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  1. Epic Fails Of The Season

    I'm sure there's something regarding a retarded scouser, diet tims and a treble......
  2. I'm very surprised at how much we've lost our way since the semi final. Didn't think that was Warburton's style at all.
  3. Yesssss. Round ye Goodwin ya fanny.
  4. Just blow the whistle so we can watch the Leicester game.
  5. Why do we have to make it so fucking difficult for ourselves at the back? Unbelievable.
  6. I've always thought BT's analysis was fair but trying to put the frighteners on the Rangers fans there we just pathetic
  7. The media really are desperate for MW to leave aren't they.
  8. 1-0, a Stevie Thompson OG in the last minute then he does the flute celebration.
  9. Barrie Cam

    "Here gees a shot"