guy to do that - i don't know. The fact is he was clever enough to out manoeuvre those who had control of Rangers and hopefully halted the blatant rape of our club. Im for cutting the current board some slack for a couple of more years until we can see the long term strategy start to take shape and we have had time to witness another couple of annual reports. Lets look at the big picture, what he inherited was rotten to the core and to be expected to rebuild everything overnight is unfair, we have a club and team that needs to be rebuilt. At this point he hasn't done anything that has been a master stroke, he hasn't spent the money he said he would, but he has stopped the dragging of our name through the mud - i appreciate this more than anything that he has done. They work for nothing and take no wages out of the club and invest when we are in need of funds, this keeps us alive. What else can they do given they are facing battles on all fronts, they can't fight every battle expecting to win they need to focus on the important battles up front and park the not so important ones up for when they have more resources,time and energy. He might not be my cup of tea but on the face of it he hasn't shafted us and it seems he has the clubs best interest at heart - at this time and in the current circumstances that is good enough for me.
  13. Rangers Take On Burchill. Burchill Apologises.

    Its the old saying Its better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you're an idiot than open your mouth and confirm it.
  14. Did You Hear The Bbc Apologizing Last Night?

    What they should do is post a pre game warning as they would with their dramas etc "viewers may be offended by the industrial language and piss taking songs and in no way condone THE PEOPLE and their actions" then we can let hell break loose.
  15. Rob Kiernan

    Was impressed - i think over the season you will see him, Halliday and Waghorn become the players constantly delivering.