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  1. I just hope he never celebtates a 2-0 defeat like the dhims did the other night. brasser!!!!
  2. I hope you are going to donate your winnings to charity when you win OP if the money doesn't matter to you. A certain chap who helps out Erskine veterans should be along soon....
  3. Cheers.
  4. Goods odds mind. If hs gets enough match time he could pull it off Which bookie is offering 12-1? Think I might chuck a wee tenner on it.
  5. Can's see him taking over Waghorn's penalty duties (when he is fit). What's Garners record at scoring direct free kicks like?
  6. Odds sound good, but he didn't start the season for us and will be playing catchup.
  7. Ha ha! Nice one. I don't think the no. 14 is taken this season. Maybe he just fancied a change.
  8. Those odds for us or the division? The latter I presume.
  9. Wasn't he number 14 before for Preston? Anyhow, agree with the OP he should do well for us. Is good in the air and scores loads of headers despite being only 5 foot 10. We only scored a handfull of headers last season. Could be a good tactical signing from MW.
  10. It's all relative. If Messi had got A's in math and accounting he wouldn't have got done for tax evasion. Also if your son was playing for Rangers I'm sure you'd want the Club to make sure he had some qualifications to fall back on if things didn't work out. A serious injury and a young lad can go from potential Rangers Legend to sweeping the streets for the council. Parents want reassured before their offspring sign for clubs.
  11. The way I see it is that a wee bit of education can make them more confident and rounded individuals and more capable of handling the pressures of playing for such a huge club. Prefer a player who can shoot with both feet than a wee swott any day though.
  12. The Open University. Singular not plural. Sir David Weir earned a degree before coming to us and he was a pretty fantastic player. Great that our Club backs the youngsters the way they do imo.
  13. Heard he posts on here under the username Gogzy.
  14. How do you know that? Care to explain? I willed Lynsey on but sixth to third (medal place) and alluding to one opponent. Seriously? I wasn't great at maths at school but doesnt make sense to me. If she came fourth I'd see the point. Gives me no pleasure to criticise one of our own. Lynsey ran her persoanal best and I am proud she gave it her all. Wasn't good enough though sadly.
  15. 4 years ago? Before the needy as fuck OP was a member? If only. Someone rep him before he self harms. All yous feniens use both accounts.