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  1. Namouchi

    Salim kerkar released from charlton the day !!!
  2. Share issue. How much are you willing to put in?

    I was 9900 so looks like there has been a lot of bids
  3. Club Europe

    What package you got ?? Was in tennents lounge for Montrose game loved it Colin Stein was the greeter/host. Suited and booted too much trousers/shirt smart jeans/shirt will do
  4. How sweet was that?

    SWEET !!!!!!!!!!!
  5. ***The Official Rangers v Motherwell Thread***

    Haha quality statement
  6. Ian Black so far this season.

    Yeah I kinda figured :rolleyes:
  7. Ian Black so far this season.

    Thanks that pic probably does more for you than me
  8. Ian Black so far this season.

    Was really impressed with McLeod looking forward to see how he gets on tomorrow night.
  9. Ian Black so far this season.

    Been average so far Edu use to get slaugheterd for the same performance. Was in tenants lounge after the game where Black came in didn't crack a smile or say much looked like he wanted to be a million miles away. Although he might have been gutted about his injury.
  10. Little Ginger Boots

    Quality but that boot is orange and blue why call it ginger ??
  11. Mario Jardel

    Yeah think the quote was couldn't trap a bag of cement in training
  12. Templeton vs Naismith

    Templeton joined us in the third division few days after playing an impressive game against Liverpool in the Europa qualifiers. Where as some injury prone wank thought it would be dignified to hold a press conference with another overrated injury prone liability and announce there Intention to walk away(chase the money) Temps all the way can't wait for the draw I really want dundee hivs really hate them with a passion now.
  13. Tim Domination For 5-10 Years?

    WTF ???
  14. Finally, attacking football

    Temps was signed as right back jig in at centre half young perry up front Deano reserve keeper