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  1. He'd probably just left a meeting with King discussing transfer targets...
  2. What do you mean?
  3. Surprised nobody asked MW about Lescott.
  4. Slightly OT but has Shiels found a club yet?
  5. Don't think I'll get a ticket now. Watching in the hoose with a few cans is looking likely.
  6. So we're all just paranoid, even though there is facts to back it up? I can't even be arsed arguing with this trolling loon anymore.
  7. That one Griezmann done in the EUROs made me want to boot my TV.
  8. Let's face it, nothing can be worse than the dab.
  9. You've just stated that h*n is just as offensive as fenian. So why, in the eyes or your bigoted political party, are songs about h*ns ok but songs about fenians aren't?
  10. Likewise. I agree he certainly hasn't set the league alight so far be has to be given a fair crack at the whip before being criticised IMO.
  11. I still do it after work and at weekends
  12. There really is some torn faced gits on here. He's barely been here a month and he's had next to no pre-season. That lot were lucky bastards last night and their celebrations after the game were an embarrassment, they deserve to get pelters. I have no problem with this.
  13. It's become very clear that they can do what they want with us and get away with it. Get yourself to fuck you nationalist prick.
  14. That was all I was willing to reveal on a public forum
  15. Great view of the fans celebrating. I wasn't sure at first about my new seat in row A of the Copland, but it's certainly been enjoyable to far