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  1. Can't say I read the whole thread. Will read it now though to read your posts as you sound a right fucking laugh.
  2. Forrester looked at Halliday the wrong way. Told to pack his bags by MW. Will never play for us again. MW never signed him in the first place anyhow. Was recommended to Dave King by Kenny Millers neighbour who saw him on Youtube. MW has lost the dressing room. Kenny Millers Neighbour (KMN) is now making team selections, taking half time talks and running our official Twitter. KMN was asked to take mamagers job full time but refused because he has bought a wee pup recently and has to toilet train it. Must take it out for pee every couple of hours. Dave King offered to pay for a dog walker but pulled out when he realised it would cost in excess of 50 quid a week. Well, makes more sense than some of the shite being posted on here.
  3. He didn't approach it in the right way. Shouting his mouth off at everyone including MW. He played in 8 matches and was a statue. He wanted out imo. Coward of the highest order who seems intent on squeezing every penny he can from us.
  4. You are unlikely to meet him. But if you ever see someone dressed up as a killer clown with his cock out in the vicinity of a primary school.....
  5. Drinking on a school night OP?
  6. They then go on about handwringers, dignified silence and how the SFA, the scottish media and Scottish society are out to get us and do nothing about it. All the while putting the boot into their own (allegedly).
  7. I have put him in the reserves on Fifa 2017 and made Halliday pernament captain.
  8. Should give Joey the captaincy and let him lead by example. celtic would shit it and 55 would be ours. Send Halliday to the reserves too. Causes too many arguments.
  9. We could all pick a different team. The manager can't keep everyone happy. At the end of the day if his team selections lose us games he will get the boot. MW won't pander to RM team selections/formations.
  10. Put my Tavs bet on 15 mins ago. Were offering 18-1 first/last and 6-1 anytime.
  11. Suprised the odds didn't plumett on Tavs because he is playing a more advanced role.
  12. Miller of course.
  13. I have us to win on penalties at 16-1. 4-1 at 100-1. Tavs last goal scorer at 18-1. What's your bets?
  14. Good move. Beat the bookies to the odds change. Wee tenner on Tavs last scorer at 18-1. Easy money.
  15. I plan to go on the gear wi Davie Weir.