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  1. There is still the civil case against collywer Bristol due in October unless whyte is charged before
  2. Twat or Wind up??
  3. Menorah Each way for this really dont fancy the favourite
  4. He wont win anyways as McCoy tipped him
  5. do you mean how?
  6. Davy Russell off First Lieutenant. Brian cooper takes the ride
  7. poole master in the next (scudamore and Pipe) 25-1 each way
  8. First race was quick, I dont think the ground is that bad for Overturn
  9. Hopefully Overturn will do the same as Champagne fever, Lead from the front and not let anyone past him!
  10. yeeha!!
  11. 1.30 Champagne Fever(NAP) 2.05 Overturn 2.40 Poole Master 3.20 Zarkander 4.00 Arabella boy 4.40 Quevega 5.15 Fourjacks Ive just put the original startb times down.
  12. No sure, i got a tenner each way! Normally 20 quid but not sure!
  13. Just noticed this as well, Champagne Fever 6-1, Each way first 5 in a 12 runner race. License to print money!!!