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  1. Are you 12 years old?
  2. Murdoch got subbed on for Hutton, the Smith on the bench was a goalkeeper
  3. We played them at Ibrox 3 years ago
  4. No it isn't. Hearts are a big physical team, some of their fans absolutely hate their style of play
  5. I read all his posts as if he's a wee chinky
  6. 48 hours
  7. Doesn't matter how much, it's definitely worth it
  8. Another easy victory for the famous. We welcome the chase
  9. I'm glad you llike it but I'm clearly not talking about derry's walls
  10. Because it's shite
  11. Jesus
  12. He's never a manager in a million years. He shouldn't bother wasting his time pretending otherwise
  13. Fuck off, Stanley.
  14. I hope we get Annan away
  15. It's not verified