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  1. League cup: Rangers Group F

    Ah right enough. Think I'm the only cunt that had to work today, completely forgot it was a bank holiday
  2. League cup: Rangers Group F

    It was meant to be today I'm sure, not seen anything yet though.
  3. Barton on Question Time (29/05/2014)

    I've always enjoyed his interviews and TV appearances, always entertaining. I found this one a while back where he's discussing the latter stages of his time at Newcastle. A couple of familiar boardroom members are mentioned.....
  4. Here come the annual "why we no getting a piss up doon at Chelsea" posts.
  5. McKay staying on the bench tonight

    I've genuinely never seen such a biased national team manager. He hates Rangers, and the farce with picking McGinn over our players proves that. Imagine if, for example, Pellegrini became the England manager and deliberately didn't pick Man Utd players. He would get hounded for it.
  6. McKay staying on the bench tonight

    Just kill yourself Strachan.
  7. McKay staying on the bench tonight

    Not really, no.
  8. McKay staying on the bench tonight

    Have the trannies sang about deer or hating ra English yet?
  9. 'Arry on Joey

    Top top player.
  10. Squad number 12

    He was 17 I'm sure.
  11. Squad number 12

    That was only because the squad numbers for each game had to be 1-16 for the 3rd and 2nd divisions.
  12. League Cup group section

    Aye we play each team once. Yet to be decided which teams we play at home and which ones we play away.