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  1. What the actual fuck Kenny!
  2. Don't jinx it ya bam! ;-)
  3. That's what I thought. Cue the 'new club' jibes! PENALTY!
  4. How old was SDoW when he played for us? Is Clint Hill really the oldest ever Ranger???
  5. Buy Rangers tv and a proxy. Support the club.
  6. For all our good play we are still lacking a killer instinct I feel. We are very comfortable playing along the box but it is rare that it ends in a goal. I'd encourage a few more strikes from the edge of the box. I'm nit-picking of course, but hey, since when have fans been satisfied
  7. Windass has been good but poor shot from him there.
  8. Just in. What's the team looking like?
  9. craigan - No doubt Rangers edged the game. LMAO
  10. Niko- "still early doors". Has DJ been coaching him?
  11. 66% possession and 20 shots. Sort the the defence and we are looking good.
  12. Need a goal to secure the win. Cmon Rangers!