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  1. Possession doesn't win games, goals do. MW has to encourage our players to attack the goal instead of trying to walk the ball in.
  2. This. Cunts too busy drueling over MOH who can't keep a place down to see the contribution Forrester makes. If our whole midfield were as hungry as Harry they'd be chipping in with the efforts on goal we clearly need.
  3. We have spent more than anyone bar the dhims. Our squad should be more than capable of getting at least second place. MW has signed, trained and selected the players. As things stand last years squad played better against top opposition. Buck stops with the manager. Get the finger oot Mark!
  4. No point sacking him. No viable replacement. MW has to turn things around soon though. Our season will be a disaster at this rate.
  5. Good idea.
  6. No dignified silence from DJ. He says what he thinks. Legend!
  7. What partner would you recommend?
  8. 0-1 scoreline. Screamer of a free kick by Tavs. Put a tenner on it. Points are essential though. We need to get physical and dominate these cunts in their shitey wee stadium.
  9. Have you read the whole book?
  10. The cunts start a fight with a man and his wife out for a meal, get deservedly beat up then go running to the police. Dirty, lowlife grassing bastards. This is what the scum are like when they win. It's bviously against their nature. Zero dignity.
  11. The choice is indeed Mark's and I will back whatever decision he makes. His job may count on it afterall. Doesn't stop JoeYYY being an immature, uneducated attention seeking buffoon.
  12. Firstly, someone else edited the book, so it isn't all Joey's words. Strange that a guy who has such a huge ego and likes to make out he is intelligent can't write his own book. Afterall, the life of Joey Barton is his favourite subject. No research required. Maybe Joey should get his editor to run his Twitter account. Save us all a headache. Secondly, bigging Rangers up means nothing if you later abuse the staff and Club who put faith in you.
  13. He's a striker mate.
  14. But he is a Rangers player and won his bet against the filth.
  15. See your radio.....best plug it in, lay in a nice hot bath................................. and hug it!