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  1. Lee McCulloch Thanks...

    Why didn't the Jig loathers articulate their contempt of him at the match yesterday?   A few seem to have saved their bitterness for the internet where they won't get the deserved slap for acting like morons.    
  2. Zelalem

    It may well happen but give our manager some credit. You must be on the wind up.
  3. Zelalem

    You don't seriously think Warburton agreed with Arsen Wenger to take a skinny wee teenage lad on loan and play him every single game no matter how bad he played?  Wanna buy some magic beans?    
  4. Zelalem

    People who think that players have clauses in their contracts stating they have to play if fit also believe the moon landings were faked. Imagine players and their agents determining a teams' line up. Do they pick the tactics and formations too? Why waste money on a manager ffs? Football agents clearly run the game. 
  5. Can we start being honest about where we are now

    To be totally honest....     Im sitting in my living room on a Saturday night. Worst still... only on my first beer. Where did it all go wrong?    
  6. Mike Ashley vs SFA

    Shouldn't this be in the Boredroom section so all the trolls and taigs can stand up for poor Mike without the big bad Bears interrupting?
  7. Wouldn't surprise me if you were a smeltic supporting troll.   I am blocking you. You are a devious, two faced cunt of a human.I won't give you the attention you obviously crave,
  8. The Sports Direct Deal.

    The so called deal was even worse than I thought. Where are the guys who were saying it was a good deal? You know, the ones who debased anyone who questioned this great deal?  Go on guys, post away. Yous aren't shy any other time. IMO they are either taig trolls/people who hate our board more than they love our club or just saddos who wouldn't admit they got it wrong backing fat Mike.  Not a brain between them. Just keep in mind the next time they berate our board how self important and clueless these people are. 
  9. What is the point in Rangers tv

    Fkin foreigners!!!!
  10. Andy Halliday's Goal Celebration

    Absolutely spiffing old chap!
  11. Awrite. We would hump them anyhow. They can't defend for fuck.
  12. Aye it does. Also, if we were to meet the dhims in the final we would qualify regardless of the result. Well, assuming they win their one horse race of a division.
  13. Any threat of game being off?

    RM's very own Sean Batty.
  14. Who lives in a house like this?

    I hate decorating. Anyone know the asking price?
  15. Rangers' recruitment process needs to be reassessed

    Wilson will reflect on that article tonight and realise he fucked right up.