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  1. Joey Barton.

    'Irish Times' are claiming he has resigned with Burnley, according to HITC on NewsNow.
  2. Jason Cummings

    One of the papers last night said he helped get Andy Halliday away from the Hibs fans along with the match refs.
  3. The actual game

    It was one of our poorest display of the season yet we only had to last 10 or so mins without conceding. Had we played our usual possession game in those minutes we would have won it. Had Nicky Clark not messed up big-time we might even have won it in extra time or penalties. As much as I understand our disappointment I'm not going to jump on Warburton or the players for yesterday. We looked jaded after the lay-off and couldn't get our usual fluency going. Added to that we had injuries and suspensions, and I think Waghorn wasn't quite ready for this match. The defending of corners was poor - we gifted it to Hibs, much like the other 3-2 match. And look at how Stokes got the first. Disappointing, but we have a lot to look forward to. Building for next season has begun, and I expect more new faces. Can't wait.
  4. Ban them

    I actually think that will be the result - They'll be banned from the Scottish cup next year, or at the very least have no fans allowed in that competition. That way they'll get to keep the cup and play in Europe but still be seen to be punished. Or just given a fine and bill for the damage.....
  5. *****The Official Rangers vs Hibernian Thread*****

    Season over. I look forward now to the next one. Congratulations to Hibs. I hope they enjoy their next cup in 2130. See you all for the kick-off. Fingers crossed we'll be ready.
  6. *****The Official Rangers vs Hibernian Thread*****

    I'm sorry, but all Nicky Clark had to do was pass to a teammate and we'd be playing extra time right now. Instead he tries a turn and ..... dear oh dear.
  7. *****The Official Rangers vs Hibernian Thread*****

    Let's get this done! Cmon Rangers.
  8. *****The Official Rangers vs Hibernian Thread*****

    Nerves kicking in for me. Hopefully we come roaring out the traps and don't make any stupid mistakes like the other match we played them recently.
  9. Anyone watching the game in London today? Pub choice.

    I was pondering going to the White Bear. Interested to know if it is open for the match. I've not been there in a while.
  10. Joey Barton at Rangers training ground

    Please God, no. Let him fail the medical.