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  1. Rangers’ crisis club reputation hampers bids to sign players

    Someone has escaped from the Boredroom section. They will notice you're missing during their hourly head count and send Ashley's tanks round.
  2. MA: Make DK's 'fit and proper' reasons public

    Mark Warburton said in an interview yesterday that some young players won't consider signing for Rangers as they see us as a Club in crisis. Fatboy is fuelling this perception. He harms us both off the park and on it.
  3. MA: Make DK's 'fit and proper' reasons public

    Fatboy can't win in court (again) so breaks his silence to the press to give our enemies ammo. The dhims are loving this sharade. All those years of owning shares in Rangers and not a peek from fatboy. Now that the boycott is hurting and he is losing court cases he suddenly becomes a media whore. He must think we are retarded.
  4. Morra's Record...

    Fat Mike has Hibsed it yet again!!!! His nerdy lawyers will be booking month long holidays in the Bahamas with the money he has wasted on failed litigations. Dave King, Rangers fans and even the incompetent SFA are laughing at him. To think some posters on here used to fear fat boy and his shitey lawyers. Tanks are for wanks.
  5. O'Halloran

    They'd make rhe worst couple ever on Strichtly Come Dancing.
  6. O'Halloran

    I have seen him smile before OP, so don't know where you got that from. Maybe he just sees you and feels inTIMidated.
  7. David Cooper Templeton

  8. Lee Wallace - New Captain

    Are old matchday threads getting bumped next to highlight people who predicted the wrong scores?
  9. Congratulations Martyn Waghorn

    Well done Martyn. Get a hatrick in the final for us.
  10. 3 players no longer with us that deserve a pat on the back

    I'm not sure wether that's a thumbs up or Charlie has stolen your fingers.
  11. Help settle pub argument required!

    Cut the OP some slack guys. For the record the new strips are released annualy.
  12. Congratulations Barrie McKay

    Nobody came close and he thoroughly deserves the award.
  13. Congratulations Lee Wallace

    Well done Lee.