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  1. There is a requirement to attend interviews - there is no requirement to answer questions that don't suit you.
  2. 442

    Its all about opinions and how you utilise the players, i used it to win a State championship over here - it works. It makes you hard to break down when under pressure as the game naturally tightens, the trick is to know the two players are ready to break at any given time, we used it to get them beyond the striker on the break, it commits the centre backs if the full backs don't run with them. In effect you can have three players on the front foot with designated zones - head up look for the runs and you pick the zone, it turns the defence on their heels when you knock the ball into the zone behind them. Funnily enough we had a young lad who could sniff out a chance who hated the system as he was the 1, he had his best scoring season... We had a small team with a great amount of skill but we were weak - best football in the league and we didn't lose many goals considering our size.
  3. 442

    Huge difference in it - it allows you to play a completely different way. Look at how we play the three - wide on the touchline with only one option to come inside. The two play in behind the striker rotating and drop back in either side of the central midfielder, gives you a more solid look in the team.
  4. Times are tough but take a second to reflect. We have had three maybe four different teams over the last five years - that isn't a great foundation to work from. We are maybe one or two players and a re-adjustment in playing formation away from a fairly decent team. Who would you have taken from the Sheeps team yesterday - no one in my mind. We are a work in progress, the biggest progress though needs to be the managers mind set, he will sort it (i hope lol). It isn't good enough where we are thats for sure but where we have been hasn't been nice. Im more concerned about the media and SFA etc - we need to close shop, pull the club together and do our dirty washing behind closed doors. Id ban all social media, work through the official Rangers media only and instruct lawyers to challenge everything that is said about us. We should employ a full time lawyer for a couple of seasons - its a fixed cost but also a full time resource we can have working on our business. Im a believer in good politics beating the bull at the gate scenario, we need to be better in that space. I also remember the early 80s this is a walk in the park.
  5. 442

    I wouldnt play 442 as a preference to be honest i prefer 4321 If it was 442 GK Tav Senderos Wilson Wallace MOH Barton Halliday McKay Waggy AN Other GK Tav Senderos Wilson Wallace Holt Crooks Halliday Mckay AN Other Waggy
  6. Treading thin ice at the moment with me and I'm a patient person. We have improved over the last few weeks and i think that buys him some more time, id say he has until the end of the year. One problem for me is the rotation up front, let your striker play the central role, stop spinning the three of them. Play a 4321 or 4411 the 433 system leaves us a little weak in the middle. Stubborn and naive comes to mind.
  7. He is spot on in his comments, you bring in an issue you need to be ready to manage it.
  8. Look great, classy - we need more of this type of standard, some of our stuff is naff. If you can confirm the use then i will order a couple.
  9. One way is that the club could threaten to sue ORRRR make the press run a front page apology for two days if not lawyers letter it is. Winning in court doesn't have the same effect as a reversal of the original story as above unless they are told to run the front page.
  10. Im a walking talking messenger of all things good about Rangers and bad about them when i get the chance. Rolled up at a meeting on Monday with a supplier - i showed him the pics etc, told him about BJK you name it i am saying it. Fuck them, the message gets through if you take time out to tell the true story. I tell them all they hate the English and its us guys that defend them against the terrorists, always pulls on their allegiance....
  11. Pretty much how i saw it, we were reasonable in the middle and they were no better, we can't sit a man in front of defence with a middle 3 though, i believe we are better set for a 4-3-2-1with the players we have. Don't worry about the doomsayers, your points are about 90% accurate.
  12. You're entitled to your opinion however poor it is. I have been touched by suicide where a mother left her two kids, she was a tortured soul and as much as she was given support her illness could not be cured. Spare a thought for the family and friends of those who cannot go on.
  13. Go for it - No Rangers or Celtic means part time football for the rest of the hateful bastards that tried to destroy us. I would love to see ǝpɐbıɹq uǝǝɹb ǝɥʇ try their shite in England, as for the fenian grip on the Scottish press......
  14. Holt runs in behind the defenders which can turn the whole defence back to face their own goal, hard to defend facing the wrong way.
  15. Moved away from Renfrew about 15 years ago, good wee Rangers town.