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  1. Very very frustrating. 
  2. Should've scored there. 
  3. Final ball has been piss poor so far.
  4. Decent crowd. Mon the Gers! 
  5. Hopefully Zelalem makes it past the first gust of wind without being blown over.
  6. Thought we played well enough and Raith never looked like scoring, but 1-0 for a lengthy period like that is never comfortable. Would've took a 1-0 at kick off however. Onwards and upwards.
  7. Impressive start. We look full of confidence.
  8. RTV in the UK

    Impressive start. We look full of confidence.   Never mind, wrong thread 
  9. Hopefully we see him at some point tonight as he will be cup tied for the Killie game.
  10. Holt and Halliday back in, MOH on the bench. Not seen the full team yet.
  11. Welcome to Rangers, Michael O'Halloran

    Welcome Michael!  Glad you're finally a Ranger!
  12. Rangers bid £500k for Michael O'Halloran

    Have they resigned Zaliukas?
  13. Rangers bid £500k for Michael O'Halloran

    Just confirmed on SSN he is on his way for a medical.