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  1. I imagine his Real Sociedad payoff wouldn't have been too shabby either. Moyes is the luckiest prick on the planet.
  2. I had Burnley HT/FT. £30 on, £165 returns 😁
  3. He will surely be sacked for that. I thought he'd do OK as the England boss aswell.
  4. Nice gesture 👏 City have looked superb this season so far, they will fuck the tims.
  5. Yeah I did. Ticked everything except family semi-finals and finals. The normal semi-finals and finals was definitely ticked.
  6. Anyone know when the e-mails will be sent regarding tickets? I signed up to semi's and finals when I bought my ST so I'm hopeful I'll get one.
  7. Who told you this?
  8. Moyes will get sacked but they don't have Newcastle to beat this season to get them back on track. Hopefully they finally go down.
  9. Think I'll log off for the night.
  10. We'll probably scrape a win and paper over the cracks for a couple of weeks. We must go on a run now. This is the perfect game to start.
  11. Ally McCoist.
  12. I wonder what odds you'd get on Stoke, West Ham and Leicester to go down.
  13. Rossiter, Halliday, O'Halloran, Holt, McKay, Waghorn.
  14. His interviews are painful to watch.
  15. Garner's interviews are painful to watch.