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  1. I like turtles. ps. If we do win the league it will take a huge amount of hard work, not 3 games worth.
  2. That was the second time, wasn't it? It isn't as if we've played that formation for half a season. This isn't aimed at you, and I actually agree with you, but we have Waghorn, Garner, Windass, Crooks and Senderos still to fit In the team somehow (nevermind Holt) yet some folk are shitting their pants after three games. I despair of our support at times. We may end up being short of quality this season, time will tell, but I don't understand folk shitting the bed with an incomplete team after 3 games.
  3. My big fear is MW will stick with Joey.
  4. I think we had 15 shots but 3 on target. 59% possession. Lots of corners.
  5. That's a joke, right? Tell me he didn't say that! At least not as a direct response to that question.
  6. Thank you Rangers for repaying my faith in you despite the reactions of some on here. Pull the finger out next week though
  7. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssss
  8. Yes, for our next goal scorer
  9. Right Rangers, sort this out!
  10. That interviewer fancies Harry
  11. Kenny Miller scores his easy chance and we are on easy street. Changes are needed though. Barton, Rossiter and Halliday is not going to work. I expect MOH and Dodoo on at the usual time....
  12. Having a moan is fair enough. Some of the comments are ludicrous and utterly knee-jerk though.
  13. Some people on here need to relax.