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  1. The frustrating part is when we have a chance we are rushing it. Holt's cross being a prime example.
  2. As Far as I'm aware we haven't even had a shot yet.
  3. Too many not playing well enough. Pretty lucky to be level, especially with the Gilks pass. Would like to see Dodoo or MOH on for Barrie.
  4. I thought it was already confirmed that Gilks would play?
  5. Dodoo should play at some point. Senderos shouldn't.
  6. That post makes it sound like you actually want Warburton to have injured Niko himself. Folk need to calm down. It is an injury. We have had them before.
  7. Hmmm. My general spider-sense fears about his signing seem to have come true then. (not that it is his fault if true)
  8. "A word or two about Niko...." Fine vernacular. I really hope this is Niko But hasn't responded in 7 hours after first post though. Classic post n bait. Someone rubbing in Niko's supposed injury it seems.
  9. FFS there are obviously legal issues that we have to take into account. The club cannot just come out and say 'he won't play again'. It is NOT a shambles. The club is obviously treading very carefully. Some of the folk in here, had they been on the board, would have ended up paying 2 years to Barton because of legal issues. We all know he won't play again. The only person happy with the brouhaha is Joey Barton. Let's move on. M'kay?
  10. I certainly think some posters won't be here in a years time, give or take.
  11. Dodoo looked direct again. Shame he is always on the wing and not central.
  12. By far the better team. Deserved the win. Not sure what our best team is yet. Still need to make more of our chances. Can't recall too many saves they made other than the one off the line.
  13. Have to say, the subs had a negative effect tonight.
  14. Well played Niko. Cmon Josh!
  15. Dodoo or Windass on for Waggy please.