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  1. Brian Maule at Chardon D'or, havent been there since the opening night, from memory its just up the street from the Lounge.

  2. aright mate, who is your mate and the restaurant, i know a fair few folk and my bruv is chef in this area too

  3. Well done the Rangers support when we went . . .

    They lifted me and I was watching in oz
  4. Not bothered he played for them, as long as he puts in for us and we are succesful.
  5. Didnt check your profile, reckon you will see 72. If so who will be the baxter of our times.
  6. Okay let me re word this, UEFA are not happy that one of their member clubs is in a position of power that rivals UEFA's. UEFA cannot restructure payment made to leagues through TV etc. So they can't restructure debt and save the chosen few. What they can do is restructure the Champions league and European competition to make it more lucrative to the TV companies. This could result in SKY pulling out of the EPL sponsorship to put their money into a league, which has a far wider audience, controlled by UEFA. They have no axe to grind with any league but look at the latest comment coming from UEFA regarding the debt in England and clubs being finacially sound to play in the premier UEFA tournaments. It is all heading towards control by UEFA.
  7. Probably just the English, correct.
  8. I agree we are in a mess i dont agree that it is all SDM's fault. Scottish football has no money coming in, when you look at what the other leagues are pulling in from major sponsors. SDM cannot be held responsible for all the ill's that have befallen Rangers, other teams in more lucrative leagues are struggling more than we are. Watch the EPL go into melt down in the next few years, UEFA will restructure europen football so that the power and cash is removed from the English.
  9. Anyway, what are you doing up at the time of night. My memories of Rangers poorest teams are roughly early 80s. We had some good players in the Booby Russell's of this world but some less than ordinary in the mould of Cammy Fraser. Although Aberdeen and Dundee Utd werent that great they wre still better than us.
  10. I never said Murray started the revolution i havent even hinted at it. I also never said he was the sole investor if you look at it i said his and our money, and obviously we have had King and others invest. Read the post for what it is not what you perceive it to be, i dont have the time to sit and cover every angle and point to satisfy the forum snipers The whole point of having a forum is where fans can have their say in what is going on with their club, my perception may or may not differ from the next fans. Everyone is entitled to an opinion without being shouted down by someone who has a different view, its what makes it a forum. If someone has a point to make and is scared to make it because he will be mocked or some half baked smart arse decides to question every comment made in a thread is that fair. There are fellow bears who may not be the most eloquent or are not well versed in the nuts and bolts of our club and its history but they still deserve the right to comment without fear of ridicule.
  11. Expand on why it doesnt make sense.
  12. We can't always agree in every instance but I reckon twenty years at the healm and the highs and lows of the rollercoaster ride along the way makes him a fan. He may not be a die hard but a fan all the same. I just hope the incoming people realize that we are more than just a club.
  13. Bit of a debate going on there. My memory of Rangers in the 80s pre Murray is of a very average club unable to take advantage of its size and power in any way. The fact that it was sold to Murray for 6 miilion shows what Marlborough and co were thinking, make a buck and get out. Rangers stadium at the time was good but needed money spent on it, the team was at best below average and probably the worst Rangers team i can remember. During the 9 in a row years not one fan would have sat there and said i dont want to win 9 or even 10 in a row because in 2010 we will be skint and SDM will walk away, hindsight makes us all experts. Yes SDM has dropped a few bollocks in his time, not one person on here can claim to have made no mistakes in life. As for not being a Rangers fan, that is bollocks, he put his money and ours of course into the club.We are happy to accept fans of other teams on this forum claiming that Rangers are their second team, sorry that is bollocks you have only one team and you put your time effort and money into that team, this is what SDM has done. You will have people for him and people against him thats democracy at its best, but if you reckon for one second that we would have been better off without him for all the years he was here ask yourself one question. Who would have come in and taken over when we cant get one legitimate Rangers fan to buy our club now when we really need them.... We have had lists of so called interested parties from the guy in Florida the guy Ellis in London maybe David King, some middle east consortium etc etc etc . Ask yourself one question are you 100% comfortable with these so called investors ploughing money into Rangers and looking for no return,from where i see it we could be begging SDM to save us in the future, because i am not comfortable with the options we are looking at. Yes Walter has come out of late and defended the club but dont kid yourself that Walter isnt playing mind games with people, he is in SDM's inner circle and is well aware of the big picture.
  14. Andrew Ellis

    If he wants to buy the club and he passes all the tests then he must have access to funds, might not be his funds but someone elses. I have a sneaky that we will see King involved somewhere along the line.