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  1. Are you a bubbly fun loving single parent who likes to eat in/out and on the way there? PM Moobs if you have nice chubby fingers. Xxx
  2. Nicky Law?
  3. Surely a hairy chested guy would be more apt?
  4. Easily solved. Buy a better phone.
  5. Detention? Deserves it for wearing that rag.
  6. The OP is still at school surely?
  7. Ally McCoist 355? Legend of a manager but never rated him as a player.
  8. Robertson had previously signalled his intent to stand for the SPFL board but did not carry through with his bid as Lawwell, Ian Maxwell and Ann Budge emerged as leading candidates. The professional game board was also made up of SFA chief executive Stewart Regan and office-holders Rod Petrie and Alan McRae along with representatives from the Highland and Lowland leagues. Source: Evening Times.
  9. So did I. We should tell them it was an overhead kick from outside the box. They will never know. It was good to see him energised and try ing to hunt the ball down when he lost possesion. As MW says "defending starts from the front".
  10. Hard to tell when we are playing diddy teams who barely make it into our half. Seems as if MW is giving all our players some match time to improve fitness and promote competition. Hopefully this will mean our defence is much less laid back and they will be challenged for their positions. Our main weakness may be a lack of a tactical plan B. Certainly was last year imo. Frustrating to see us leading matches (usually by a single goal) then giving possesion away because we are attacking too much with 10 minutes to go and conceeding a goal(s). If you don't adapt you set yourself up for failure. Hopefully lessons have been learned.
  11. Nah. I type faster.
  12. Is he adapting?
  13. R.I.P.
  14. He is a has-been.
  15. You a social worker?