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  1. Welcome to Rangers FC, Joey Barton!

    I'm glad he signed. Was a tad worried he wouldn't sign as we won't be playing in Europe next season. His signing should help us attract a higher callibre of players. Happy days!!!
  2. Paul murray

    Aye. Individual board members should come out and put on angry faces. Fuck uniting and putting out top class statements from the Club. Anyhow, shouldn't this shite be in the Boredroom section?
  3. Joey Barton.

    Every case is different I suppose. Mo Johnston changed his mind and got away with it. Most clubs wouldn't bother with litigation and wash their hands of a player who changed his mind.
  4. Joey Barton.

  5. Joey Barton.

    No it isn't. He will be free to change his mind at any time as he has signed he-haw. Plus the Sun is known for making up stories up to sell papers.
  6. Hibs Fan In Monumental Fuck Up After Cup Final

    Hitting a woman? At least he hasn't forgotten his roots.
  7. Joey Barton.

    Good if true. Will await confirmation from a reliable source before taking it as fact though.
  8. Nicky Clark Released.

    Good luck Nicky. Hopefully his namesake follows soon and we can sign new players with the freed wages.
  9. Rangers FC statement

    Great statement. The board are refusing to let our haters sweep the truth under the carpet. Particularly enjoyed the dig at sturgeon. If our fans had invaded the pitch and attacked opposition players she'd have condemned us within minutes and set about developing another anti Rangers footballing act.
  10. Class from Miller. - stokes

    Very sporting of him. Personally, I wouldn't shake the hands of players of a team who didn't give us a guard of honour. Stokes in particular who is a known ira loving yob who will hopefully get jail time for assualt.
  11. Sore one to take

    I'm still angry about it. They deserved to win, but too many players were off the pace and the management tactics failed. Wee tip mark. When you are winning and there isn't much time left tell the team to do wee short passes and keep possession.
  12. Supporter integrity.

    Lol. I had to google that and was relieved it wasnt a chicks with wee tits website. We could do with the B specials now though. I have a list of people they could visit.
  13. Sky News got shocking Video footage unreleased

    To be fair it would have improved her looks and she could have doubled her client rate to 5 quid a ride.
  14. Supporter integrity.

    Exactly. Last season it was a pitch invasion and the goading of our support. No punishment from the SFA. This season a pitch invasion and neds attacking our players. We will need body-armour for the next hampdump game at this rate.
  15. Supporter integrity.

    We have heard all about footballing integrity from other Scottish clubs. Some wanted titles stripped and others wanted us dead. But what about supporter integrity? Since when has it been acceptable for supporters to commit violent crimes against opposition players on live TV? Violence directed at men who are only doing their job. Doing their upmost to entertain and make a cup final a spectacle. Punched and kicked by cowardly neds who outnumber them by ten to one. Supporter integrity? Don't think so.