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  1. Jim Ballantyne doesn't seem to want to let it go & quite right - read a comment from him stating the resolution to "merge" had been passed but there was still due diligence to be completed before it's finalised, the SFL only received pertinent financial documents from the SPL on Monday night & I'll bet that document contains only the information the SPL want publicised. If the SFL board have any sense (& pair of balls between them), they'll need to go though the figures with a fine toothed comb as I'll bet there's some creative accounting in there...
  2. I liked the dislocated elbow scan - he probably did that trying to climb the anti-jump barriers on the Erskine Bridge when he recieved his soul crushing letter informing him that we're still the same club we've always been. I like that.
  3. Typical back handed compliment while making an issue of what he's simultaneously claiming to be a non-issue, the guy is a grade "A" bollock. So transparent it's unreal - his middle name must be fucking Casper. If he's such a top notch journalist, why doesn't he show us the proof of this historical anti-catholic signing policy? I mean, everyone knows about it - it's apparently etched in stone above the front door of Ibrox for fuck sake... shame all those catholics we signed over the years kinda chucked a spanner into the propaganda machine eh? Not that I particularly give a shit, but why doesn't he (or any other journo for that matter) mention anything about the very founding ethos of Hibs, Savco or Dundee Hibs when talking about so called sectarian signing policies?
  4. Aye, someone's removed the tears & snotters to reinstate some of his dignity
  5. Actually - can you add a poll to the OP?
  6. I'd like to think this was Milne & McGregor leaving Hampden after seeing his face...
  7. Some of these are hilarious - a recent favourite of mine was the appearance of a blown up johnny bag randomly bouncing across the pitch & a sudden rousing chorus from the Broomy of "Johnny on the pitch, on the pitch, Johnny on the pitch, nananananananana..." I had a near critical hangover that day & it made the effort of dragging myself out my bed & going to the game all the more worthwhile... don't even remember who we were playing or what the score was
  8. Bet Lynch loyal!
  9. Defo real - after I posted this I took a notion & bought one on ebay
  10. Holy thread resurrection! For posterity, this is what I was on aboot; the magnificent Zanzibar strip complete with leopard print name & number on the back (Freddie Mercury didn't play for them, but was born there - they seem to like that fact)
  11. To be fair, it's in General Football & Sport - these are people who've tried their damnedest to bury our Club recently & a mild case of "get it up ye" does them good once in a while
  12. Just flicked through this - so the quote is real after all? I've seen it a few times but never as part of the unabridged interview quoted above & every time it's surfaced the bheast has never been far behind in an attempt to rubbish it. Another thing which appears to annoy the bheast, something I seen in the discussion section of some football story concerning us (obviously most of the comments were left by the unwashed) was a point someone had raised asking why ra sellik fly the tricolour above porkhead & emblazon it on their strips/trackies/teeth? Obviously the replies came in about "histry 'n culchur n'at" - the reply back was along the lines that they should really fly the Union Jack then - as until the 1919 Irish war of independence the entire isle came under the Union flag so they should display that instead if they wanted to be historically accurate & the tricolour was only there to appease the republican sympathizers and really has fuck all to do with anything... Something to remind them of if the mood takes you, they somehow don't appear to appreciate it very much
  13. Sounds like a top idea - I actually really like the mod Paisley style one but might not be to everyone's taste... Maybe incorporating the red lion in a subtle style somewhere would work well (not necessarily on the Paisley pattern one though)
  14. ^This. Whether or not it should be perfectly legal to openly critisize what, as many would see as the most corrupt & duplicitous corporation the world has ever seen is not the issue - the fact remains that in certain circumstances (i.e. at the fitbaw) it remains as such & the powers that be will be perfectly happy to line up at our door & remind us of that fact. And the mhedia will be more than happy to report on it & portray us as hate-filled bigots as a consequence. Let's deny them the opportunity to have a free kick at us, they've been given plenty over the last year & now we really need to pull together to move forward, in all senses of the word - any bheasts looking in on this thread will be creaming themselves over all the in-fighting, divide & conquer...
  15. I know it's an emotive subject for some, but Charles is right - the media, the Internet bheasts & plenty other bastards are lining up to stick the boot in & as it stands, some of the songs are giving these fuckers the ammunition they're craving. I'm a great advocate of freedom of speech, but the time & place for protesting against perceived censorship isn't, I believe, at our games - that's what these people want, it's playing right into their hands - they've campaigned long & hard to villify these songs & those singing them, so singing "offensive" songs at games is only going to damage the club & get people a weekender & and a court appearance for their touble. If folk want to sing certain songs they know certain people will use as a stick to beat us with, do it on the bus to the game, do it in the pub before & after the game - arrange a demonstration in the middle of George Square & sing them as a protest against constraints on freedom of speech - that's fine - it won't harm the club, but continuing to belt out the old songbook when people are using it as a weapon against us, is doing the Club absolutely no favours whatsoever - certain attitudes need to change, harsh fact of modern football but there you are...